Amanah Saham 1 Malaysia

Amanah Saham 1 Malaysia, or 1 Malaysia Unit Trust announced by our prime minister Dato Seri Najib 20 days ago as his gift for Malaysians as his 100th day as prime minister of Malaysia. Amanah saham 1 Malaysia will be distributed by Permodalan National Berhad(PNB).

Today 31st Julai, Prime Minister again confirmed amnah saham 1 Malaysia available for public staring coming Wednesday, 5th August. 100 unit of Amanah Saham 1 Malaysia will be awarded to all 50,000 standard one students worth of 5 million. 10 billion unit, biggest ever unit trust until now in Malaysia. Out of 10 billion unit 50% allocated for bumiputra, 30% for chinese, 15% for indians, and 5% lain lain.

Permodalan National Berhad(PNB) announce, RM 10 billion which will be collected from the sales of amanah saham satu malaysia will be invested in local multinational companies. It been estimated 3.7% - 4% interest will distributed annually. Compare to Amanah Saham Malaysia , this interest rate is low, where in ASM we will give 6% - 7% interest.

In my point of view, our prime minister approaching the aid of the citizens in lifting countries economy. On of the way is this unit trusts, billions of ringgit malaysia gained from Amanah Saham Malaysia and Amanah Saham 1 Malaysia sure will able to inject our country's economy. All we need is proper economic planning and implementation.

Whoever unable to get their hand on Amanah saham Malaysia, now you get a second chance via Amanah Saham 1 Malaysia. Good luck my dear readers.

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We Are Worst Than Racist

"We Are Worst Than Racist" definition, "We" i mean here are Malaysian TAMILS. "Racist" prejudiced belief that one race is superior to others(directory).

This is sensitive,hot and huge topic, and i must careful with each and every word im typing here, and i don't know where to start from. I wanted to write this article as a self reflection after read some hot issues regarding Malaysian Indian Sub-ethnics.

In our parents era we can see some clear trades among various Indian ethcnics( Tamil, Telugu, Malayalee). even nowadays a can see some uncles mix more with his co-ehnic friends. I thought all this will come to a end when we young educated Malaysian Indian generation comes up. But i think by assumption are wrong. More we educated and IT savvy, the worst the ties among us especially Malaysian Indian Youths.

Who are responsible for this issue? you , me , they , NO. Malayaisan Indians especially Malaysian Tamils who are majority among other sub ethics Of Malaysian Indians. Oh yes, Malaysian Tamils have this misinterpretation the meaning of "Tamilan", we think tamilan reflects the whole Malaysian Indian community, you admit or not that how we think in our daily live all this time.

Exmple 1 :
Person A : Yare Angge accident anna, chinene malaykarena tamilala?
Person B : yaro ore tamilale , on the spot out.

Example 2 :
Person A : Anthe puthe kadei yarode, chinene ille tamelena?
Person B : Yaro ore tamilalela buka paninekare.

At both of the situation up there, are the dialogs we hear often. Person A and B talking about a tamilan or malayale or telegu. Not their fault, because we trained to be assume all Malaysian Indians are Tamils. Another reason Malaysian tamils are majority compare other Malaysian Indian sub ethnic , causes us assume All Malaysian Indians are Tamils. Thats good, but it also can be a discrimination.

HOW ? How do you feel if Malays in this country assume all Malaysians are just Malay, because Malays are majority in this country. No more tamils schools, all Malay schools. No more tamil way costumes, wedding, cultural events. HOW DO YOU WILL FEEL my dear TAMILS ? This what we doing to our dearest Malayales and telugu who are part of our root, INDIANS.

"WE" are worst than racist. First of all Tamil, Malayalem, and Telugu not even a race. We all just , i mean just ethnics. If WE condem Malay or chinese , than we are categorized as racist. If a tamil condem malayalee, it worst than racist , what we call it, i don't know , maybe "Ethinist". We pray same god, go to same temple, having almost same wedding ceremony, celebrate deepavali, wear same traditional costume, share same norm and values, only thing differentiated us is LANGUAGE. And we willing to sanctifies all this valuable things and having prejudice on each other just to up hold the LANGUAGE. Not a balance or good trade i think.

"WE" tamils pun satu, we soo arrogant and do not want to admit that we are lacking in many areas. If people talk bad about us we will start jump and shout. Why not we take that as a lesson and change our self. You change your self the community will change by itself. We are key south indian ethnic, we have problem whole south Indians will have problem, , haha. In Malaysia, we have already have 7 political party to represent just 7% of Indians. Now we being Ethinist,lol, and make situation worse.

I been read in comments people got say "i never mean fail to get good education", "mix with other race", "never been fail to support my family with good income". But my dear Malaysian Indians, we never been fail to be great tamilan malayalee or telugu , but we always FAIL TO BE a united Malaysian Indians.

Uncle Sam’s Young Regime

Malaysian Indian Congress(MIC) one of the oldest political party in Malaysia, is being a solid regime of Uncle Sam(you know who) since last 3 decades. Issue again issue, unlcle sam still indestructible. But no one can escape nature, uncle sam realize of his age and need for a loyal replacement.

Easy example, like a football team. When the current players getting old, the team will re-brand his image with new talents. But in MIC the replacement trying to me made by not TALENT but FAMILY ROOT.

(click on the image to enlarge it)

Most probably S Vell Paari will contest for vice-president of MIC, T.Mohan will defend his position as MIC Youth President and S.P. Muthu Veloo will go for MIC Youth president in August and September MIC National election.

Not fair if we talk bad when a political leader's sons or relative involve in politics. Because since young they, the sons see their father being a politician and automatically the son also will start to have interest on politic when they grow up.

At the same time it is not fair to bring in leader's son or relative in politics using the leader's plus points. And it is easy because the leader already establish, got followers and got influence. Moreover it more easy in MIC , because it is regime of “YES Dato Seri”.

Time changing, peoples mentality changing, hope this will bring new hope in Malaysian Indian Political arena.

Raaga Radio Awards 2009

Venue : Palace Of the Golden Horses, MINES Kuala Lumpur
Date : 10th October 2009(Saturday)
Time : 6.30pm(Malaysian timing, lol)
Dress : Formal
Theme : Gold & Glamour

Raaga Radio Awards, organized by THR Raaga and Magnum Corporation, is a listeners’ choice award show that showcases and honors Malaysia’s most popular Tamil artists and songs. This is a 100% listeners' choice awards where only the highest voted artist will win for each category.

It will be a
star-studded fund raising dinner event that will benefit Tamil schools. Help THR and Magnum's compassionate efforts while entertained by lively music, colourful performances and presentation of the awards. Each 10-seated table can be purchased at RM3,500 and all proceeds will be channeled to the selected Tamil schools.

5 categories to choose from:

· Popular Artiste of the Year
· Popular Album of the Year
· Popular Collaboration/Duo/Group of the Year
· Popular Song of the Year
· Popular Live Performer of the Year

and get the name of the nominees and way to vote this categories at Raaga Radio Awards 2009 official website.

Time to award Malaysian Indian artists who doing quite well since last few years, lets do it.

Malaysia vs Manchester United Friendly : Rematch

Manchester United will play a second match against a Malaysia XI in Kuala Lumpur on Monday and this time at 8.45pm at not 5.30pm like the first match.

The terrorist attack in Jakarta on Friday at Ritz-Carlton and Marriott hotels forced the Red Devils to postpone a planned trip to Indonesia and, although efforts were made to relocate that fixture, ultimately it has proved impossible because based on police report… their actual target is Manchester United squad!!

If you are interested to watch the second match between Malaysia and Manutd, you can start buy the ticket at stadium counter starting Sunday afternoon and this more RM98 and RM68 tickets!! Only RM58 for all seats except Grandstand tickets that remains at RM308.

Tickets can be purchased from ticket counters from Sunday onwards, starting at 12 noon, he said.

2000 student tickets priced at RM28 (normal price RM68) will be available only at Ticketpro HQ( Kelana Jaya).

What I Can Do With RM100

"What I Can Do With RM100" is a title in my mind for very long time. These article targeted for local and international visitors. And written on my limited knowledge and experience. Can use currency converter to convert (Malaysian Ringgit)RM100 to your home country's currency.

I can think few ways to USE these small amount of money, not keep(safe). There are few ways, like investment, purchase, entertainment, and donation.

- I can buy a small share of new Amanah Saham Malaysia, dividend not less than 6% annually.
- Buy a TM hostpot(RM15/month), and share with friends. Share with 5, charge RM4 from each per month. Total RM20, income RM5/month. Annual income RM60.

- Can try my luck in HYIP(High Yield Investment Program), which the risk is very high.
- Buy wonderful domain name, and wait until people buy it from me for good price.
- If i have a website, subscribe google adwords to increase by website traffic.
- Online gambling, which again the risk is high.
- Forex, buy a very small amount of currency to try forex skill.

- Can go cybercafe with friends, play counter strike. RM5/hour. So i can do it for 20 weeks.
- Clubbing, share money with friends. RM100/each. Four friends, RM400. Can go for a very good club and enjoy a Good whisky.
- Go Genting. Entertainment plus Gambling. Fortunate enough mean can come back with extra money.
- Can go for movie + bowling . (Movie+Bowling)/per time = RM 50 . So can do the activity twice with RM100.

- Can subscribe to internet TV, Internet EPL channel, online news channel,and xyz channel, lol.
- MORE .... no idea.

- Buy whatever you want below RM100. Like for me,..... oic, why everything above RM100, lol.

- No IDEA ....

- House to house temple donation collection, RM5/each time. Can donate 20 times.
- Charity concert, RM10/each ticket. Can buy 10 tickets.
- Car wash charity for war victims, RM20/each wash. Can wash 5 times.

- can donate for WWF(World Wildlife Fund) - "Save Our Turtles" Campaign = RM100.
- Sri Lanka war victim funds
- UNESCO - education for poor country citizen .

How do you will go about with your RM100 ?

Ever-Changing Malaysian Education System

Malaysian education system, a confusion. Bahasa Melayu or English. Evertime the leader change, the Malaysian Education's primary language changes. Expect during Tun Badawi's time. Like Malaysian government agencies policies, our education system also never been in consistent state.

After independence, country have Malay and Englsih medium schools. In 1970's when Dr.Mahathir as Education Minister that time, "Martabatkan Bahasa Melayu" by announce Bahasa Melayu as primary education language in Malaysia. Dr.Mahahir during finale days as prime minister of Malaysia, switch back Malaysian education system to English medium. Now our current prime minister change back the English medium to Bahasa Melayu starting 2012.

We know how good or level of Malaysian education system. Any system not only education system, need to be consistent to maintain and enhance its quality. Ever-changing technology is great, when it comes to education system is bad.

Student's performance drop under English medium, true. But give the system to prove its worth. Students score drop is temporary, but the benefit from English medium is not temporary. Maths and Saints in English, encourage parents send their kids more to "Sekolah Jenis Kebangasaan". Reason, they will learn same standard of maths and saints as "Sekolah Kebangassan" at same time learn their mother tongue language. But now, things will turn around.

These are the surface effect, there are more deeper effect in term of budget, management, competitiveness need to be face by the government. Conclusion, switching the primary language of nation education system will bring very bad effect to government and citizen in long run.