Malaysian Indian Statistics

Idea to write this post emerge from one of my conversation with people from my own community. During the discussion, at a point we start discuss about some basic information about Malaysian Indians. Not many who have the knowledge of Information of our own community. First it is important to know the facts, than only we will know what is our real situation, where we are standing now, and are we voicing for in this country.

Especially Malaysian Indian Youths, this is for you.

Malaysians Indians are Malaysian of Indian Origin. In the Indian communities which mostly consist of Tamils, Telugus, and Malayali, Hinduism, followed by several branches of Christianity and Islam, are the main faiths.

15% from overall Malaysian Population in year 1957,  decreased to 8% in 2000 and 7.1% in 2010.
Malaysia have total of 28million population. Today we Malaysia Indians just made 7%(approx. 2 million) .the percentage have drop about 50% since 1957.. approcimately by 2040 our population will be less than 5% and maybe categaried under "lain lain" category.

"Alle koreva iruntalem , sattem perusutan ..."

Language :
Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Hindi, Punjabi

Major Festivals :
Deepavali, Thaipusam, New Years(Tamil, telugu, Malayee, Sikg), Ponggal

 History : When Indians came to Malaysia
1st during Pallava Dynasty (4th century, about 1700 year ago.) That is about 700 years before even Parameswara set his feat in Melaka. 2nd time during Chola Dynastry  (9th century , about 1200 years ago ), that is about 700 years before British conquere just the Pulau Penang. 3rd time,  19th century under Bristish as Labors, Goverment workers, small business. And the rest......We know the story.

"Paravaleiye, muntila nambe allgge periya allutanpa.."

Human Resource :
15.5% Professional(White collar) in the country.
Indians constitute 15.5 percent of professionals in the country.  This includes doctors (28.4%), lawyers (26.8%), dentists (21%), veterinary surgeons (28.5%), engineers (6.4%), accountants (5.8%), surveyors (3.0%) and architects (1.5%).

Despite the 7% of overall population, our 15% contribution in overall professional workforce is something we can proud of.

But 35% Labor in this country are stands from our community, which is considerable high for a community with population just 7%.

Economics :
Sources have confirming , Malaysian Indian are have share less than 1.5% of Malaysia's wealth.

But, about 0.8 is the contribution of big tycoons, we now their name.  Mr.AK, n Mr.T
So, the community of 2 million people, only own 0.7% of the national wealth...

"POTUMA? Ille inum konjem Venuma?"

Source for all the information above : Wikipedia, and google, few hours of gathering Information .

Malaysia 13th General election Date !!

13th General Election/Pilihanraya Umum, going to be on of the important general election in Malaysia's history. The election going to have a significant effect especially on malaysia's future social economy structure. Voters of the 13th general election actually voting for Malaysia's future.

We are standing on the crossroad, which the path will be decide by Malaysians on the coming election.

A significant event, and everyone waiting to know the "Tarikh Pilihanraya umum ke 13". Things are taking place, paving the way and giving the indication of the election date.

The events that indicating how close is the next general election :
  • Dato Seri Anwar Released from all cases .
  • Barisan Nasional already conduct high level seat allocation meeting among the the component party.
  • Primary medias piling the attack on opposition issues especially in Penang, Kedah and Selangor.
  • Weak relationship among PAS, PKR and DAP indications in Pakatan Rakyat
  • RM500 skim bantuan rakyat which get good response
  • Barisan National(UMNO, MCA, DAP, ect), all  low level branch meeting will be completed soon.
  • Barisan National smaller component parties start to flash their presence in primary media channels.
  • Prime Minister and Deputy Prime ministers continues visit to critical election areas meeting the Rakyat.
  • Barisan National continuously having big gathering events nationwide..
  • Re-aligment of controversial laws , "Mansuh Akta ISA"
  • SPR already finalize and invited foreign independent agents who will be observe 13th General election...
  • New laws for cyber world, now the government have the power to arrest any individual be politically sensitive in cyber world
  • Most probably after 2012 London Olympics, because if Malaysia win first gold medal, it can create a very feel good atmosphere among  Malaysians

Any idea of 13th general election from you site? Happy guessing...

Choose You side : 13th General Election

13th general election can take place any time within this or next year. Election is the time where the Rakyat will choose their site, by voting for the political parties. The political parties which they thing had run the country or will run the country by safeguard country's and community's interest.

Common factors considered by the voters before choose a party to vote:
  • Political issue related to party
  • Race sensitivity issue
  • Inflation rate, Price increase, Living cost increase
  • Current country economical situation
  • Relationship between race in Malaysia
  • Influence by the promises by the political party or propaganda

Beside considering the above factors, the voters also need to think of the bigger picture. Is our country basicly there are two political coalition, and each with thier own propaganda.

Barisan National(BN) - Race Base(UMNO, MCA, MIC, etc), run and will run the country base on social contract during Merdeka Pakatan Rakyat(PR) - Plural(PKR, DAP, PAS, etc), paving the way for Malaysian Malaysia

Now we look at the benefit and advantage of voting for the BN or PR:
  • Have 50 years experience running the country
  • Have many infrastructural plan for country(MRT, Bullet Train, Penang 2nd bridge, highways, etc)
  • Well seasoned in handling racial issues
  • Strong coalition, UMNO, MCA, MIC, etc
  • Have good experience handle economy crisis
  • Well experienced leaders are readily available at all level. Trained by the previous and current leaders
  • Suitable for voters who love current social structure

  • Have 4 years experience running few states in the country
  • Vibrant leaders with new ideas for nation
  • Young leaders from professional background(Lawyer, economist)
  • Possibility for correcting the lagging happen in national wealth and political structure happen since last 50 years
  • Suitable for voters who eager for Malaysian Malaysia.
CONS : I am not going to point out about it, not having idea to getting into trouble :D

The choice is between be in current safe zone, enjoy watever we having now OR Step out and take the risk to re-shape the nation.


13th General Election : Favouring Events

Elections is when the citizens voice their rights in the form of vote. The voting influence by many occurred and occurring events. Lets see the significant events which took place in the country since last few years which can favor or against the competing political party in upcoming 13 general election.

Events Favor Ruling Coalition(UMNA, MCA, MIC, etc)
  • Sodomy case on opposition leader(image damage)
  • Inappropriate act video release
  • Oppositions Fail to take over Putrajaya(by Sep 2010) as mention
  • Perak take over by BN, betrayed opposition MPs. Rakyat will loose trust on oppostion MPs
  • Felda bankruptcy issue, unable be proven by opposition
  • Big hit of 1Malaysia slogan among rakyat, especially among low income, Mid-above age group, veterans.
  • Dato Seri Najib's ability to handle bumiputra's an non-bumiputra's sensitivity and interest related issue.
  • Introduction of 1Malaysia grocery and restorens, re-branding plan under 1Malaysia fund
  • Significant fund allocation for non-malay school development and renewal
  • Approve grand to build 8 new tamil primary schools nationwide.
  • Handle oil price increase issue diligently. Removal of government subsidy, introduction of oil price floating base on market price + partial goverbment subsidy.
  • Frequent Propaganda clash within opposition coalition ( DAP Vs PAS )
  • More transparent, and streamlined government scholarship award for student after SPM.
  • Key opposition leader resign/sack due to clash with party leadership, example in PAS
  • Government incentives : RM500 rebate, family below RM 3k, book voucher for collage students,etc.

Events Favour Opposition Coalition(Keadilan, DAP, PAS, etc)
  • Dato Seri Anwar release from all of his law suits
  • Data Seri Anwar's natural energetic speech to attract voters emotional attention
  • Increasing number of fresh/new voters PRO REFORMASI
  • Controversial racial book in Secondary SPM Bahasa Melayu syllabus
  • Keadilan & PAS MPs turn to independent MPs in Perak, until, oppositions loose the state to ruling coalition(BN)
  • Political secretary killed in Anti-corruption office
  • Water rebate in Selangor
  • Senior citizen kebajikan in Selangor
  • Ex-Selangor MB Khir's corruption case
  • Rakyat's believe they need to be provided with cheap oil and sugar
  • Increasing demand of non-malays for more interest
  • Kepala Lembu incident in Shah Alam
  • Strong presence and influence of opposition leader in New media(facebook, websites, Blogs)

Public's memory is short. By now , many Malaysians already forgot most of the incident mentioned above. If they still remember and the impact to their society and nation, definitely the above events going to make the upcoming Malaysia's 13th general election very interesting.

Summary : Amanah Saham 1malaysia Sara

Our prime minister, YAB Dato' Sri Haji Mohd Najib has launched the Skim Amanah Rakyat 1Malaysia (SARA 1Malaysia) on 12th January 2012. This was previously informed in 2012 Budget in parliament last year. 100,000 households(palabur) with income not exceeded(tidak melebihi) RM3000 per month(gaji sebulan) expected to be benefit from this program.

Provider : Malaysian Development Holdings Sdn Bhd

Eligibility :
1). Malaysians aged between 18 and 58 years old
2). Gross household income of between RM500 and RM3,000
3). Applicants must not be declared bankrupt throughout the loan funding period
4). Any other terms set by the banks

Return :
Invest Own RM5000
RM 133(dividend per month) X 12(month) = RM1596 per year
RM 1596 x 5(year) = RM7980 profit (RM 7980) + ur capital (RM5000) = RM12980(Total Return)

Invest From Bank Loan RM5000
RM133(dividend per month - RM83(bank loan deduction) = RM50(income per month)
RM 50 X 12(month) = RM600 per year
RM 600 x 5(years) = RM3000Profit (RM 3000) + capital (RM5000) = RM8000(Total Return)

Get(Dapatkan) The Application Form(Borang Pendaftaran) from:
Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN), Malayan Banking Berhad, CIMB Bank Berhad dan RHB Bank Berhad.

Loan Providers:
Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN), Malayan Banking Berhad, CIMB Bank Berhad dan RHB Bank Berhad.

Amanah Saham 1Malaysia Release Date:
Jan 30 2012

Good Luck, thank you for the government.

13th National General Election - Scenario

Dear readers and followers, as we can see in the daily news and current nations political moves clearly indicating its preparation for the 13th National General Election. Last election is the worse for the ruling Barisan National(BN) and best for the sudden opposition coalition of Pakatan Rakyat(PR).

As a political observer, in my own point of view the next general election will be a do or die for the opposition coalitions and do or struggle for the ruling coalition.

The ruling coalition(BN), need to win back the seats they loose in the 12th national general election and gain real majority. This is important to make sure they can run the country and create new policies with minimal interruption. If they fail to do so, the opposition will have the chance to strengthen their influence and create strong holds in the parliament and state assembly seats which is currently under them. In 14th(approximately in 2016) general election the Barisan National will have very hard time to win back this seats. At the same time the ruling coalition need to find ways to curb the raging influence of opposition coalition especially among the youths(increasing number of new voters).

The opposition coalition(PR), first they need to hold on the seats they win in the 12th national general election. BN already start to work and align strategy to win back the areas/seats they lost to oppositions, straight away after the 12th national general election(year 2008). Now the challenge in the opposition coalition's door step, to keep the seats they win in the 12th national general election. The threat comes in monetary, media coverage, and national & local issues. The opposition leaders need to find ways to handle all this threat to maintain the parliament and state assembly seats. If the opposition coalition able to handle the 1st situation, than they can steadily strive forward the next goal, gain simple majority. The opposition need to find ways to win more seats/areas to get them at least a simple majority to become ruling party. By failing to do so, the ruling coalition can utilize the upcoming four or five years until the 14th national general election to minimize or distract the influence of PR in the country.

Influence = politics = political party, No Influence mean no political party.

What is your opinion about our country's 13th National General Election?
Looking forward to write more in detail of upcoming 13th national general election in the next post :

  1. Events that makes the 13th General Election More Interesting

  2. Choose Your Site : 13th General Election

Stay tune....