SPM Result Advice

Hi my dear blog readers,been months i last update this blog. But now im back. I really miss the blogging world and my dear Malaysian Indian Bloggers.

To our topic today. First of all congratulation to all who got their 2010 SPM recently.
No matter you got a very good result, just average or bad, each of you have a bright future. Especially Malaysian Indian Youth, now many government and non-government groups are down and running to help you guyz and girls.

First empower your self with the helps and advice available to you. To whom already decide their ambition the path is clear cut. But to those who still numbering your choice, this is the rite time get a good advice from right person/group.

Today(27th Mar 2011) while watching a discussion program in TV2 namely "Vasantham", collected the following contact details who currently giving advice to students with SPM results. Who are still in confusion to which course to choose, or how to apply for public universities.

He are the details:

Contact them soon as possible if need help. The closing date for public university application 4th April 2011.
The help is here, so my dear fellow student now it is up to utilize it or not not.

Good Luck :)