Bleedy Sri Lankan Government

I mean it, i can't hold the statement in the title, after i saw local Malaysian TV flash the news , stating that Prabagaran(LTTE) leader been killed by the Sri Lankan Soldiers.

25 years, north Sri Lanka govern by LTTE, Sri Lankan government cannot even enter that area. Today, with thousands of Sri Lankan Tamils been killed and LTTE been destroyed. YES, LTTE is militant group. But how many of you know why LTTE been formed first of all. Protect helpless Sri Lanka tamils from the discrimination of bleedy Sri Lankan government. How many of you know that north of the Sri Lanka is the origin place of Sri Lanka tamils before independence and taken away from by the Sri Lankan government by the name of Constitution.

International governments, USA, and UN just keep on ask the
Mahinda Rajapaksa's government to stop the war. What i can say is , it is just the political play. The Vato countries, UN can do many resolution to stop send food , oil , and etc to the countries like North Korea, Iran even thou they not killing people. Why not they do the same to Sri Lanka? Thats why im saying what the world country do all this time , just a political tie eye . And Norway government as UN's represent as peacekeeper in Sri Lanka, you the biggest looser.

Another biggest joke and complote, India, haha ,lol. Help Sri Lankan government, than request to stop war ONCE, just to satisfy, Indian's minority "TAMILNADU". Again , asame of Tamilnadu peoples. You know, thousand of Tamils being killed in Sri Lanka, and Congres doing nothing about it, yet you all useless voters go and vote for congress. Than claim Tamilnadu as the motherhood of world tamils. Is like you kill your children, than claim your self as the greatest mom, bleedy ........

Last of all, Prabagaran you the man, 25 years of Sri Lankan Tamil's Savior. I hope the news flashed in local TV not true. You a hero, and not deserved a death like this.

To my loyal readers, i write this article just in flow , not structured , hard to understand for some. But this is a article from frustrated man on bleedy Sri Lankan
Mahinda Rajapaksa's government......

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Slowly Weakening : Uncle Sam's Regime

Uncle Sam ? regime ? To those who asking this kind of questions, please read my previous post below, "Head of MIC for 3 Decades : Whose Fault ?". How this possible ? strong political regime since last three decades, start to weakening , impossible!!

It is possible... In the democratic politic system , election is the key. Whoever living within this system must go through this election. Most of us know , i think so , MIC( one of the Malaysian Indian base political party ) going to face its nation election. Where uncle sam already been chosen as president of MIC for another 4 years , because no one qualified for compete againts him , base on the parties rule and regulation. Dato Muthuplaniyapan, not enough nomination to compete for MIC president post. See, uncle sam's regime still strong.

YES it is and uncle Sam still strong, but.... only externally. Only for the eyes of the normal citizens like most of us. Most of you don't know that, MIC division election just finished last week. Division is the grass root leadership level of MIC. It also can be said as the basement of the Uncle Sam's strong regime. IF you have the opportunity, go through the Malaysian tamil papers from last few days. Many new faces, overcome the Uncle Sam blessed grass root leaders.

How it works.... the MIC division election. Every time MIC division election season, uncle sam blessed division chairman , will set up a line up for all the post in that particular division . From MIC devision president, vice-president, deputy president till the AJKs. Previously , this uncle sam blessed line up will win without contest or win easily. Loose not in the dictionary of the uncle sam blessed line up, unless got any serious corruption or discipline problem. BUT , what happen this time , in many division MIC election was , this line up, uncle sam blessed line up struggle to win or loose to the new line up, mostly stand from new faces, anti-uncle sam, young, and willing to face the the regime of uncle sam with all cost . Even thou this new line up knows that, contest against uncle sam blessed line up equals to end of political carrier, but they dare to face it. This time, things change, sentiments in the party changed, atmosphere in the party is different, and this lead to the victory of the new line up. But the down part is, there are few true and hardworking grass root MIC leaders in the uncle sam blessed line up, defeated also.

How this can symbolise , weakening of the three decade uncle sam MIC regime? Division election, is the grass root election, mirrors the future of the MIC. Technically and practically, people or MIC leaders who win in the division level , is the person who will contest in the election in the state and national level in the future or can be said as near future. So there is big chance , changes in the grass root level, can evaporate to the higher level and destroy the "Uncle sam's three decades of MIC regime".

To whoever can't understand the complexity of the facts in this article, it time to make it understand. It just not enough talk about a race improvement, we also must able to think critical facts. And if you think my english is bad, im sorry....