Majority Indian Students In School:Another Crab Story

This article regarding Majority Indian students behavior and attitude which lead to their downfall .I write this article with some crab images , if you are an Indian , you should know what a crab mean . Thought this article , give extra attention to black crabs and its attitude. So lets we start.....


Early of the year the school session will begin after very long school holiday . All the friends will meet up again in the school and form small group of friends according to their interest , especially the Black Crabs . This black crabs usually like to tease all other black crabs which studying hard . This black crab group will have fun teasing other hard working black crabs and forget to study . And only go for school for seek attention by teasing other black crabs and black girl crabs. Most of the time , Other hard working crabs influenced by this bunch of black crab group and join them for fun . You know what happen to the hard working black crab after join them, stop to work hard and be one of group member and do the same thing as they do .


At this phase of time where schools curriculam and cocuriculam activities will heat up . Academic students will work hard towards year end exam and , spots active students will train hard to participate in competitions. The red crabs will mostly locust on academy rather than spots will work hard . Most of the time the red crabs just will, study , study , and study. See what the black crabs are doing , still in group , but they more active than school activities , planning about after school activities and spend time for nothing by talking "Urre Kathe"(empty talk).


The finale year exam just around the corner , Now the red crabs start to relax because they already prepare for exam since early of the year . In other site , this black crabs have fun since early of the year , shrink in nerves . Some of the black crab will approach the red crabs to get subject related assistance , The answer , YO CAN SEE IN THE IMAGE. One site well prepared red crabs and , another site unprepared black crabs group . So which crab group will survive the exam and proceed to the next level successfully . The red crabs or the black ? I can ear your answer , for sure the red crabs , and the situation of the black crabs ........... TAK TAU OH,lol.

So you can ask me , what are the relationship of the Indian students and the crabs in the picture and also the article. If you as this question , either you should from very good school or never been went through this kind of situation in your school life . Never mind , ok now Imagen black crabs as the Indian students and red crabs as Chinese students . Now the image and article should make more sense and very much relater to the title of the article .

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Improving Malaysian Mentality

I cant get a topic to talk about in my blog today beacause i plan to reduce talk about politic news. It dosen't mean i stop talk politic , but will reduce it . I boring and tired talk about malaysian politics since and before the past election. Now time to me enjoy my personal thought with others .
Today morning , some meaningful incidents happen to reflect current level of Malaysian Mentality. Malaysian well know for "Tidak Apa(malay)", "Kiasu(chinese)","Ennatha Nadekethe Papom(indians)" term . All of this attitude , make us Malaysian known for our 3rd class mentality . Don't mistake me , im not saying , we Malaysian not cleaver,lol , but just dont care about others and give priority to own race's news , environment and people.
But today morning bit difference , as usual i start my routine , prepare to go collage , start my bike , go to petrol pumb station to refill by motobike. When i park and approach the counter , i see a long queue , every day same think ,"oh god". Than what , im very good boy , always follow the line , lol. It takew few minute to reach the cashier of the counter . When i almost want pay , there is another illegal queue form out of no where . And the guy beside me , who from the illegal que , starch his asr me pay before me . I can notice he is daily customer who owner of big lorry . Supraisingly , the cashier show stop sign by using her hand , and kindly take my money . wow , really touching . You may ask , even this kind you want be touching ah , ok , but let me finish first . Now i have to go to pastence(looks like pastense stories nowadys really laku,lol). Since very long i refill my bike at same petrol station. What happen all this time is , when i stand in queue and reach the cashier to pay , the guy who from illegal que , usualy lorry drivers and some car divers to , will their aggressiveness stretch their hand to pay . and the cashier with her/his smiling face recieve the money without bother from which queue the money come from. And i have use my aggeresiveness in my harm to quickly stretch my hand to pay . My explanation not over yet why im feel touched . when today mornig incident took place , a real Malaysain environment is there . Why you know , im a indian(paying money from correct line), cahier is a Malay(who stop the customer from illegal que from paying) , and the person from illegal line is a chinese . What awondrfull moment in Malaysain history,lol.

Another Malaysian habit which hard to take away from us is , our littering habit . We hold a rubbish in our hand like softdrink tin , plastic bag or whatever . after some time , we will look left abd rite , is there anyone noticing and , quily through or drop the rubbish which previously holing by us . Reason , as your self , very long list of reason for this situation . Now we continue my mornig story . After refill , a enter the main road and rempit heading my collage. Morning heavy trafic jam as usual so have to go through betwwen cars . Here where you can see , all the malaysian drivers attitute , smoking while drop hand out of window , playing zig-zag switching line in the jam without bother about motobikers , littering out what ever from in side the car to the road, and bla bla bla. When in going through the cars , suddently a car side window , dropping down , as i know that the window will go down to do reason i stated before. As i aspected as small hand comes out of the car window while holding McD burger wrapper . That when heavy jam and even motobikers also have to go very slow . By the time i past the car , very slow , i heard mother of the child who want to litter scold the child while stop the small kid from litter from the car . First time in my motobiking history i witnest such a incident . wow . I do not know how much it mean to you , but personally it mean alot to me .

Malaysian Mentality Improving? You be the Judge.....

Who is Real Racist My Dear TUN?

Few days back , Tun post article , title of "Sammy's Folly"

The highlight of his article:
After go through this article , TUN who before this really my one of the role model lost his immortality . I know he is GREAT TUN , who even Japanese and European sit and listen to his speech , but where go the all the rational thinking and leadership .
TUN bash at our leaders and believes , now i as a Malaysian Indian took my responsibility to bash him back , come on he also a blogger now .
Here how i comment at his comment box for that article:

This comment ,still waiting for site administrator's approval , I'm not sure it will be approved by TUN or not . I done by my part , by putting my frustration as words in his comment box , are about you ? willing to do so?

IF yes than proceed to:

Townguy's Version Of Dasavatarem : Final

This is continuation of yesterdays post of dasavatarem story of my(townguy) version. Kindly see below for yesterdays post if you not yet
read the 1st and 2nd part of the story . My early thanks to you all to come again to read the final part of the story today.

Final Part:

Now the story coming to the current age . Here the story somewhere close to real dasavatarem movie. The story straight away bring us to a bio/nano technology lab
in US . Here Kamal(6) working on a project to develop a virus which can benefit the world if be used in correct away . If its fall to wrong hands , than its the end of the world.
Kamal(6) successfully created the virus and keep it the lab while waiting for the further instruction from his superior . But at the blind slide of Kamal(6) , his superior plan to sell the
virus for a very good price to a terrorist group. Somehow kamal(6) get know of this evil plan , and stole the virus so he can give it to proper hands like FBI , CBI to save guard it.
On the way escape from the lab , he bounce with his Indian friend , and get into his car . Accidentally his friend send the virus package to India via delivery service because thought the package was his .
Than Kamal(6) follow the package and reach India . At same time , kamal(6)'s superior hire a well trained ex-CBI to go after kamal(6) and the virus . The communication and instruction
between kamal(6)'s superior and the hired ex-CBI only done by phone calls and ex-CBI not showed in the screen yet . now the ex-CBI trace and follow kamal and the package to India.
Kamal(6) reach India and place where the package delivered before the ex-CBI . When Kamal(6) on the way to the package delivered place , the muguntha muguntha song played in the screen as shown in the real movie . In the song
asin(3) play her role in the song as shown in the real movie . When Kamal(6) reach the package deliver place , the place called as Ranngerajer street , and exactly place where the temple which shown in the 12th century located . When kamal(6) reach the Ranngerajer
street he look at the temple . After few minutes the ex-CBI reach the place and glance at the temple also , still ex-CBI's face not yet showed in screen yet . Kamal(6) and ex-CBI now standing at the same street but at different end of the street .
the temple and the house where the package delivered , situated at the middle of the street . Both Kamal(6) and ex-CBI feel one kind , and while thinking they both walk approach the house . When they almost reach the house , they saw , the package with virus just
being deliver at the house , both of them now running towards that package , and hand of the both person hold the package at the same time . Now the camera zoom out from focus on hand to the face of both person . One side of the package is kamal(6), and the other
site of the package is............... king(6) , he is the ex-CBI who not shown the face in screen before. They both stand still for few seconds , but they don't know why. After get out of the pause after few seconds , they start to fight . the fight occur on the Ranngerajer street . Suddently
a big lorry hit both of them . They both collapse on the road , exactly in front of the Raggerager temple . They both on the road and unconscious , now threy both going through a fast recap of their previous life , from 12th century to current life in the form of dream. When
they conscious again , they look at each other , and the package start to leak and the package on the king(6)'s chest . the virus leak on the king(6) chest and the side effect taking place as shown in the real dasavatarem . When Kamal(6) thinks it is the end of the world , here comes the
tsunami which contains lots of NaCL(Sodium Cloride) which is cure for the virus . The tsunami take away few hundred thousand people's life and home BUT save Millions of people's life. After the tsunami ends , another quest starts for Kamal(6) , that is gain the love of his life(asin(3)). The story ends while Kamal(3) happily going after pretty and cute asin(3)....

New Record

If this story become a film, first time in world on Indian sceenma , A villain act in 6 differents role and , heroin act in 3 different roles .

Personal mesej
Thanks gain to all my readers for your precoius time and your continues dedication to read my stiy continesly since last three days , thank you very much .

Townguy's Version Of Dasavatharem:Part 2

Continuation from yesterday's post:SEE BELOW

Now the story shift to early of 20th century , where fire of independence start to raise in India .
Kamal(4) born in India and raise in normal Indian family and at the same time king(4) born in England and raise as millitary man .
In one curtain time king(4) been send as kapten of a battalion group of English soldier to India , to control the activity of Indian nationalist. Kamal(4) have a sweet heart since young , she is Asin(2).You guys/girls can include a duet song here,lol.
Than Kamal(4) join Subhas Chandra Bose force to against the english army towards Independence of India. Close fight between subhas chandra bose's Independent force and English troops occur in the border of India. It is close fight . Here where
King(4) and kamal(4) meet face to face in series of hand , knife fight . Kamal(4) almost kill king(4) but , king(4)'s troop member shoot kamal(4) and save king(4)'s life . Kamal(4) died near an Indian flag and , at far there is a Rangeragen lord's temple is visible. The story ends while kamal(5) slowly dieing while see his fellow force members fighting and dieing for the country.

The story shift into end of 20th century.The story straight way starts after Kamal(5) and king(5) grownup and big adults.Kamal(5) now a American and he is one of most famous and people loved president of USA .
He lead the county in very prospores way and have very good relationship with other countries. One day in his life , as usual after get down from his private jet , he go meet citizens with his car and his body guards . He go around the town and vawe(lambai-malay) his hand to his citizens . Now a suspicious man which his face
not shown, go through the crowd to get close to the car as possible. And the president parade continues as usual with tight security. And the suspicious man getting closer and closer to the car . There is joy in crown , president happy meet his citizens , and the citizens happy meet their beloved president. Suddenly
a loud sound of gun and the president collapse on his car with his blood spilled all around . the crowd running haired wire and some shocked with what they witnessing and cry . The suspicions man greeting away from the like no one's business . after he reach curtain distance from the incident , now camere show the ssuspicions man's face ,
he is king(5) , a west Asian. kamal(5) die on spot and the story ends while the crowd running haired wire , kamal(5) die , and king(5) walking away from the crowd.

The final part story of my version of Dasavatarem will be post in tomorrow's article. Thanks for your time and don't miss final part of Townguy's version of Dasavatarem tomorrow.

Townguy's Version Of Dasavatharem

Dasvatrem is a wonderful movie , no doubt about it .

As you all know , this movie took very long to be completed and hit the cinemas.At same time we as audians know kamal doing 10 different
roles , and this movie combination of modern and historical story(thats how the trailers looks like). This creates a big expectation
toward this movie . Many fans can't stop from thinking how the storyline of this movie will be, i one of them .

I like the storyline of the Dasavatarem and the fantastic work by Kamal and K.S Ravikumar.
The terms "BUT" always be there after whatever movie release:

"But i expected the movie differently"
"ok but not as i expected"
"wonder full but lack in this and that and bla bla bla"

Here come my BUT, The long waiting time for this movie make me Imagen my own version of Dasavatarem , i expected the
movie will hit the screen will look something like this , even thou not EXACTLY.

Before i tell my storyline , let me explain what are the factors in real dasavatarem movie support my version of the story:
1)Budget : Dasavatarem made of big budget
2)Movie Lenghts:Movie length about 3 hours 15 minutes
3)Technical:The graphics in the movie enough to support my version of dasavatarem
4)Actor: Kamal the only one have the talent to be in the main role as he in real dasavatarem

name(number)=shows number of the character according to how many time he appear in the movie.


The story start exactly as real dasavatarem . The king(1) force Kamal(1) to follow different believe . And kamal(1) disobey they Kings word
. And Asin(1) apprear and ask Kamal(1) to obey King's word , but he refuse . And the 1st song(i die hard fan of that song) starts until Kamal(1) die under
the sea with the rangegrajen statue.

Here my version of story really starts:

After Kamal(1) die in 12th century , the story starts again in 14th century . Kamal(2) born in china as son to chinese family , he grownup learning his father business technique whom is a well know businessman in the silk road between
china and India . At same time line king(2) born in northern India as son for big business don . He also grow up learning his fathers business knowledge , but they cruel to low cast and poor people. Kamal(2) reach adult age and his father past way and he have take over his father's business . He started his first journey to India in silk road.
When he reach the northern Indian , he stopped at trading hub which dominated by king(2)'s family , and get know about the cruelness done by them towards local people and traders from far land . Kamal(2) as one of the biggest trader of the silk road , visit king(2) to talk about the problem . The King who know about this , kill Kamal(2) and his trading troops on the way to meet him .

Now the story goes to 16th century , Kamal(3) born and grow in western india , now know as Pakisatan as a Muslim . King(3) born in somewhere in India as son of radical Hindu follower .16th century is the time Islam and Christianism religion enter India in many forms. There the time Hindus raise and against spreading of Creationism and Islam in India.
Western India majority people stands from Muslim . Kamal(3) in his quest to spread Islam in other part of the India , Starts his journey thought India. He faces many obstacles but manage to continue his quest until he reach part of India where King(3) with his radical group who fighting against spread of other religion in India . Kamal(3) given warning to leave or prepare to die by the King(3).
Kamal(3) continue spread the religion of his love and manage to gain support from surrounding people. This worry the the King(3) because he losing his influence . He finally kill kamal(3) in silence and come out with the story stating , "The incident is gods punishment". Here where the exactly where some unwanted extream believe of Hinduism start follow by the people(the believes still followed by Hindus if you notice).

I continue the story in my tomorrows article , Too long typing already , lol . Thanks for your time , come again tomorrow to read continuation of the story.

Fight Against Racism: Footballers

Four former football stars have talked at a UEFA EURO 2008™ reception about their experiences of racism and discrimination that they have encountered whilst playing in Europe.

Yves Eigenrauch, Ramon Vega, Paul Elliott and Anthony Baffoe, who are all ambassadors for the Football Against Racism in Europe (FARE) network, took part in a question-and-answer session to mark the three-week anti-discrimination programme at the tournament. The Unite Against Racism programme, coordinated by the FARE network in conjunction with UEFA and supported of the professional players' union FIFPro, will run throughout the tournament.
TV advertising spot:

It will include the TV advertising spot "Different Languages - One Goal: No To Racism" broadcast at every game and produced in co-operation with the European Commission.

(in Malaysian this video looks different , two Malaysian talk in different language , but end up hugging each other when goal been scored )

Vega(former Swiss captain and English FA Premier League star with Tottenham Hotspur FC)said:
"I played in the United Kingdom, both in England and Scotland, as well as France and Italy, and I experienced discrimination in all of them. In the UK, I was the foreigner. This left me feeling very isolated. In Italy too, supporters and even fellow professionals targeted me for abuse. But football is a great leveller. This is why I am here, to help show what this great sport can do when bringing people together and stamping out racism."

Elliott(former Chelsea FC, Celtic FC and AS Bari defender) said:
"The racism problem in the game is improving, but we still need to rely on law, and implementation of the law.
"I was one of the first generation of black players in the UK who received racist abuse of the ugliest kind. Banana-throwing was commonplace. Now things are different but both individuals and agencies, like FARE, need to keep working together to maintain this progress."

Ghana's Anthony Baffoe(FC Köln in Germany) added:
"I used humour and irony to tackle racism during my time in Germany. Some fans liked it, others didn't, but it earned me respect. Now one only has to look at the leading players across Europe. Many of them are African." Baffoe played in many countries and was able to give his view on how racism from the terraces differed in different parts of the world.

Morale of the story:
Even footballers care about Racism , so how about us(Malaysian goverment and citizens)?
Are we care enough to handle Racism in Malaysia?

Active weekend for Policeforce

Today morning 15/6 sunday , i went batu caves to send my small bro to M.I.F.A(Malaysian Indian FA Academy) training . But today the environment in batu caves looks bit difference than usual sunday morning.

When i exit MRR2 and enter a road which lead to batu caves , there was small jam . Than i realize is a police blog , with no need to any check by car pass the police check point . Just the police man take at look at the car with thier normal look . Than i approach the main entrance of the batu caves . Again i see few police force standing there with some police car . But just standing , no check point. With question in mind , i send my bro and exit the batu caves . Again took MRR2 and U-turn heading to kepong . But 1st thing i see after U-turn is another police check point . This time the police man doing some serious checks , like ask the car stop at site , open the boot for checkup , and any suspicious mean some questions. After went trough that checkpoint , i head straight to my neighborhood . Even before i enter main road of entering my neighborhood , there is another checkpoint , this time just a normal one , checking for motorbike documents and car road tax.

All this events make think ,"maybe there are any Hindraf meeting or special prayers in batu caves". I reach home and tell this incident to my mother . My mom went Kuala Lumpur to Kotumalei Vinayeger Temple early morning. She also past by few police check points in some main road heading and exit Kuala Lumpur such Jln Ipoh.

This incidents , many police checkpoints around Kuala Lumpur .It only happen if there is any Rally or meeting without police approval. But as i know there is no such thing today in KL . I also check some source like Malaysiakini and even some PKR branch leaders . But no news stating any important events taking place in KL to make the police force having this much of checkpoints.

A productive sunday morning of our Malaysain police force.

Three PKR MPs :Arrested, then Released

Three opposition MPs and three others were arrested during a protest against the ISA detention of the Hindraf 5 outside the King’s palace today.

The three legislators held were PKR vice president Sivarasa Rasiah (Subang), PKR supreme council member S Manikavasagam (Kapar) and PKR Wanita chief Zuraida Kamaruddin (Ampang).

The others arrested were event organiser Lourdes Mary, human rights lawyer N Surendran and Zuraida’s special officer Salmah Ismail.

They were brought to the Brickfields police station for questioning. After spending more than two hours there, they were released at 12.30pm on police bail and must report to the police station on June 27.

Sivarasa sayed:
“They (police) didn’t want to listen to us, so we decide to let them arrest us,” he added.

“What we regret the most was that over 200 tourists were watching when the police were instructing us to leave. That clearly showed that Malaysia is a police state.”

Surendran sayed:
“The arrest was completely baseless as we were only standing there (outside the palace) before the actual crowd arrived. The next moment we were asked to evacuate the area. The arrest was clearly an abuse of power,”

4 minute video:

Rally Again:Protest against sharp petrol prices hike

About 2,000 people marched from Kampung Baru mosque after Friday prayers to the iconic Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur to protest against last week's sharp rise in petrol prices.

However, the police have blocked Jalan Raja Abdullah - the main road leading to the destination - Kuala Lumpur City Centre - about 3km away.

Faced with the roadblocks, marchers used alternative roads instead, many of whom headed north in a circuitous route to KLCC.

At 2.22pm, many of them were in Chow Kit area, north of the city, with the traffic police seen helping to control the traffic.

The marchers, led by PAS Youth chief Salahuddin Ayub, then headed south along Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman towards Jalan Sultan Ismail.

However, in the effort to avoid an ugly confrontation with the police who have formed a tight cordon around KLCC, the crowd marched further south to the Sogo Department store.

And at Sogo, the crowd of about 2,000 people decided to conduct an impromptu sit-in in the middle of the busy Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, forcing traffic to a standstill.After a short while, following a brief speech by Salahuddin, the crowd dispersed from the area.

"This is a people's gathering demanding for the reduction in oil price. We will organise a bigger gathering on July 5," he told the crowd.

"The government has forced us to the streets to demand a reversal of this disastrous policy. This is more than a wake-up call for the PM," he said.

"We want the PM to resign after this unacceptable rise."

However, about 1,000 continued their march towards the PAS headquarters located about one kilometre away in Jalan Raja Laut.

The crowd then dispersed peacefully upon reaching the PAS building, after once again hearing a short reminder from Salahuddin for the crowd to participate in the July 5 mass rally.

Unlike previous rallies, not a single tear-gas canister was fired and not a drop of acid-laced water was used against the protestors.

PAS leader Dr Dzulkifli Ahmad said that the march was a success although the police had blocked their route to the KLCC.

We were still able to express our dissatisfaction," he told Malaysiakini.

Dangi Wangi OCPD ACP Zulkarnain Abd Rahman, when contacted, said that no arrests were made so far and that the situation has been under control.

Heavy police presence

Earlier at the Friday afternoon prayers, the mosque was packed with people - numbering some 3,000, while about 500 others prayed outside.

About 1pm, PAS leaders Salahuddin, Dzulkilfi, Syed Azman Syed Nawawi and Nasaruddin Tantawi arrived at the mosque.

Just before the prayers, a mosque official urged people not to gather in the mosque compound to take part in the rally.

Earlier this morning, hundred of Federal Reserve Unit members were stationed at the Kampung Baru mosque and its surrounding areas.

Also in the vicinity was a water cannon truck and four FRU trucks.

Several roads leading to Kampung Baru and other roads in the city were also blocked by the police.

Meanwhile in KLCC, dozens of police officers were seen at the entrance. One water cannon and seven FRU trucks were stationed behind KLCC at the park, along with a fire brigade truck.

The rally today, one of many that is to be held in the coming weeks, is to oppose last the whopping 41 percent fuel price hike, which raised petrol prices at the pump to RM2.70 per litre.

Dasavathaaram Fewer

Dr.Kamal(ullege nayegen) and K.S Ravikumar's Dasavathaaram hitting the golden screen on coming friday,13 jun , at last .

But the fans expectation to watch this movie kept under wrap since last April when the movie first schedule to hit the cinemas . After array of controversy , the movie available in Cinema by this Friday. And the fewer of this movie hitting high degree Celsius since last few days .

Since morning already receive 3 messages from my handphoneline provider regarding this movie:

1)"Join Dasvathraaram Trivia contest 2 win Sony Ericsson W660i & Soundtrack CDs! Call *188 now & answer as many question@RM0.30/min.Contest fr 10/6-17/6. T&C apply"


2)"Maxis brings you Kamal Hassain's Dasavaathaaram Zone where you can know more about the movie and hear Kamal Hassan voice. Just call 13232 RM1/min . T&C apply"


3)"1 Minggu PERCUMA khas untuk anda! Kini anda boleh dapatkan berita Dasavaathaaram terkini melalui te.bimbit anda . CEPAT ! SMS GET DASA ke 20200 SKAG(6509)"

Even you can take a look at my FEEDJIT at right sidebar , since last 1 week i already receive about 90 unique visitors who came to my block , looking for Dasavaathaaram Story Line which i posed few weeks back.

The worst thing for a fan of the movie like me is , about 5.30pm i try took make a online booking for this movie via online , guest what , all the ticket for online reservation for the movie been fully booked :Midvalley & 1Utama. Anyone got plan to watch this movie, count me in ok ,lol .

To my local readers who always visit my blog , read politic news , please escuse me with this post. Feed yourself with politic news which i posted few days back and more interesting politic post are on the way.

"Dato Seri" Refuse To Be "Tun"

Last week our country(Malaysia) King's birthday , if you all aware . We call it as "Hari Keputraan Yand Di-Pertaun Agong". In that particular day , many fame and unfame individual of Malaysia will awarded with Titles by the King.

Introduction is over , now we come to the news . Well known big name of Malaysia since last 28 years until last March , Dato Seri Sammy Vellu receive a later from the King house. It states , he has chosen to entitle as "TUN" .
Internal MIC source reveal that , our Dato Seri Sammy refuse the title , and reply the King's House letter. We as outsiders do not know what are the reasons makes Dato Sammy to do not accept the title which is the biggest honer a normal Malaysian citizen can entitled in his lifetime.
This lead us to think what are the possible reasons make Dato Sammy act such way.
The reason comes into my mind are :
  • He not ready to leave politic life yet(Don't want repeat Dr.M's mistake)
  • He not ready to be a "TUN" yet(big name , small autonomy)
  • He like "Dato Seri" more , lol .
This are the reasons my mind capable think of , if you all have better reasons to share , please feel free to share your comments.

source:internal MIC source

Fast and Furious

The title it self enough to explain what happen since last few days to Malaysia's social economy.
This lead us to ask "Is the government really under control of the things or not?"

Let me give an example:

4th June The Start and New Straits Times Headline: Morning 4am
"The new price structure will start in August, and retail cost of the fuel "will depend on global market prices," Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Shahrir Abdul Samad said.

4th June TV3 and TV1 Headnews:4.30pm
"Petrol price up by 78 sen"

Other Positive and Negative announcement up in announce since last two days as the consequences of oil price hike :
Electricity tariff by TNB
2)Inflation rate going up by 5%
3)Sugar price up

1)Rebate for vehicles
2)Reduction on Road tax

Government would save RM13.7bil from oil price increase which use for:

1)National Food Supply Guarantee Policy=4billion
2)subsidising cooking oil=1.5billion
3)subsidise rice imports=400million
4)flour subsidy=200million
5)bread subsidy=100million
6)subsidies for petrol, diesel and gas=7.5billion

Summary by rationally thinking Malaysian :
Goverment cannot keep on subsidies high oil price , because price of other important item such as rice , flour , sugar also increasing . So the government , cut down the subsidy of the oil and distribute the fund to the other items as well.

""Pampered era for Malaysain comes to a end . 1st wave of price increase is here , now waiting for the 2nd one in august , BE READY MALAYIAN.""

Are You Honest ? : Ezam

On Last Wednesday, embattled Prime Minister and Umno president Abdullah Ahmad Badawi accepted membership applications from Ezam and several of his followers.

The event received heavy media publicity and is viewed as a morale booster for Abdullah, who has been under attack by party members since Barisan Nasional’s poor showing during the March 8 general election.

This actin caused many uneasy reaction from within and out Party(UMNO),

DR.M says:

"Former PKR Youth chief Ezam Mohd Noor may possibly act as a Trojan horse for PKR with his recent re-entry into Umno"

Datuk Hishammuddin:

"Hope he can be true member of Umno and put his full effort for reformation of UMNO"

Can He(1999):
Ezam in 1999 , talking in public with anger regarding Anwar's arrest as PKR's youth leader .

Become HE(2008):

Ezam happpily accepted into party by Our current Prime minister and Umno's President .

Or he will Course This:

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