Controversy - FITNA

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands—A Dutch lawmaker released a film highly critical of Islam on Thursday, setting verses of the Muslim holy book against a background of violent images from terrorist attacks.

Geert Wilders posted his 15-minute film on a Web site. Shortly afterward, Dutch television channels showed segments of the film and broadcast discussions by analysts on the possible impact of its release..

The Dutch government had warned Wilders that a film offensive to Muslims could spark violent protests in Islamic countries, like those two years ago after European newspapers published cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad.

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IF you a non-muslim , don't miss part(07:28 until 07:42) in the movie.

Now few countries politicians ask their pupils to boikot Dutch products , include Malaysia .

A Work Agency and Me(Finale Part)

Hai everyone , sorry for the delay of this finale part . Okey let me continue from where i stop in second part of the story .
While think whole night without take any decision . Morning i woke up by 7am , before my parents move to work . I still can't make my mind about going to work or not . My dad say , all depend to you , he ok with whatever decision i take. Finally about 7.45am i decided to not go to work.
From that minute i try to contact the work agency and person who responsible for me in that agency . Call again call , but the person who responsible for me busy and attend meeting . At last ,about 12noon i manage to reach that person . I explain the facts that make me not go to work , but for that person in charge , she cant really angry with my action . But she behave professionally and inform me that the company sack me and the case is closed . Then i call my father's friend who help me introduce me to agency which he work . By the time i call him , he already know what happen . He also really made at me , and nicely bash me by his angry word , but still professional and polite . He reveal that , my name been blacklisted in his work agency , and ask me don't return to his agency in future to find a job . I feel really sad after talk to them , feel really de-motivated .
I waited until my parents back home and tell what happen . They cheer me up and say , "what happen is happen , some more its not a big matter at all".
When posting this , i already proceed to my next step by joining my previous part time job in 1 Utama shopping Complex for upcoming 2 weeks so i can top my saving .

How was my real life experience?Any lesson i can learn from this . Please add your comment regarding my post . Thanks for take initiative to discontinues read my post since last there days . Thanks thanks thanks allot .

A Work Agency and Me(2nd part)

Hai everybody , thanks for interested read second part of my real life experience. Ok , i continue from where i left yesterday .
I been ask to sit middle of computers , 1 operate by team leader and another one operate by her assistant . They ask me to do so i can view what happening in both computer(operation station) what happening in the system while they performing the job . Because it is monday morning , the phone ringing non-stop , one after another . Both of them working fast on the system to record the report deliver by the customers. While do the work team leader explain every function of the system , problem handling tactics . This situation continue for few hours .
About 12noon , i given chance to attend my 1st try to receive a call an d record it on the system . I really reverse until i talk English like a primary school student . I finger which type fash , now freeze like ice . After attend the call my team leader say , "you will use to it after some time ". She asked me how long you will work here , my manager say u will be here at least for 3 months ", i replied "yes" . But as i tell to you all , longest i can work there is 1 month only .
Now the turning point of this story , cheng cheng cheng , haha,
By 1pm i went to break to a mamak stoll , ooopps , not stoll , it is a mamak shop(bledy expensive,Mont Kiara what,lol) with two seniors(dispachers). They ask me same question, "how long you will work?" , i answer "3 months". 2pm i enter the office , i attend few more calls and now start to catch up with the flow of the systems . But deep in my heart , i started to feel guilty . My good team leader who reaching me with all her afford with hope i can work there and cover the shortage of personals in her department at least for 3 months . If she train somebody else in my place , sure that person can work there long as my team leader expects . Its not worth , i crem my brain to learn that three system just work for 1 month. Somemore i cant stuck in a office 8.30am untill 5.30pm or 8pm(overtime) . All this factors start to play in my mind and undirectly decrease my motivation to go work.
5.30pm , work finish , but heavy rain . I stuck in Plaza Mont Kiara until the rain stops . While waiting , my thinking grow longer about the work . I feel really de-motivated to continue the job . Now two only two things in my mind , "Are you continue work in this stressful and 0 Freedom work for 1 month and gain RM 1800 " or "Stop work here , go back to partime work in 1 Utama , with some free time for self(relax in col break,learn & experiment new things with com skill)".
Im home by 8pm , i explain whole things to my parents, they say depands to you and dont worry about buying the laptop . Because since lastime they say want buy me a laptop , but i say i don't want , i want buy with my own money . In my saving i already got 60% fund that enough to buy a laptop . If i continue this work i will got more than enough money to buy laptop, but if i stop , i only will manage to buy a laptop after 2 months , with just enough money . I thinks whole night about continue or stop work which i went today .

To my readers , I thinks the post already look very lengthy. If i keep on tying all of you will get bored . I thinks enough For today . Please come back tomorrow , only left another 25% story to finish . I need some honest feed back tomorrow after you all finish read my experience . Thanks and see you all tomorrow .

A Work Agency and Me

Hai everyone , i am back after missing in action for 1 week with my personal experience to be post today .
Since last 20th march is my collage break before enter year 2 degree in 28th April. Hence i asked my father to find me a good partime job for 1 month so i can topup my current savings to buy a standard Laptop. My father lately helping a person to fasten his fathers checkup and operation in KL hospital . Coincidencely , the person who my father helped working in well know Job Find Agency(at Jalan Raja Chulan) in KL . My father route me to him . He is a nice person , use his influence in the company to find me a work and send me for a interview on the same day i went meet him .
I went meet him 8.30am . Because it is work agency , i went through some proceders and interview there itself , before they route me to real employee. After that , i given address of my real employee by 11am and ask me be there by 12noon. I also rush to given adress(Plaza Mont Kiara , KL) by my bike. I manage to find and reach that office on time. There i again been interviewed by a manager of my real employee . At the end of the interview the manager reveal that my salary will be RM1600+RM300(alauns), i really excited after ear that. After the interview , the managaer sayed "we will inform the result my end of the day". By the time i reach home and ate my lunch , i received a call from the agency to inform me that i been choosen and asked me to join work on 24th March,Monday.
Last monday i went to the same place to join the work , 8.30am . I been kindly entertained . I been tell that i will working in customer service department . By 9am i been intorduced to my department team leader . My leader is kind lady , really knowledgeable person about her work. Before this that department consist of 4 people include the team leader . Two weeks back a person left for a better job offer , And on the day i join another person leaving for the same reason.
Slowly i been introduced to the systems and nature of the work. The company i join actually a german company which manage all the ATM Bank machines in Malaysia(ALL BANKS). The departmnet i work , will called as Call loggers , we will receive call from all over malaysia regarding any problem about ATM meachines . We will gather all the information , input it on the system and past it to dipachers. They will appoint engineers who located in different part of Malaysia . The engineers then go to the scene and solve the problems. All this process must be done less than 6 hours , any place in Malaysia . Regarding the system , they using three different sophisticated online software . HELPDESK for Maybank , HELPSTAR for CIMB , and well known SAP for all other banks . All of them have huge database of complete information regarding each machine and their customers . I have to master all this three system to perform my work sufficiently .

Guys i continue the story on my next post(reason , post looks too long) , you can read the second part tomorrow itself.


SORRY to all my loyal visitors , i did not update my blog since last few days because really really busy .

I will start posting again Monday,24th march .

Please kindly visit as usual yar .

SPM & STPM Result

SPM and STPM result of 2007 out , as usual Lembaga Peperiksaan Malaysia indicate good increase in all subjects.

Congratulation to who get very good result and to whom result is not that good , don't worry. Life not only base on education . Let be give some examples , Malaysian well know lawyer, Karpal Singh not graduated in first class , he just barely pass to get his Law certificate . Next founder of Genting Highland , Lim Goh Tong . He came to Malaya in early 1930's and start his career as carpenter . Later he learn all the knowledge from his hard earn experience till become 3rd richest man in Malaysia . With all this examples i don't been that education not important but , education not every thing .

OK let we see some fact release by Lembaga Peperiksaan Malaysai:
  • Sejumlah 6,247 calon memperoleh gred A dalam semua mata pelajaran dalam Peperiksaan Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) 2007 diumumkan hari ini.itu menunjukkan peningkatan berbanding keputusan 2006 apabila seramai 5,685 calon memperoleh A dalam semua mata pelajaran.
  • Alimuddin berkata daripada kumpulan calon cemerlang itu, Azali Azlan dari Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Agama (SMKA) Yan, Kedah, memperoleh 20 1A dan Satu 2A.
  • seramai 1,072 calon berjaya mendapat 1A dalam semua mata pelajaran berbanding 1,280 calon pada tahun sebelumnya.
  • Jumlah calon Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia (STPM) 2007 yang lulus penuh (peringkat prisipal) meningkat 0.75 peratus berbanding tahun sebelumnya dengan peratusan penggunaan Bahasa Inggeris ketika menjawab soalan bertambah 6.2 peratus.
  • seramai 56,896 atau 91.62 peratus calon lulus penuh bagi sekurang-kurangnya satu subjek berbanding 63,149 pelajar atau 90.87 peratus pada 2006(STPM).

New MBs/CM:Update

  • Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng today announced that PKR’s Penanti state assemblyperson Muhammad Fairuz Khairuddin and DAP’s Perai representative P Ramasamy would be made the state’s deputy chief ministers.
Muhammad Fairuz will be the Deputy CM 1 and Ramasamy, the Deputy CM 2.

Lim, who was sworn in yesterday, said the decision to pick the duo was to have a leadership to represent all communities in Penang.

This is the first time an Indian has been awarded such a high post in Malaysia.

  • Whatever the race of the person who is appointed Perak MB is not important. So long as the one appointed is of capable of taking care of all the races’ interests and is fair and transparent in doing his job.
The DAP-PKR-PAS coalition has submitted an official list of candidates to Perak Sultan Azlan Shah.
New Perak MB will appointed by end week

to view result of and other news visit Malaysiakini...

Anwar Ibrahim: PKR is a Plural Party

A real carnival atmosphere was evident at PKR's de facto Anwar Ibrahim's house in Segambut last night. The reason was obvious - the party has had its best ever results in a general election, winning 31 parliamentary and 40 state seats.

There he gave a simple speech , which covers:
  • PKR leaders representing all races
  • demolish race based political parties
  • no massive expenses for newly elected PKR leaders
  • Malaysian Indians situation
  • moderate in PKR expenses
  • corruption
  • state government transparency
watch the video for more understanding:

New MBs

Last saturday , in 12th Malaysian election , opposition win big with take over 5 states from the rulling party(BN). Such thing is first time in Malaysian history.

Now , newly win Opposition in process to name new MBs in Kelantan , Kedah , Penang , Perak and Selangor . Many political observers sated that , oppositions able to win big because of their election promises . Promises are:
  • more transparency
  • equal rites among all citizens
  • release judiciary system from political influence
  • release 5 ISA detained leaders
  • respect minority ethnic citizens
  • more subsidies for education and oil
  • take care of Indian ethic citizens(includes many aspect)
Today is the 3rd day after election , and all the political party still in the first step of forming state and federal government . But non-malay voters already acquiring about what the opposition they vote for can do for them base one of the promise by Oppositions ,"equal rites" and "more chances for Malaysain Indians". Out of five states win by the government , MB for three states already annouched . Kelantan=MB from PAS , Kedah=MB from PKR , and for sure Penang=MB from DAP .

The question since yesterday , are they any Indian MB will be appointed in Perak or Selangor from PKR,DAP or PAS . But today all of Malaysian been tell that only a Malay(Bumiputra) can be MB for state which ruled by Sultan(King of a state) , this statement done base on Malaysia's constitution. This statement clearly answer the question asked by the Malaysian Indians . Again Malaysian Indians pushed aside by useless Malaysian Constitution which been structured by British government when independence .

I understand , we Malaysian Indians only 8% in this country and not should hope for big demands in short period from newly elected Oppositions. But im here want to stress that even tho Malaysian Indian only 8% but they capable of doing big difference . This capability proven in last Saturday election , They united under name of Makkal Sakti , and join others plural base parties(PKR and DAP) and PAS to sweep off ruling government's 2/3 majority which they hold since independence .

Malaysian Indians and other voters now waiting to see what are changes can be done by elected oppositions . Or is that will be old story as arrogant BN era or worst? Time need to answer this questions .

To know more about election , visit Malaysiakini...

Thumbs Up

Thumbs Up For all Malaysian Voters . All of you prove that , we Malaysian now in the first step to be a world class citizens by uphold democracy in this country . By big number of Opposition(DAP,PAS,PKR) members send to parliament by us , we citizen free this country from arrogant wrap of BN since last 50 years.


Latest Election Result(Parlimet)

until 1am SPR officially announce:

BN =94 Parliment seats
PAS=16 Parliment seats
PKR=12 Parliment seats
DAP=12 Parliment seats

Rotio BN:Opposition

this ration means , out of 3 parliament members , 2 stand from BN and 1 opption.
im hopping for more Opposition in parliment

to know more , visit malaysiakini....

Unofficail Election Result!!

You all may i ask wtf the unofficial result , the public not yet vote. But you all must remember not ALL not yet vote yet , i hope all of you remember that our soldiers already post their vote.

So here it goes(hot parliament seats):
  • Parliment Subang-BN leading by 1480(soldier vote)
  • Parliment Sungai Siput-BN leading by 2570(soldier vote)
  • Parliment Lembah Pantai-BN leading 1240(soldier vote)
  • Parlimet gombak-BN leading 800(soldier vote)
  • Parliment Labis-BN leading 1350(soldier vote)
  • Parliment Tumpat-BN leading 890(soldier vote)
  • Parliment Bagan-BN leading 580(soldier vote)
  • Parliment Bukit Bendera-BN leading 790(soldiers vote)
source:nst(online),political party internal source...

To know more about election news , visit Malaysiakini...

Ceramah Anuar In Lembah Pantai

If last night’s turnout at Lembah Pantai is any indication, undecided Malay voters may yet be prepared to throw their support behind the opposition.

Despite a heavy downpour, over 10,000 people of mainly Malay working class gathered in a field behind the Angkasapuri complex, to hear de facto PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim’s rallying call for change.

"If we win, the very next day I will lower petrol prices," promised the former deputy prime minister and finance minister.

"If we win, tomorrow there will be free education," he said, receiving a thunderous response accompanied by cries of "reformasi".

Since PKR announced that it would abolish the New Economic Policy (NEP) and instead help the needy from all ethnic groups, there has been a mixed reaction from the majority Malay community.

BN cannot afford to allow Anwar’s daughter Nurul Izzah to win in Lembah Pantai, as she has indicated that she may step down to allow her father to contest in the seat once he becomes eligible to run next month.

He called on voters to take a step forward and create change. "This is the time for change, we can do it. They (BN) can cheat, but even so, they cannot cheat by much. We have more people here," he said.

"They offer food, take their food, take whatever they give but vote for change."

To read full news visit malaysiakini....

DAP's Biggest Penang Rally

The March 6 DAP Ceramah held last night at Han Chiang High School, located with the Jelutong parliamentary constituency that I contest, was massive.

People came in red and white, DAP's colours. About 50,000 people gathered within the football field and the school compound, with another 10,000 surrounding the perimeter fencing by the roadside.

On-site donation broke a new record for DAP ... a whooping RM123,000.00. Thank you very much!

The crowd was also urged to wear red in support of DAP when casting their vote on Saturday.

Whether the strong attendance at this final rally will translate to votes for the DAP remains to be seen.

Read more in free(until election) Malaysiakini....

Anuar's Ceramah All Over Perak

As campaigning entered the crucial final lap, PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim blazed through Perak yesterday to rally voters.

At every stop, large crowds waited for hours to greet the former deputy premier, who started his tour in Tanjung Malim in the morning before making his way up north through Bota, Bidor, Tapah, Gopeng, Sungai Siput and finally Bagan Serai.

In every stop he talk about:
  • oil price
  • attack on the Election Commission for aborting the use of indelible ink
  • Hindraf issue and explained to the Malay majority crowd that Hindraf was not anti-Malay but merely fighting for better economic conditions and education.
  • Anwar’s call for the five Hindraf leaders to be released from ISA.

Red Alert for MIC

Since Independence and MIC join BN(Barisan National), its become a usually any candidate who compete under MIC seat will win . But this 12th Malaysian in a big turnaround for this factor . Indians emotional change rapidly caused by some major political and religion issues issues .

The first signs of trouble for MIC appeared in Penang and Kedah last October, when Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) leaders went on a nationwide tour lambasting the demolition of Hindu temples.

Thousands of Indians attended their road shows in parts of Kedah and Penang. A MIC state representative was booed vehemently when he eulogised the work of Samy Vellu and his party.

Further anger was provoked by the forcible dispersal of the Hindraf rally on Nov 25. A different form of dissent was triggered against the MIC when Hindraf leaders were detained under the ISA and the movement was labelled as extremists.

All this issues caused MIC candidates now pushed into danger in upcoming 12th Malaysian election .
Five of the parliamentary seats that MIC is contesting look like they are in the bag.

These are Hulu Selangor (deputy president G Palanivel), Tapah (new face M Saravanan), Cameron Highlands, (incumbent SK Devamany), Segamat (secretary-general and incumbent Dr S Subramaniam) and Subang (newcomer S Murugesan).

Kapar looks most vulnerable at the moment where incumbent P Komala Devi, who heads the MIC women’s wing, faces a straight fight with PKR’s S Manikavasagam.

Are Mandors Still Exist?

In modern Malaysia is there any Mondors still exist? To understand this question , first the readers must understand who and what mondors do . When British Colonial era , at middle of 19th century(1850-1880) , big number of Indians been bring to Malaya(now Malaysia) as labors , British sipai(soldear) , and low rank officers . Most of this migrants originated from the rural villages of southern part of India. The British government or known as British East India Company, choose a loyal British supporter or officer and send him to India . He will visit rural Indian villages and gather workforce to exported to Malaya . After reach Malaya , labors send to various part of Malaya to build infrastructure and work in estates , some work as low ranked officers and sipais as i tell before . The person who appointed to bring the labors to Malaya , now appointed as a leader for labors from India . British officers will instruct this leader(Mandor) so he will order the labors under him to fulfill it . The Mandor will got all the rewards from this British Officers , like money , woman , and wain. But all the rewards been enjoyed by the Mondors , not the Indian labors who working hard .
Now i hope the readers understand what i mean by the question .

Since independence , Malaysian goverment usualy appoint a Indian(Malaysian Indian) in the cabinet as so call voice of Malaysian Indians . What ever national policy luanched by goverment , this leaders will appear repsenting Malaysian Indians to voice the support. Again all the funds to improve Malaysia Indians will paiped through this cabinet member . Before the fund reach the root level of socity , it get reduce fast when coming down the heirarcy . Most of the time the fund even finish in middle of the way before rech Malaysian Indians . Again another question appears , is that fund allocated by the goverment not enouf or the way goverment choose pipe the fund got problem?

Only one minister in the cabinet become voice of 8% of Malaysian(Indian ethnic group). Most of instruction from government pass to him, to been informed to Malaysian Indian society . Most of the fund piped throw this Minister . Since last 27 years one famous cabinet minister doing this job , IS HE A MONDOR OF MODERN MALAYSIA who representing MALAYSIAN INDIANS ?
Prompt me your point of view by add comments,