Malaysian Indian Statistics

Idea to write this post emerge from one of my conversation with people from my own community. During the discussion, at a point we start discuss about some basic information about Malaysian Indians. Not many who have the knowledge of Information of our own community. First it is important to know the facts, than only we will know what is our real situation, where we are standing now, and are we voicing for in this country.

Especially Malaysian Indian Youths, this is for you.

Malaysians Indians are Malaysian of Indian Origin. In the Indian communities which mostly consist of Tamils, Telugus, and Malayali, Hinduism, followed by several branches of Christianity and Islam, are the main faiths.

15% from overall Malaysian Population in year 1957,  decreased to 8% in 2000 and 7.1% in 2010.
Malaysia have total of 28million population. Today we Malaysia Indians just made 7%(approx. 2 million) .the percentage have drop about 50% since 1957.. approcimately by 2040 our population will be less than 5% and maybe categaried under "lain lain" category.

"Alle koreva iruntalem , sattem perusutan ..."

Language :
Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Hindi, Punjabi

Major Festivals :
Deepavali, Thaipusam, New Years(Tamil, telugu, Malayee, Sikg), Ponggal

 History : When Indians came to Malaysia
1st during Pallava Dynasty (4th century, about 1700 year ago.) That is about 700 years before even Parameswara set his feat in Melaka. 2nd time during Chola Dynastry  (9th century , about 1200 years ago ), that is about 700 years before British conquere just the Pulau Penang. 3rd time,  19th century under Bristish as Labors, Goverment workers, small business. And the rest......We know the story.

"Paravaleiye, muntila nambe allgge periya allutanpa.."

Human Resource :
15.5% Professional(White collar) in the country.
Indians constitute 15.5 percent of professionals in the country.  This includes doctors (28.4%), lawyers (26.8%), dentists (21%), veterinary surgeons (28.5%), engineers (6.4%), accountants (5.8%), surveyors (3.0%) and architects (1.5%).

Despite the 7% of overall population, our 15% contribution in overall professional workforce is something we can proud of.

But 35% Labor in this country are stands from our community, which is considerable high for a community with population just 7%.

Economics :
Sources have confirming , Malaysian Indian are have share less than 1.5% of Malaysia's wealth.

But, about 0.8 is the contribution of big tycoons, we now their name.  Mr.AK, n Mr.T
So, the community of 2 million people, only own 0.7% of the national wealth...

"POTUMA? Ille inum konjem Venuma?"

Source for all the information above : Wikipedia, and google, few hours of gathering Information .