How to Negotiate Travel Package - On The Spot

Before start, let’s separate Travelling into 3 categories.

  1. Holiday - Go for pure relaxation. Good hotel, free n easy time. Sleep, chill, not much of move around.
  2. Travel - Relaxation + Side Seeing. 1 or 2 start hotel. Chill with bit of travel around.
  3. Explore - Pure back pack style. Cover as many locations in available time and budget.

 This article is more suitable for travel type 2 and 3. Who are traveling in small group. Less than 6 people.
And with no senior citizens.

Negotiate Travel Package - On The Spot

Most of the time when it comes to travelling or going on a vacation, we want to all the arrangement well prepared before we arrive in out holiday location. This article going to propose the steps to arrive on your holiday location than start to look for your ground package.
Example: tourist guide, transportation, water/sea activity, local theater/performance tickets.

Sounds risky? Whoever with adequate level of risk appetite, this is worth the risk. Why? I personally have traveled few counties in South East Asia. What I found is, the packages from the tour agencies in my home country is always expensive than buying direct with tour organizers in visiting country. Tour agencies MOSTLY are middle Man. Business, this how it works. Middle man gets their cut/income with commission. So we are trying to skip the middle man by buying directly to the tour organizers in the visiting location/country.

The method have been tested & proven in tourist/travelers famous places like Krabi & Phuket.
How to negotiate travel package on the spot?

1) Buy flight ticket
    During airlines promotion time. SAVE MONEY. Example, AirAsia Free Seat, etc.

2) Research all the location
    You are planning to visit. Example, Top 10 Attractions in Phuket.

3) Spot middle & most happening location
     Which is convenient/near to all you place you are planning to visit and within your
     BUDGET. Example, Patong Beach in Phuket

4) Compare Price/Rating of the accommodations
    In the spotted location. Good if accommodation comes with Hotel transfer, both ways
    from Airport. Save transportation cost.
    Note : Book accommodation soon as possible, after Step 1,2,3 as above

5) First day, free & easy
    After arrive in your hotel, rest. And start to walk on the most happening street of your
    location. Example, Patong Beach Road in Phuket.

7) Buy a local SIM

8) Start window shopping
    ASK for same package in all the booths you come across in the street. SAME question
    in ALL the travel booth.
   1) tour guide
   2) transportation
   3) snoorkeling package
   4) Local theater ticket

In the tourist attraction location, easily you will find more than 10 tour package booths. Collect all the info. Sit in a nice chill restaurant facing nice view like beach and compile all your information. It will look something like below. Can write it down or just do mind map through discussions with your buddies.

Bingo, you just found the best deal in town, booth F. Highlighted in yellow. Or if you are good in handling few different tour peoples for few days, than buy your needs in separated booths, highlighted in red.

Below are the photo of me & my friend in finding the best travel package and arrangements in Krabi and Phuket once reach there.
krabi travel package
Krabi, rainy tropical evening. Walking + finding the best deal

phuket travel package
Famous Patong Beach Road, Phuket

Was a good experience. By passing by 4th or 5th booth, we our self have become a travel package experts in Phuket and Krabi. Price and package details was in our finger tips. We even went back and negotiated for a better price.

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Indian Youths : Be A Wise Political Observers During PRU13

Dear Malaysian Youths, especially Malaysian Indian Youths,, this post specially dedicated for you guys. Happy to see the youths who are not interested in politics before but currently showing out most interest in debating about political issues due to nearing PRU 13(13th Malaysia General Election). It is a very healthy phenomena. But this inviting good phenomena are being polluted by young and energetic youth's immature outburst. People who previously does not even know his local DUN or PARLIAMENT member, people who not even know the difference between parliamentary and state seats, now making comments in family, friends, and other gathering, and more most obviously in social media like a well seasoned A-Z politician.

So, we youths does not have rights to voice out our opinion? We as a Malaysian have all the rights to comment and react towards the political issues. Moreover we are Voters. But are we youths going to be irresponsible,  violent, immature group of people as claim by certain Media? Definitely No.

Let the photos do the talking for me:
(Just using the Person/political party as an example.But the message is applicable for all PAKATAN RAKYAT, BN, PAS, DAP, and other Parties)
A small example of unhealthy personal attack towards PARLIAMENTARY seat candidate in social Media.      Can read the more marvellous comment of Thanesh in the link below :                                                                                                                                
PARLIAMENTARY seat candidate can representing BN or MIC. The party which not pleasant by many youths. But how much do we know the person himself/herself personally? Just leave the party they representing to a site for a while, just think how much do we know about the contribution,  scarifies they make personally for the society they belong to? How much do WE contribute to the society so far? Are we eligible to make personal attack towards who already contributing for the society? 
He is a Malaysian Indian, you are an Malaysian Indian ,, Don't Like the party he representing, senang cerita, Undi Parti yang U Suka.. 

Now Lets see the healthy political image try to portray by the current politicians In PRU13:
Fierce rivals in the political battle ground, but still can have cup of coffee. They are acting or not, we don't know. But they still can face each other and sit to gather for a cup tea/coffee.

Source The Star(21/04/2013) : Terasa Wong(DAP) and Nicole Wong(BN) competing for Seputeh parliamentary seat. Shaking hand and quoted the rivalry going to be a "Sisterhood fight in Seputeh".

Ex-Minister Datuk Chua Jui Meng(Pakatan Rakyat) shaking hand with his friend Datuk Seri Dr S Subramaniam during the nomination day. Years back, Datuk Chua during in his BN days campaign for Dr Subra in Segamant house to house, now facing each other in election rivalry. Both quoted  "We are looking forward a healthy and good fight".

Emphasised the chronic diseases of personal attack political game between Indian youths because : Melayu sama Melayu gaduh, boleh bersalam, Cina sama Cina gaduh, boleh berdamai, Kalu India sama India gaduh sampai mati muka pun tak boleh tengok.... Good Friends, Dato Sammy Vello and Dato Panditan divided by different political journey, have meet face to face many times, but only able and talk heart to heart in last moments of Dato Panditan's life in hospital before he past away.

Personal Attack Political approach among Indians, is deadly.... Be a wise political observer and commenter.

Lets don't repeat the past mistake.

Malaysian Indian Statistics

Idea to write this post emerge from one of my conversation with people from my own community. During the discussion, at a point we start discuss about some basic information about Malaysian Indians. Not many who have the knowledge of Information of our own community. First it is important to know the facts, than only we will know what is our real situation, where we are standing now, and are we voicing for in this country.

Especially Malaysian Indian Youths, this is for you.

Malaysians Indians are Malaysian of Indian Origin. In the Indian communities which mostly consist of Tamils, Telugus, and Malayali, Hinduism, followed by several branches of Christianity and Islam, are the main faiths.

15% from overall Malaysian Population in year 1957,  decreased to 8% in 2000 and 7.1% in 2010.
Malaysia have total of 28million population. Today we Malaysia Indians just made 7%(approx. 2 million) .the percentage have drop about 50% since 1957.. approcimately by 2040 our population will be less than 5% and maybe categaried under "lain lain" category.

"Alle koreva iruntalem , sattem perusutan ..."

Language :
Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Hindi, Punjabi

Major Festivals :
Deepavali, Thaipusam, New Years(Tamil, telugu, Malayee, Sikg), Ponggal

 History : When Indians came to Malaysia
1st during Pallava Dynasty (4th century, about 1700 year ago.) That is about 700 years before even Parameswara set his feat in Melaka. 2nd time during Chola Dynastry  (9th century , about 1200 years ago ), that is about 700 years before British conquere just the Pulau Penang. 3rd time,  19th century under Bristish as Labors, Goverment workers, small business. And the rest......We know the story.

"Paravaleiye, muntila nambe allgge periya allutanpa.."

Human Resource :
15.5% Professional(White collar) in the country.
Indians constitute 15.5 percent of professionals in the country.  This includes doctors (28.4%), lawyers (26.8%), dentists (21%), veterinary surgeons (28.5%), engineers (6.4%), accountants (5.8%), surveyors (3.0%) and architects (1.5%).

Despite the 7% of overall population, our 15% contribution in overall professional workforce is something we can proud of.

But 35% Labor in this country are stands from our community, which is considerable high for a community with population just 7%.

Economics :
Sources have confirming , Malaysian Indian are have share less than 1.5% of Malaysia's wealth.

But, about 0.8 is the contribution of big tycoons, we now their name.  Mr.AK, n Mr.T
So, the community of 2 million people, only own 0.7% of the national wealth...

"POTUMA? Ille inum konjem Venuma?"

Source for all the information above : Wikipedia, and google, few hours of gathering Information .

Malaysia 13th General election Date !!

13th General Election/Pilihanraya Umum, going to be on of the important general election in Malaysia's history. The election going to have a significant effect especially on malaysia's future social economy structure. Voters of the 13th general election actually voting for Malaysia's future.

We are standing on the crossroad, which the path will be decide by Malaysians on the coming election.

A significant event, and everyone waiting to know the "Tarikh Pilihanraya umum ke 13". Things are taking place, paving the way and giving the indication of the election date.

The events that indicating how close is the next general election :
  • Dato Seri Anwar Released from all cases .
  • Barisan Nasional already conduct high level seat allocation meeting among the the component party.
  • Primary medias piling the attack on opposition issues especially in Penang, Kedah and Selangor.
  • Weak relationship among PAS, PKR and DAP indications in Pakatan Rakyat
  • RM500 skim bantuan rakyat which get good response
  • Barisan National(UMNO, MCA, DAP, ect), all  low level branch meeting will be completed soon.
  • Barisan National smaller component parties start to flash their presence in primary media channels.
  • Prime Minister and Deputy Prime ministers continues visit to critical election areas meeting the Rakyat.
  • Barisan National continuously having big gathering events nationwide..
  • Re-aligment of controversial laws , "Mansuh Akta ISA"
  • SPR already finalize and invited foreign independent agents who will be observe 13th General election...
  • New laws for cyber world, now the government have the power to arrest any individual be politically sensitive in cyber world
  • Most probably after 2012 London Olympics, because if Malaysia win first gold medal, it can create a very feel good atmosphere among  Malaysians

Any idea of 13th general election from you site? Happy guessing...