Head of MIC for 3 Decades : Whose Fault ?

All my articles, first paragraph allocated for the title definition and explanation. No difference this time either. Who is head of MIC since last three decade ? I no need answer, but you already know the name of that famous man, you admit or not : Dato Seri Samy Vello. Why suddenly I'm talking about this topic, actually not suddently , this topic in my mind since very long time already. We can ask this question in another interesting angle : "Dato Seri Samy in power for 3 decades, is that because of his ability or disability of Malaysian Indian Community?"

A politician being president of a political party for thirty years, not a easy job at all. As a normal citizens we barely don't know the strangle and barriers faced by a politician to win a post. Even the pressure when holding small post is very high. Imagine the pressure and barriers face by one single man since last 30 years, yet he manage to sustain the post as a president of that party. He faced many problems , listed from ethical issue to financial issue. Can be said there is no issue he never been faced in his political carrier and as the president of that political party. After thirty years, group of people in his party started to not giving him full support, yet he still manage to hold the post as the president of the party quite comfortably. Is that a great, outstanding achievement? He build good relationship with leaders with other races, build strong regime internally. Build army of soldiers with "YES DATO SERI" mentality. He become immortal within his party in 30 years time.

On the other hand, 30 years back , a community get a good, young ,and vibrant leader taking charge as the president of the party which representing their community. Days weeks months , and few years past by, and the same community feel they becoming weak. Finally they realise the president once they say as great leader become less vibrant in voicing out the community's needs. Worse the the president start to involve with many issues. Sacking the deputy president as he want, fail to manage the money invested by community he represent all this time, and so on. Many leaders from the community start to appear as the saviour of the community. But the community fail to realize that , the same saviors later will lead to destroy of unity within the community. Many issues appeared: not enough seat in public universities, not enough support to start own business, temple demolishing. Now the community awake, fill with knowledge. They use their full strength to destroy the regime built by the president since last thirty years.

BUT, sad...... the community fail to achieve want they wanted. Why ?? In this thirty years , this community went through age or era which make them weak internally caused by many factors. Lack of unity , caused by to many saviors from one small community. Mentality of the majority members of the community , just will discuss like a hero about the problem of the community in front of the TV and Stalls , but fail to do their part to save the community. Reason "namekeyenda ithe tevve illate vellei (tamil language)", but only talk like a big hero. Heavy migration of the educated members of the community to other countries. Rather than go there and help back the community in the origin country. Members of the community who migrate , tend to migrate and forget. Weak religious education and temple functions worsen the level of unity in this community. Now they helpless and too weak to change their own leader and the saviors having their own problem.

Hence , being president of MIC for 3 Decades : Ability of Dato Seri Samy Vello or disability of the Community Itself ?

PM announces New Malaysian Cabinet Members

April 9th 2009 3pm : Prime Minister, Dato Seri Mohd Najib announced new cabinet Members of Malaysia.PM started up with a speech approximately for 20 minutes.

PM says(summary): this new cabinet will indicate the transformation of political change in Malaysia. Era government in full power is over and this new cabinet is people oriented. We need support from all citizens from all walk of life especially youngsters to achieve the dream of the country.

Than PM announce the list of new Malaysian Cabinet Members. Below is my(townguy) own point of view towards New Malaysian Cabinet Members:

Kementerian Dalam negeri(Internal fair Ministry), which can be said as a hot seat. This is because previously minister who head this ministry always related with relegation about many sensitive issues like ISA, ethinic problems and so on . Today, Dato Seri Hishhamuddin been given chance to sit this hot seat. I think this is one of the best move by our new prime minister.

Dato Seri Muhiddin yasin, as most of us know , OFFICIALLY appointed as new Deputy Prime Minister. Dato Mukiriz Mahathir, son of Tun Mahathir(Malaysia's 4th PM) is the deputy minister in Malaysian International Trade Ministry. This indicateds the influence of TUN Mahathir is still strong , and TUN's wide knowledge in international trade will be utilized via his son , Dato Mukriz.

There is no change in number of Representative from component parties like MCA and MIC in the new cabinet.

Good Luck for the new cabinet members in full filling their tasks as ministers and deputy ministers , and reclaim the the belief of the Malaysian citizens, If possible.

source: TV1, TV3 , Malaysiakini.com

Utusan Rasmi Perdana Menteri KE-6

Title in Malay(one of Malysian's primary language), because i think it suitable write this article in Malay = Bahasa Melayu .

Utusan Rasmi Perdana Menteri KE-6, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak disiarkan di semua television am Malaysia. Ucapanya, melingkunggi isu-isu semasa seperti:
  • Krisis economy
  • Perpaduan Kaum
Tetapi, tiga pengemumanye memang mencuri tumpuan dan ishyaratnye kepada orang bukan melayu dan pengundi-pengundi bukan melayu:
  • 16 tahanan ISA akan dibebaskan serta merta (termasuk mr.uthaya? )
  • 2 surat khabar yang dilarang , laranganye ditarik serta merta
  • Kajian semula terhadap dasar ISA akan dimulakan
Tiga pengemuman yang memang menarik , so we wait and see, cakap orang melayu , tunggu dan lihat. Terime kasih kepada Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, dan Selamat maju jaya kepada Datuk Seri Najib.