Hindraf - Remembering Nov 25 2007

Hundreds of Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) supporters gathered at temples in Selangor and Penang to commemorate the first anniversary of the Nov 25 mass street protest.

Police presence at the locations were at a minimal with hardly any uniformed personnel around. There were also no untoward incidents reported.

At the Sri Maha Mariamman Temple in Batu Caves, Selangor, some 500 Hindraf supporters braved the rain to attend the special prayer ceremony.



Cast & Malaysian Indians - Still !!

First things first , before go in depth of this topic , let we see few definition and scope of this article :

Cast - In the Hinduism, there are casts. A cast is a rank that is given to a human already when it’s born.

Scope of this article : Rational thinking , Castism among Malaysian Indians ONLY .

This topic been in my mind since very long time , now the time come for to write about this sensitive issue . As usual , my idea for each topic provoked by my personal experience . Few weeks back , when and i and friends lepak(chit-chat) in mamak stall , we end up discussing about this cast things .

Even when im young teenager , my father try to teach me , about this cast related things , whenever he open this topic , i just will walk away , i simply don't want to know about cast , i afraid i also will end up being like them , practising Hindu cast system in 21st century .

Are this cast system still exist among Malaysian Indians? still practised ? You will be surprised if you get know that , Malaysian Indians still practising this nonsense until today , but i silence , very subtle , in other word , under the blanket , lol . Ya we can't see it officially , stated in any form , or asked openly . But this system still very much alive , don't believe me ?ok . Try this , especially when marriage time , if it is a love marriage , the hottest issue among the adults will be the cast of the guy site or girl site . I even got many personal experience , even thou my parents are friendly and OPEN MINDED , one day when i forced to argue about this cast issue to my father , the words he say that " IF you love and married a girl from a wrong cast , i won't even enter you house " i always will remember that words . I also find out that , many BF and GF , include my friends ,who in serious relationship , they already discus about this cast things , to satisfies their parents who blindly following the cast system and to make sure no problem appear from both site when getting marry in future . There are many other experience i faced regarding this cast , but it quite sensitive and hard to explained .

Now we look this system in more logical and rational point of view :
"At the beginning there were only four casts; the priest cast, the warrior cast, the worker cast, and the servant cast. When these casts were gradually broken, new casts came into being, and by the year 1900 there were about 3000 different casts in India."( sited , click here )

We Malaysian Indians origin from india , so we adopt almost ever tying from there . Ok , let us don't talk about India , no point talk about Hindus in India . Im not a Hinduism prof to do research and write about Hinduism , as a simple and humble Hindu , i only can think rationally in the sense of imagination about what happen thousands of years back .

As you can see , the fact above , originally there been only 4 cast in Hinduism . I admire Hinduism , because , each term or things( adat resam) we follow ,there will be good explanation behind it . That's the beauty of Hinduism . For sure , there will be very good reason behind the Cast System which formed by our great great ancestors .

In my point of view ....... In the ancient time , when the word "science" not exist, lol , people been live in the group base on their occupation , wealth and influence . For example , a man who work in grave yard , stay outside of the village , and the businessman live in the middle of the village , the well known worrier stay with king , and the brahmins stay in temple area . when time past by , when the Aryans conquer India , the Cast system been implemented to class this peoples . Because the normal labours not clean because of their work nature , they restricted from enter temple and other clean places . The worriers and businessman important for the village/country , so they given special priority . And the brahmins become soo special because they always with god/temple . On that time , no detergents for the labours to clean their self , dirty people stay dirty , no education that time , unknowledgeable people , stay unknowledgeable . In the long run it become a hard core CAST SYSTEM , and low cat people been discriminated in many ways . (ooopppfff , i had a very difficult time to explain this , not easy )

Now back to present tense . Im really sorry if i offend anyone , i have to say this : Preciously we can notice , so call low cast people's life style , house environment , and talking dialect , will make others to think twice to mix with them . Now everything change , modern live make everything look the same , having the same lifestyle , education level, and talking dialect , everything becoming more harder to be differentiated .

Again , lol , in my point of view , in this modern era , people who got good education , wealth , and high influence , are considered as the high cast of this century . People who don't have all of this , will be know as low cast .

A question for people who still following Cast System .
If you from a high cast people , what your cast can do for you ?
  1. Can get a lot of a land form state office?
  2. money for no reason from any bank?
  3. a degree or masters without going to collage/university?
  4. high pay salary , without any qualification ?
NONE of above , lol . Than , What make you still follow this useless CAST SYSTEM ??

Petrol, Diesel Prices Down 15 Sen Effective Tuesday

KUALA LUMPUR, 17 Nov,6.26pm -- The petrol and diesel prices will be reduced by 15 sen per litre each effective Tuesday, Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak announced Monday.

The new retail price for ron97 is priced at RM2.00 per litre from RM2.15, ron92 at RM1.90 from RM2.05 and diesel at RM1.90 from RM2.05.

RON97 was RM1.92 per litre in June before the hikesource : bernama.com

Children Living Parent's Dream

New template , new look , new atmosphere , i myself feel gigi to use by blog , need to play around to get use to it . This sudden change is to obey by readers request to change by blog's old template , here you go , a new template(blog's theme) as you all want .

Story time , Children Living Parent's Dream.... This particular topic hits my mind after i saw today's news , hundreds of students get straight 5As and 7As in their UPSR exam . Wow , congrats to you all .

Parents nowadays really taking care of their children , event before a child born , they already have a dream about the future of the unborn baby . Since the first day the baby born , everything done by the parents to make sure bright future of their children . Their child grow and become a adult . At that point of time , if we turn back and look at the life of the child , we can notice that , the child , all this time until he grow up be a adult , he/she has been leave the dream of their parents .

The child go to the primary school the parents choose . When finishing their primary school, the child fulfill parent's first dream , getting excellent UPSR result . In a such young age , the kind overcome all the pressure and do it for their parent . Children's exam result is of the pride collection of parents nowadays .Than the children enter secondary school . Here the children becoming a teenager . Here , the parents moll their child according to their dream , from the people they talking to until the way they dress up . When the option of Science or Arts stream come in to picture after form 3 , the parents push the children according to their(parents) dream , most of the time . Here comes the result of SPM at the end of secondary school life . This also the time the dream of the parents come true again , by the time the result come out , the parents already chose the higher education path of their child , according to their(parents) dream . Most of the time , the children also follow the path choose by their parents . Parents go back home happily , and the son/daughter go to the university or collage ,choice of their parents , carrying the dream of the parents . After few years , the children fulfill major part of their parents dream by graduated as a Lawyer , Engineer , Doctor , IT professional , and etc .

Now the teenager enter another part of their life as young man/woman . But their parents dream not finished yet . The parent's dream even include , how their children's live partner should look like . Hence , the young man/woman will married with live partner choose by their parents according to their dream . If the young man/woman have their own choice of live partner , they have to make sure all the criteria meets their parents expectation , include cast(Indians).

Now you all can see , how a child living their parents dream ? Actually most of the youngster not bad as the parents always describe . The children(youngsters) willing to live the dreams of their parents , for the happiness of their parents . At the same time , im also not saying that , parents doing something bad . Actually parents working hard for the well being of their children . What i trying to emphasis is, just give a small space to your child, so THEY CAN LIVE THEIR OWN DREAM .

Note:This post follows Malaysian education system , UPSR PMR SPM, lol . For most of you , this post wont make any sense , but few who out there who realy can feel or experienced what i try to explain , this post i specialy dedicate to you all .

Close Down All Tamil Schools - Should We ?

Most of the time i will get inspiration to write an article comes from conversation with my friends or personal observation . This post is the second type . two days back , when passing by few blogs , reading the articles , one particular article make me stop and read it until finish . By the time i finish read it , i decided to not just comment but write whole new article to reply that specific article . The title of the article is "Close Down All Tamil Schools" . The blogger just referring to an article which came out on year 2000 . But the way he argue the facts make me write this reply article . Note : i does not have any personal problem with him , just voicing out my point of view . If can read the article i talking about(click here) , before continue reading this article. Because i do not want cut and past his whole post into this article .

He started his article by connecting Tamil schools with gangsterism . Than relating , poor education system of
tamil schools lead to born of young Indian gangsters . Cool . He continued with by stating , not much can be achieved by learning tamil . He ask , all Tamil schools should be closed down , and all children should enrolled in National school. Later he suggest a solution to teach Tamil in National School .

How dare he can say all that , Tamil schools are image of Indians , the pride of each ethnic depends on their language , ........ Don't worry , i wont argue that same old hypocrite sentences . Let we talk in wider and more rational manner in discussing the fate of Tamil Schools .

Back to his point , Tamil schools born place for Indian gangsters because they can't cope up in secondary school . OK i admit that, if we now in the year before 1999 . Can't you see , Tamil schools transformed into a place which produce dozens straight 7A's students . Especially after year 2000 . Ya i admit , still there some drop outs , but not serious as he said . Compare and see , in
UPSR nowadays , Indian students from tamil schools getting Straight 7As are far more than the Indian student who get straight 5As in National Schools . He questioned the parents who neglect the future of their child by sending them to tamil school . Recent facts showing that , more and more Indian parents sending their child to tamil schools . Because they know which is good for their child .

"I studied in a national school and learnt to read, write and communicate in Tamil without much problem although my mother tongue is
Malayaalam. Isn't that enough?"(Part of his article) , My answer will be , not enough at all . Why ? with just read and communicate in Tamil can make him feel and do all this :

Culture -
Culture covers many aspects , few attributes which make a culture pride is ,
Litereture(Sastera) , holly song(tevarem) , historical facts( ramayanem , etc ) , prayers ( saraswathy poojei ) , adat resam( this in malay , i don't know how to mention it in english) and many more . A student in a tamil school will be thought in all this things indirectly though the Tamil school's teachers and culture . It is the way of life in Tamil schools . This atmosphere not possible at all for Indian students in National schools . A student can't feel non of this , by just knowing read and communicate in Tamil .

Entertainment -
Do you think and believe , a good song or movie only can be produced with in depth knowledge of that language ? For me yes , for example ,
tamil nadu's songs more superior in quality compare to tamil songs from any other part of the world . Why ? beside , music technology and good voice , lyrics of a song play the vital part in a song . If you notice each song is a quality poem . A poem will be manipulated with different words , music technology , and good voice to produce a famous and hit song . Even to sing a hip hop or rap song like our Yogi b or chacrasonic , we need a good lyrics and accurate pronunciation to come out with this kind songs . Do you think , with just read and communicate in Tamil , can make us do all this things properly ? If you think yes , Yogi b and chacrasinoc will be our last export of rapers to Tamil Nadu , lol .

I can go ahead and write whole day , but it is hard to explain this
sophisticated things , even the facts above i tried my best to explain with my not well verse engilsh .

Back to simple facts .
Im not Tamil school crony until neglect national unity . One school for all , only possible if :
  • No one have hidden agenda for the survival for their own language .
  • The government fair to all languages .
  • Everybody believe and given chance to believe that they are true Malaysians , and not so called Malaysians .
Sorry for the complication and the length of the article . I can't make it shorter or simpler with my not well versed english , lol .

NOTE : i invited the owner of the "Close Down All Tamil Schools" article to read and comment , lets wait and see .

Unsettled Public Facility

This is the picture of small public hall at the ground floor of a flat , near my place . why it looks like this ? Reason , few month back , approximately about 5 months , destroyed in fire . Before that , the small public hall been used by the flat residents for birthday , marriage function , and election campaign booth . The small public hall which been one of the use full flat facility , now out of order since last 5 months .

This place been visited by my area's
MP(Member of Parliament) and ADUN( Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri) . The drama here is , the MP( Indian ) is from KEADILAN , and the ADUN from UMNO . ADUN of my area , visited this place , and inform the residents of the flat that , there is enough fund available to fix this place immediately . But the residents do not want the ADUN fix the place . They want the MP of our area fix the place for them because most of them openly admit that they vote for this new opposition MP and now they want to see how this new MP replying their "mandat" . After few days, the MP came to this place , and the residents voice out their request . The MP replied that , this issue/problem under ADUN and he can't do much about it . Still the residents adamant , and they want the MP to solve this issues and not the ADUN . To satisfie the residents, the MP promised to fix the place and went back . No news from the MP after that , and the ADUN still waiting to fix the place , and this situation remain the same since last five months .

The point here , this public facility need to be fixed , but whose mistake is this ,until this small public hall not been fixed even after five months?
  • Is that the mistake of adamant flat residents who does not understand "bidang kuasa" of ADUN and MP ?
  • Is that the mistake of ADUN who fail to convince the adamant residents ?
  • or is that mistake of MP who make fault promise and make the residents wait?
End of the day , the residents didn't get anything , and the politicians not doing anything ......

Obama chalks up historic win

Democrat candidate Barack Obama has been elected as the United States first black president following his historic win over his Republican rival John McCain.

The 47-year-old father of two, who will be inaugurated as the 44th US president on Jan 20, 2009, has however inherited an economy mired in the worst financial crisis since the 1930s, two wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and a nuclear showdown with Iran.

Television networks projected his victory over McCain after Obama solidified traditional Democratic states and cut deep into the Republican territory which his rival needed to control to win the White House.

Obama garnered 338 against McCain's 163 of the 538 electoral college votes. He won 62 million voters (52 percent), while McCain has 55 million voters (47 percent).

Obama's historic inauguration will complete a stunning ascent to the pinnacle of US and global politics from national obscurity just four years ago and close an eight-year era of turbulence under President George W Bush.

At 12.20pm local time, McCain conceded defeat and congratulated Obama on his victory.

Full Result

Source : Malaysiakini

Obama Acceptance Speech ( Victory Speech )

Malaysian Indian Bloggers( MIB ) - Bias

Malaysian Indian bloggers(MIB) , founded by raja (raajarox.com). MIB bring many Malaysian Indian bloggers together and create network among them . MIB's really active when last Malaysia's election season . Most of the news covered by MIB's , are about , weakness of rulingHindraf activities , and other politic stuffs which favorable to the apposition parties. Can be said , we notice or not , MIB became a unofficial medium for the apportions spread their news . Most interesting part , this done voluntarily by MIB's for the sack of Indian Community benefit. I am one of MIB's , and i am proud do update my blog with latest political news that time.

Time past by , the election finishes , and the apportions fully untiles the Indians and also MIB . After the election Malaysian Indians include many MIB delight with the election's result . The apportion get a historical win , took over five states . Many promises made by the apportionnoticeable promises :
party , before election to the Indians . Most
  • Release five hindraf leaders form ISA
  • No temple will be demolished
  • etc ......
Almost eight months passed by , we can see that, both of the most noticeable promises clearly been violated by the apportions . In easy words " Janji tak serupa pikin ". We understand , the oppositions just in charge of few state government , and do not have any power towards ISA issues . Still a newbie in rulling a goverment(state) . Never mine , but how about another temple been demolished in Ampang few weeks back? Ampang under Selangor which being govern by PAKATAN RAKYAT .

Lastime , before election , MIB's point out and question each misleading of Barisan National , untill some MIB's voice out their opinion like an real reporter . What happen to thous MIB's now , we can notice allot of misleading Pakatan Rakyat's actions , and still many promises stay as unfulfilled promises . Why no MIB really questioning this as lastime? Are we MIB's only will question the misleading on BN and not Pakatan Rakyat ? Is Anuar Ibrahim our neighbour , or Karpal sigh is our uncle ? So what the reason make we MIB's staying away from questioning the misleadings of the Pakatan Rakyat ?

Most our news mediams , which only cover the goodness of BN , we MIB's should not be like that but be more fair about our articles rather than looks like official medium for PAKATANRAKYAT only . Be fair , question any issues without differentiating BN or PAKATAN RAKYAT . DON'T BE BIAS......