Kugan's Funeral

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 28 — A. Kugan was finally buried at 5.30pm today after mourners circled his casket and conducted last rites at the Puchong Batu 14 cemetery, eight days after his death in a police station reignited a public outcry about custodial deaths.

The 22-year-old was laid to rest after his hearse and thousands of mourners travelled 20km through hot sun and driving rain from the University Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC) to the USJ8 police station where he died before finally making its way to the cemetery.

The Selangor government has undertaken the costs of the funeral on "humanitarian grounds", Kapar MP S. Manickavasagam said, adding he had thanked Menteri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim for the gesture.

During the funeral procession, thousands of mourners who accompanied his grieving family and several lawmakers had shouted "Polis Pembunuh" and "We want Justice" with some unfurling banners that said "Polis Pembunuh Berlesen".

The crowd slowed traffic in Puchong and brought it to a standstill in front of the USJ8 police station where a police helicopter hovered overhead during brief family prayers.

The crowd also shouted the name of Hindraf leader P. Uthayakumar and the outlawed organisation before leaving the police station as police watched but did not take action.

"The attendance shows the outrage of the public. I hope the Barisan Nasional government takes heed," said Sivarasa Rasiah, who is Subang MP, while joining the funeral procession.

"Eleven (policemen) have been identified but no arrest. This is telling the public that there is a double standard when investigating policemen," he added.

Despite some antagonism from the crowd, police had provided escort for the procession that began from the University Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC) at 1.45pm. During the journey to the police station, the crowd had cheered the police "Polis bagi escort" while others blasted the police, shouting "Polis pembunuh Kugan".

Police had earlier arrested five men wearing Hindraf T-shirts as they threw a tight cordon around the medical centre for the suspected car thief's funeral. They only allowed some 50 people, including family and several lawmakers, to claim Kugan's body.

Lawyer Gobind Singh Deo said family and friends paid respects at the mortuary five at a time. Police had earlier chased away reporters and nearly 100 supporters around the mortuary waiting to pay respects.

The Federal Reserve Unit (FRU) and Light Strike Force had cordoned off the teaching hospital this morning but crowds, responding to text messages, have turned up for the funeral procession. Several tried to go through the barricade but police ordered them to disperse.

Police arrested two men when the crowd was dispersing just after noon. The government had banned the Hindraf movement last year, making all its symbols illegal, after it organised a massive protest in November 2007. Five Hindraf leaders are under ISA detention.

Another two were arrested later for inciting the crowd, police said. They also wore Hindraf T-shirts.

The latest arrest is Hindraf legal adviser R.S. Thanendran, who also wore a Hindraf T-shirt.

"I don't see why anyone has been arrested. We are not here to make trouble," Gobind, who is also Puchong MP, told reporters.

"They are just here to pay last respects," said Kapar MP S. Manikavasagam, who said he will lodge a police report against Selangor police chief Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar for making conflicting statements over Kugan's death.

Kugan, a 22-year-old insurance claims executive, was arrested on Jan 14 for allegedly being involved in a luxury car-theft ring. He died on Jan 20 after drinking some water, police claimed. An initial autopsy said he died of "fluid in the lungs".

But the Attorney-General's Chambers has classified the case as murder after an outcry by the family and lawmakers, and a second autopsy over the weekend found external injuries and phlegm in his lungs.

The family and authorities are waiting for detailed toxicological and tissue tests in the final autopsy report.

Critics have said Kugan's death is the latest in custody deaths in Malaysia, mostly among Indians detained by police.

In 2007, then Internal Security Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi had stated there were 106 deaths in custody between 2000 and 2006. No updated statistics have been issued since then.

Lawyer N Surendan disagreed that it was a racial issue, saying it affected all Malaysians. "Deaths in detention happen to all races," he said.

Eleven police personnel from the USJ8 Taipan police station have been transferred to desk duties pending the outcome of the investigations. A special police team from the Bukit Aman federal headquarters is probing the case and authorities expect to make charges within a week.

Source : malaysiakini.com & themalaysianinsider.com.my

Padikathavan Movie Review

Villu is over , now the time for the next big release of kollywood production for this Pongal, Padikathavan( English translation , Illiterate ) . As most of you know , hero of this movie is dhanush , heroin tamanna , and directed by Suraj .

Story Line :

Let me make this simple and nice so , you have more to enjoy when watch the movie by yourself . Dhanush from a well educated family , everyone in his family own double degree accept our hero who not even have one degree . Have few friends , who educated not more than our hero , always henges out together in coffee shop . Dhanush fall in love with tamana is the quest of revenge his father who always insult him . After both fall in love , easy as that , tamil movie you knowla , lol , starts the second part of the movie . Tamanna's father is a big Don in karela , bring back tamanna to hometown after she under attack of his enemies in chennai . Than comedian vivek with dhanush will go to karela to get Dhanush's love of live . THE END , don't worry the movie better than my explaination , lol .

Personal Comment :

Lot better than Villu , Seriously . Very good performance from dhanush , and his comedy and his comedic intelligent answer to shoot back his father's insult . Damanna simply HOOT , milky white , for sure her performance far more better than Nayen thara . Her face reaction , chemistry , acting skill , lots more better than her previous movies . Joke , you can aspect what you should aspect from vivek , vivek style comedy , not bad .
I not should forget to mention this , after very long , this is the movie with unexpected scenes/situation/turn in story line in expected times . Exactly like movie "Run" stared by madavan and meera jasmin few years back . Even the ending same as that movie include the villain . Co-incidence or planned , but its the same .
Padikathavan is a must watch movie if you free .

Enjoy the movie in this festive season , its Chinese new year festival here in Malaysia .

Polis Dahagakan Darah Kaum India - Puchong ( UPDATE )

Im back with more news about , Kugan's funeral . Few minutes ago , i get to know that from puchong locals( my causin from puchong ) , Kugan's funeral which planed to be done in batu 16 puhong , cancel last minute by kugan's father . This happen very last minute , after all reach the funeral place , kugan's father ask for cancel the funeral , because he made his mind to lauch a case on government and police department. Hence , body of Kugan been send back to a hospital that even my source don't know .......... Kugan's news create uneasiness among Indians especially in Puchong . We wait and see , whats next ......

Polis Dahagakan Darah Kaum India - Puchong

See the title , that's how it been written on the banners , what banner ? where , when ? Coming to the point now . Just now , 22nd Jan , approx 3.30pm , when i on the way back home , i went through heavy traffic slowdown near puchong(Selangor ) , front of IOI MALL . After some time , i reach to the source of the traffic jam . It is a funeral , Indian funeral , a funeral car moving slowly along the slow lane of the road . It not normal indian funeral , i saw pictures of the death person , a young Indian guy's picture , with the slogan "Polis Dahagakan Darah Kaum India". I just can't understand whats going on , the scenery there like a mini ralley + Indian funeral. I stopped and ask nearby indian guy , he explain that , this is funeral of a young Indian guy who died under the police custody . No picture from townguy this time , i don't want to snap pictures in a funeral parade .
Back home i open by blog to write about this , i find out that , what i saw just now is the funeral of Kugan who died under police custody , two days back via makkez.com .
This kind of Indian died under police custody case is back after some time in silent , sad . Hope Kugen's family will get justice for the death of their son , and this news get better coverage in the local news media .

source : makkez.com

My deepest condolences to the family of the late Kugan ......

Villu Movie Review

Hai vijay fans , already watch vijay's( kollywood's superstar ) latest movie Villu ? As a fan of him , i always take initiative watch his movie soon as i can after the movie mean released in theaters . I watched this movie yesterday night .

Story line :
Villu story line almost like his previous movie Pokkiri , not exactly but with just 20% different . ya ya , same gangster network , he will the man who under cover to kill and catch the Dons for the justice . In Pokkiri he did for the pride of the country , but in this movie he do it for the pride oof his family . Easy to say , villu story line is combination of his previous movies , Aathi + Pokkiri . The end , no worries , happy ending as usual , lol.

My opinion as Vijay's royal fan :
The villu movie directored by prabu deva , spend big amount of money to make the scenes look alike ajith's movie Billa , but fail no achieve anything near to that standard . Quite good graphics implementation in villu where , in a scene , comedian vadiveloo will fight with a well animated milk cow , haha , quite funny . Always thumbs up for comedian , however the movie goes , comedian vadiveloo always not fail to entertain the audians . Nayantara again , with her big b..mb.s , wet exposure , sexy dressing , double meaning , etc etc . As a guy i should enjoy all this from nayantara , i do lastime , but no more . She is prety , but she reflecting herself like , she acting use her b..m.bs , not her talents any more . She only there , in the movie to attract male audians and does not have any serious role to play in the story line . Dance of vijay in villu, 40% powerless than his previous movie kuruvi and pokkiri . Songs simply sucks . I don't even have the mood to download and listen to villu movie songs . Allot of double meaning in the movie , some really good for entertainment , some really bad and not good for kids . Fight , as usual , one hero , many bad guys , typical tamil movie fighting scene , but not bad .

Overall Conclusion :
Really disappointing . Not only the villu movie , but vijay's irresponsibility . He just an actor , what we can aspect from his , yaya true . He not just a ordinary actor , you admit or not , currently vijay is the only actor have the biggest marked and demand among youngsters after Super star rajinikanth . Vijay not reflect any good work to meet his fans expectation . Again and again same stuff , same dance , same acting style . He knew , few of his latest movie are flop , yet he doing the same stuff , because he know , whatever , we stupid fans still will crowd the theater to watch his whatever bullshit . This one something too much to aspect from a actor like vijay , social awareness , with big number of young fans , star like him should add some good social message in the movie , rather than always filtering with sexy actress and taking in double meaning and spoil the mind of his young fans .
Vijay his a big star , What we can do , we humble loyal fans , nothing much . Even thou I'm a loyal fan of since a small kid , i have enough of vijay's stupid bullshits nowadays , i and my friend decided to launch a small boikoit campaign though another blog call notovijay.blogspot.com , which will be completed in few days time . All the royal fan of vijay out there , don't take our campaign in negative manner , this is just a small initiative by another loyal fan of vijay like me to show my disappointment . Hope will get good support form vijay fan themselves , we do it together for to show disappointment of young fans towards vijay's misleading at the moment . Hoping for change from vijay after see this boikot campign is quite too much to be achieved , because we are tiny tiny fans and he his a big star of the moment but let we do our part as a tiny tiny fan of him .

Until meet in the new vijay boikot and same townguy's blog , thanks for your time and take care . See you all soon .........

Malaysian Indian political leaders to attend ”Pravasi Bharatiya Divas”

There are some people out there not even know what is "Pravasi Bharatiya Divas" , so for them , the difinition and brief explaination .
Pravasi Bharatiya Divas = annual Pravasi Bharatiya Divas Convention provides a much needed platform to the Overseas Indian Community for exchange of views on ways and means to fulfill their aspirations and expectations from the land of their ancestors. It also provides opportunities for exploring mutually beneficial trade & business relationships and for networking among the community. Celebration of the day every year symbolizes the continued interest of the government of India in the progress and well-being of the Overseas Indian Community .

Now to the main news ...
"Malaysian Indian political leaders of the MIC, DAP and PKR will leave for Chennai this week to attend the three-day 'Pravasi Bharatiya Divas'.

Representatives of the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) will also participate in the conference, which is scheduled to begin from tomorrow at the Chennai Trade Centre.

Hindraf chief P. Wathyamoorthy is also expected to participate in the Indian Diaspora Conference. Wathyamoorthy lives in a self-imposed exile in London.

MIC President Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu will lead a 150-member delegation comprising top brass and divisional leaders of the largest Indian-based political party in the country.

DAP will send a 20-member delegation led by Penang Deputy Chief Minister P. Ramasamy. The delegation includes Perak state executive councillor A. Sivanesan and Selangor state executive councillor Dr Xavier Jayakumar.

A 40-member delegation is being sent by the PKR, Nst online reports.

There will be four speakers from Malaysia, namely Samy Vellu, Ramasamy, Malaysian Human Rights (Suhakam) Commissioner Datuk Dr Denison Jayasooria and Human Resources Minister Datuk Dr S. Subramaniam, who is also the secretary-general of MIC.

This is the first time in the conference's history that Malaysian opposition parties are attending the Pravasi held in the ancestral state of the majority of Malaysian Indians."

Hope no hot rivalry speech which will attack one another , and spoil Malaysian Indians name .

New Year Resolution 2009

Townguy feel cooooold , exactly that's how my blog feel after three week of freeze period . Freeze period ?, if you notice , i dint update my blog for quite some time . And number of readers falling faster than a stone falling from a sky , lol . Sorry my dear readers , i don't want to give useless reasons for not updating my blog , all my fault , laziness , out of town , and etc ....

Happy New Year to everybody . New year mean new plan , new inspiration , new RESOLUTION . Personally , this year i plane important things which will need big effort , lots of courage , and plenty of time . That for my personal( real ) life . Now we look at , whats my resolution for blogging , for Townguy?
  1. Be a own domain blogger by JUNE, if can "townguy.com"
  2. Rather than publish populist article like bash girls or particular ethnic group , i want write more post regarding critical issues , especially about Indian community , controversial issues .
  3. At least publish TWO articles per week .
  4. Improve my relationship with other bloggers and readers in general .
Simple and nice . Whats your resolution for 2009 , personal life( if can share ) and blogging life ?