Slumdog Millionaire Movie Review

This Slumdog Millionaire review is from Malaysia . Just yesterday i post about this movie and search for links to watch Slumdog Millionaire because it not been release in Malaysia yet . Today i went to Mid Valley to buy some stuff . I accidentally , poster of this movie catch my eyes stating , Slumdog Millionaire is NOW SHOWING in GSC Mid Valley ... hehe , than what , i rush to the GSC counter and bought nearest next show .

Slumdog Millionaire Movie Review :

........... , that dots represent i late for this movie by 5 minutes , lol . The movie starts with the hero of this movie, Slumdog Millionaire being torture in a police station , police ask him to tell the cheating or any other technique the hero used to win 10 million rupees .Why ??, the hero just a slum dog , office boy , and how the hell he got the knowledge to answer all the questions of "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire". And after that , almost 80% of the movie covers the flash back of the hero , his brother and hero's sweet heart since childhood until he enter the "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" show . The summary is , hero of Slumdog Millionaire able to answer most of the question by his own personal life experience . "Is this luck or written ?" That's the famous words of this movie . Slumdog Millionaire shows the real living experience in Slums of Mumbai (India). Beside that , this movie also show the audience the meaning of true love , how ? Is a guy will accept a girl after she loose her virginity to many guys , several time ?? But the hero Millionaire will do . I think reason of this movie getting big
of Slumdogboikot in India because the story line against some basic rules of Indian Movie industry . Slumdog Millionaire proofing that , audience like to watch real live experience rather that fictional and ferry tail in the cinemas .
Hope you all enjoy the review of Slumdog Millionaire Movie.

My personal rating for this movie : 8/10 .

Slumdog Millionaire

Slumdog Millionaire , is a movie , most of you already knew it , even before i tell , this is a movie , which creating a big phenomenal all around the world out of anyone expectation . Few days back , i come across news regarding this movie , "Slumdog Millionaire winning awards" . I just take it as , naaahhh , another BIG time movie . Today when i on "Windows Live Today" , update my MSN every time i log on , i been shown the trailer of Slumdog Millionaire as the main news . I try to look for the trailer of Slumdog Millionaire in youtube , wtf , about two million people view this Slumdog Millionaire's trailer , and approx five thousand people comment on it , wow . Just with a bit of googling i found out that , this movie swept almost all the trophies in many major awards such as Golden globe award , Critic's choice award , and BAFTA . Not just that , Slumdog Millionaire headding to next OSCAR award which many Bollywood movie and Artist strungle get in , just like that .

Slumdog Millionaire Trailer :

In Malaysia we only manage to watch the trailer , lol . I don't know why GSC or TGV fail to release this movie here in Malaysia . This make me , look for download Slumdog Millionaire . Some advise me to use Torrent , but im not Torrent user since lastime . But warez-BB , contain links to Slumdog Millionaire , which i try to download . Link to the downlaod page :

Slumdog Millionaire Downlaod : Warez.BB

Hope Slumdog Millionaire will be release , here in Malaysia .....

Thaipusam 2009 Chariot Walk

Thaipusam 2009 , As usual i( townguy ) celebrate it in Batu Caves . Manage to snap some pictures and record some videos to share with my beloved readers . I walked with Chariot from Maha Mariyaman Temple KL to Batu Caves . With the Chariot all the time , start to end . We move from Maha Mariyaman temple about 12.20am and reach Batu Caves aprox 1.30pm . All the image and video below , i caught on the way to Batu Caves ....

Pictures :

Videos :

Enjoy yourself ? you can notice , in the picture slide shown above , there are some unrelated images like McDonald , Cups on Car , and bread being steped by leg . Actualy this pictures i snap purposely which i will talk in my another post in coming few days . Today i show some good part of Thaispusam here in KL already , but my next post will be about , things many people don't want to happen during Thaipusan festival . Untill see all again via my next post , enjoy the Thaipusam holiday who staying in Kuala Lumpur , Penang , Johor , Negeri Sembilan and Selangor ......

BN & Pakatan Rakyat's Dilemma in Perak - Just A Beginning : Malaysiakini

I'm following and observing the dilemma accruing in Perak since last few days via Malaysiakini , by their update news and videos . We cant see much and shown real situation in normal Malysian tv channels . What i can conclude from all of the event , jump party , internal politics , more and more politicking is , untransparency , and all of this dilemma is not going to end here . It just a beginning for much more unsuspected things which going to be happen in Malaysian politic scenery for coming few years until next general election( approx 2012 or end of 2011 ) .
Malaysian politics enter new era after 2008 march election . Malaysian politicians in uncertain ground , no "yes sir" situation anymore , and more "real politic" elements start to surface . All this uncertainty started by opposition current leader , Dato Seri Anuar Ibrahim . When he launch a campaign to attract more BN PMs from peninsula and Sabah&Sarawak to join PakatanRakyat . And the BN counterpart , did their best to keep all their MPs with them , like trip to taiwan , frequent meeting and cabinet member opportunity given to many Parliament . Plus with wide media coverage for newbie pakatan rakyat state goverment'sbetter Indian community future . And millions of ringgir splashed in Terenganu by BN leaders for by-election last month which been win by oppositions.
All this mess/uncertainty , many people assume , comes to a end when BN take over Perak State government form Pakatan Rakyat yesterday( officially ) . Is that correct , is this the end ?? In my point of view , not at all . But this is the beginning of another chapter of uncertainty politic in Malaysia until next general election . Why you ask , now is february , next month our Deputy Prime Minister will become official Prime Minister of this country . The money which been spend in Terenganu , real politic used in Perak to takeover Perak State Government , all this event master minded by whom ? Our DPM , for gain Rakyat's believe on BN( on him ) . But what happen ? our DPM fail do so , rather than gain believe , in my point of view , he lost more believe on him . After he on power next month , this chance will used by wounded tiger( Anuar Ibrahim ) to create more conspiracy to fulfill Pakatan Rakyat's never ending ambition to take over central government .
There are more other factors which make me conclude in such way but hard to explain . For people out there who still wondering what is real politics and pure democracy , you can try Google it out , but i will write another article about it . All this term is used here , i learn when imPengajian Am subject and few law base subject in collage , some time back. ImUntilyou welcomed to comment on this post ........
backbenchers mistakes . And this is the time for many divided Indian base parties voice out to co-operate for in form 6 , interested in this subject , which come in handy to analysis political scenario nowadays . meet you all with my next post , all of

'Perak people robbed, shortchanged'

‘It can be assured that there will be serious repercussions come the next general elections if the BN is allowed to govern Perak in this way.'

Meng: If this is the beginning of Najib's politics, it bodes danger for the country and the rakyat. It is obvious that this is a man familiar only with cloak-and-dagger politics.

Vivian Lim: After losing in two free and fair by-elections, Najib finally claims victory in Perak by undemocratic means. I was born and grew up in Perak.

The people of Perak gave victory to Pakatan Rakyat on March 8. Now Najib has, with one shake of his witch's broomstick (and God knows what else) taken away from Perak a government led mainly by people who serve the rakyat.

Prema Subramaniam: As a resident of Perak, it is really a disgrace for Barisan Nasional to pinch the Pakatan Rakyat state representatives.
We pray that our Sultan will cede to Nizar's request and immediately dissolve the state assembly. All the BN representatives will lose their deposits if a snap elections were to be held.

Dian Abdullah: Twist and turn, here and there. Well, now it is up to the Sultan of Perak to do the right thing. That is to dissolve the state assembly and let the people decide again.

The arrogant manner Umno had continued with will not last long. In fact, if fresh elections are permitted, I am very sure the people of Perak will teach and even shame Najib and Umno beyond repair.

source :

No dissolution, new gov't to be sworn in


6.15pm: PM Abdullah was seen leaving Istana Kinta. According to the latest information, the new BN-led state government is expected to be sworn in by Sultan Azlan Shah tomorrow.

5.50pm: PM Abdullah arrives at Istana Kinta in Ipoh. He joins Najib and all 28 BN state representatives as well as the three Independents who are already inside the palace. They will be sworn in by Sultan Azlan Shah to take over the state government.

4.58pm: A new BN government is expected to be sworn in today. Bernama reported that Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak and the state BN representatives have arrived at Istana Kinta. Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, who is on an official visit to the state, is also expected to be present at the palace any time now.

4.53pm: The police have taken over the state secretariat building. All Pakatan officials in the complex are told to pack up and leave by 5pm.

source :

Overseas Tamils Protest against war on Tamils in Sri Lanka : Norway & Berlin

Norwegian Tamils, spurred by the brutal attacks by the Sri Lanaka armed forces killing and maiming many innocent Tamils in Vanni, gathered unannounced in front Norwegian Parliament Saturday between 1:00 p.m and 3:00 p.m, voicing that each hour delay in stopping the war will increase the number of people killed in Vanni, sources in Oslo said.

Norwegian Tamils called on the Norwegian government to urge the Sri Lanka government to stop the war on the Tamils in Vanni in its capacity and right as the key actor in bringing peace in Sri Lanka.

The protesters are in front of the Norwegian Parliament:

Meanwhile, Hundreds of Berlin Tamils engaged in a similar spontaneous demonstration in front of the Indian High Commission in Berlin Friday around 11:00 a.m demanding the Indian Government to immediately stop its assistance to Sri Lanka in killing the Tamils in Vanni, sources in Berlin said.

The Berlin Tamils continued their protest demonstration shouting slogans bearing the photo of Muthukumar who laid his life in self-immolation in support of the Eelam Tamils in Chennai, for nearly 3 hours in front of the Indian High Commission in Berlin.

Demonstration in front of the Indian High Commission in Berlin :

A big protest demonstration is to be held by the Tamils in Germany in Berlin city on the 4th of February, the organizers said.

Overseas Tamils Protest against war on Tamils in Sri Lanka : Britain

Tamils all over the world , keep on showing their protest against war on Tamils in Sri Lanka . Latest protest is from Tamils in Britain , German , and Norway .

Britain :

More than 9000 British Tamils gathered Saturday in front of No. 10 Downing Street in London participating in a mass vigil from 3:00 p.m till 7:00 p.m, urging British Prime Minister Gordon Brown to exert pressure on the governments of Sri Lanka and India to call for an immediate ceasefire in Sri Lanka. This event marks the third of the ‘Awareness Campaign’ organized by the Tamil Youth Organization (TYO) in United Kingdom.

A petition signed by the protestors was handed over to the Prime Minister’s office. The petition, while expressing the gratitude for the Prime Minister’s positive response to the question raised Wednesday by Hon. Keith Vaz, MP, in British Parliament related to peace talks in the Sri Lankan conflict, placed the following requests for the urgent consideration of the Prime Minister:

  • To exert pressure on the Sri Lanka government to opt for peace negotiation instead of war,
  • To exert pressure on the Indian Government to support the proposal for peace talks in Sri Lanka, and
  • To act jointly with the UN to bring about a peace process in Sri Lanka.

Source : , ,

Malaysia's 1st 3D Movie : GENG

Today is sunday , i relax my self infornt of TV , and i got opportunity to watch the making of Malaysia's 1st 3D Movie , " GENG , Pengembaraan Bermula " . Realy a wonderfull work by group of talented Malaysians . As a Malaysian it is my responsibilty to support another Malaysian's effort and production . First i want show my support by promoting this movie via by blog , here in townguy's voice . Second step i will tell later , haha .The movie will be in theaters in 12 Februari 2009 . This movie, GENG, able to become reality with the support of Malaysia's IT giats like MIMOS , MDEC and etc .

From GENG's official website :

Geng the Movie: Pengembaraan Bermula

Disuarakan Oleh:
Adik Balqis (sebagai Ros), Adik Izwan (Badrol), Adik Kannan (Rajoo), Kee Yong Pin (Lim) dan Adik Fathiah (Upin & Ipin)

Kanak-kanak, Famili, Animasi 3D

Sambutlah ‘Geng the Movie: Pengembaraan Bermula’ dengan hati terbuka dan beri laluan! Ya, beri laluan kepada generasi baru pembikin filem tanahair yang berkebolehan, berjiwa seni, bermaruah dan berwawasan.

Izinkan saya menyatakan bahawa saya tidak sama sekali terlibat dengan pembikinan ‘Geng’. Hanya sebagai penonton saya mengulas dan menyuarakan apa yang benar, seadanya saya alami di dalam panggung pada malam pra-tonton Selasa lepas. Rasanya saya mengalami sejarah dalam pembikinan. Kot? Iya, iyalah kot...

Watak :

Watch this movie in theater is will be our biggest contribution to support our local talents , so come we go watch this movie as we rush to watch any other vijay's movie( Indians ) , Jet Lee's movie( Chinese ) or Rosham Noor's movie ( malay ) ...... I planned to watch this movie in theater just after this movie released in the theater soon , to show my supprt to group of talented Malysians work .