Choose You side : 13th General Election

13th general election can take place any time within this or next year. Election is the time where the Rakyat will choose their site, by voting for the political parties. The political parties which they thing had run the country or will run the country by safeguard country's and community's interest.

Common factors considered by the voters before choose a party to vote:
  • Political issue related to party
  • Race sensitivity issue
  • Inflation rate, Price increase, Living cost increase
  • Current country economical situation
  • Relationship between race in Malaysia
  • Influence by the promises by the political party or propaganda

Beside considering the above factors, the voters also need to think of the bigger picture. Is our country basicly there are two political coalition, and each with thier own propaganda.

Barisan National(BN) - Race Base(UMNO, MCA, MIC, etc), run and will run the country base on social contract during Merdeka Pakatan Rakyat(PR) - Plural(PKR, DAP, PAS, etc), paving the way for Malaysian Malaysia

Now we look at the benefit and advantage of voting for the BN or PR:
  • Have 50 years experience running the country
  • Have many infrastructural plan for country(MRT, Bullet Train, Penang 2nd bridge, highways, etc)
  • Well seasoned in handling racial issues
  • Strong coalition, UMNO, MCA, MIC, etc
  • Have good experience handle economy crisis
  • Well experienced leaders are readily available at all level. Trained by the previous and current leaders
  • Suitable for voters who love current social structure

  • Have 4 years experience running few states in the country
  • Vibrant leaders with new ideas for nation
  • Young leaders from professional background(Lawyer, economist)
  • Possibility for correcting the lagging happen in national wealth and political structure happen since last 50 years
  • Suitable for voters who eager for Malaysian Malaysia.
CONS : I am not going to point out about it, not having idea to getting into trouble :D

The choice is between be in current safe zone, enjoy watever we having now OR Step out and take the risk to re-shape the nation.



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