Education System(ES) - OLD & NEW ??

Hai my beloved readers and anybody who bump to this blog accidentally. Already 2 month not update this blog. Busy updating and setting up my another site.... As usual, what the title and this article about ? A random tough while traveling in car bring me to write this article. This article is not to bash over Malaysian Education System AGAIN, worldwide point of view. We only going to see the purpose, output and difference between OLD modern education system(OMES) system and NEW modern education system(NMES). What do i mean by modern education system. Simple, people who go to school, university and training institute to gain official certificate or professional title. In this article i assume OMES is a education system before 1950s and NMES after 1950s.

Purpose of OMES:
Children thous days not compulsory to attend official schools. But very few go through OMES and reach the highest point by reaching Universities. One of the earliest, famous and well known Universities situated in Europe and US, and very few in other continents. Students study in universities because of thier own pure interest, eager, and passion towrads knowledge.

Pupose of NMES:
In many counties there is a law to compolsery childredn to attend school untill certain age or level. Higher education become a necesary to survice , to ensure good life in easy way. Offical certificates become employement requirements. Hence MOST people go through NMES , because they have to.

Output of OMES:
Purpose of OMES which we go thorough above, encourages many research, studies, and experiment conducted my self passionte students. As a result human kind discover many scietific and technological knowledge during the era of OMES. Most of the famous scientis who are famous untill today are the production of OMES..... simple example Albert Einstien.

Output of NMES:
Many findings already made by OMES, hence NMES students reach universities to study and enhance knowledge of OMES. Even the rocket science is generated from the findings of OMES. NMES studies give OMES aerospace and physics knowledge a practical form in the name of NASA and Space Shuttle. In simple words.... very few findings but lots of enhancement during NMES.

Problems during OMES:
Some of the main probles during that point time:
1) very low awareness towards importance of education
2) very limited facilites, family support.
3) not such low to must the formal education
4) limited or not infomation vailable to reffer to
5) Word War 1 & 2, civil war, territory expansion by superpowers.

Problems of NMES:
1) MANY go thorugh higher education becase it already become a neccessary for easy life. No education, no good work, no money.
2) Too many distraction, Internet, Television, Handphone, Extended Social Life, etc.
3) No extra time to to extra researh....... After graduation people rush for work, like a meachine, no time for extra research and produce new findings.....

Benefit of OMES:
People who reach the higest level of OMES will dedicate thier self for their specialisation. Spend more time do reseach, we sometimes call them mad profs if englsih movies. NO distraction of social need like, need go to work with fix time, need to fullfill other social need like buy good house, fast car, pay handphone bills , electric bills, have delicious food and leave a life which ruspected by the social like friends, and family.

Benefit of NMES:
Extensive information available with click of a button. Big funds available for ONLY the best research which have commercial values.

Conclusion, OMES and NMES , both have pros and cons. But in my point of view NMES not performing to the REAL purpose of education as good as OMES. Do you think the situation described in "Problems of NMES" can produce beneficial research and knowledge for mankind??

Note : My English sucks, sorry. But not my facts and thinking, i guess....

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Mic Election Result : Which Good For The Community

MIC Election going to take place coming saturday. Among all election result, most awaited result will be MIC Election Result for MIC's Deputy president contested by 3 candidates. Each have their own characteristics, and campaign style.

Dato Palanivel
  • backup by Dato sammy.
  • hoping the delegates vote for him base on Dato sammy's campaign.
  • Luckiest candidate compare other two, campaign money...... you should know from which pocket.
  • very few time i see him been talk in parliament or TV.
Dato Subra
  • a experienced candidate, experience on struggling with dato samy.
  • can be said as veteran leader to.
  • a politician who been feel all the dirty politics of his captain before.
Dato Sothi
  • A quite man with bravery to voice for indian community
  • A person who can talk about real changes, MIC leader from generation after dato sammy's generation.

As a outsider of MIC, but as a Malaysian Indian , I want a leader who :
  1. Always there when our rites challenged and misinterpreted.
  2. A clean politician, who focus on what he should do to the community, rather than spend time to hold his own seat by destroying other leaders.
  3. Create a good image for Malaysian Indian community
  4. A person who not misuse his power.

Hence my expectation of MIC Deputy President Election Result :

Reason i aspect
Dato’ S. Sothinathan to win the election:
  1. IF dato subra really wants changes happen, he can done it when he as deputy president of MIC and when in the cabinet . What he want, is revenge. Thats all. Political ego between dato sammy and dato subra. And he dragging Indian community's fate into it NOW.
  2. Dato Palanivel, he can done allot when he was Selangor MIC leader and MIC deputy president. And he lost his image, he become reflection voice of Dato sammy, shadow of Dato sammy's movement. Is there anyone still going to belief on him?
  3. Dato’ S. Sothinathan, a clean leader.Even in his campaign in this election he did not talk bad about any of his rivals. We been vitnest his bravery in voicing out indian community's fate in parliament. Is there in history any MIC leaders band from parliament to voice out Indian community's voice aspect Dato’ S. Sothinathan?
To people who believe we not need political base party in this country, sorry this post not for you.

Cow Head in Shah Alam

Weird title, let it be. I don't want write one long paragraph about protest in shah alam regarding build temple issue. For most of you who reading this article, we might already know whats going on in shah alam, so lets do a good discussion rather than read same thing again and again. For those who don't know what we talking here, please go through this link first : 'Cow head' demo.

And the Video :

from :

There comes another chance for our politicians to point the finger at each other. Barisan National leaders and Pakatan Rakyat leaders just waiting to mistakes happen and use the issue to bash their opponents.

While reading through some websites about this issue, i come across a PKR politician's blog stating this, who the politician, i don't want mention:

"All this points to dirty politics played by ruling UMNO heads, desperate to see the toppling of the opposition-led Selangor state government. This is shocking and absolutely despicable. I also strongly condemn the lack of action on the part of the police, who have subtly been accomplices to the act that is totally disrespectful of Hindus."
from :

As i say before, this issue make use by a politician to condem BN. Never ending politicking by BN and PKR. Don't mistake me, I AM condemning PKR or BN leaders, frustrated with their politicking without even concerning about sensitive issues.

Lets be simple, lets be logic, lets think ways to solve this problem. Don't make it as another provoking racial issue. One simple idea from unknown blogger(me) on this section 23 shah alam issue :
As we all know, the new place allocated for the temple building surrounded by majority more than 90% are muslim friends. Base on the protest, it is clear they not happy with the upcoming new temple. Leads to cow head protest.

Why not, any Hindu society or Shah Alam base Indian representatives gather and request another location to build temple. By doing this, they building a good relationship and image with their neighboring Muslim friends and resolve this racial issue in very good manner. By doing this, don't think Shah Alam Hindus afraid of this protest. Actually Indians took very good effort to build harmony with other race Malaysian brothers and sisters. In malay we can say," berdasarkan semangat persaudaraaan satu bangsa Malaysia".

A big issue can be solved very easily, not like our over reacting politicians who just waiting to use racial issues to blame each other.

Indirect Racial Remarks : Still

Racial Remarks : i don't know how to explain it properly. A act of words to symbolist a race in some way, most of the time symbolist a race in bad way.

I am from Malaysia. A multicultural country, occupied by few different races. Malays are majority, and other faces like Chinese( 35% of population ) and Indians are minority. In this kind of environment, racial remarks are common. Some remarks known for joke and some others really hurts.

As a young Malaysian Indian, i been heart many racial remarks as i stated above. I also used some for fun, just to make jokes which does not hurt other race friends. Other race of friends sometimes use curtain terms, sentence or slangs. They thing, by doing that they actually manage to mingle-up with other race Malaysians. Sometimes yes, it accepted as a joke and create some friendship. BUT most of the time it hurts, really hurt your heard in silent.

Lately, using racial remark issue reduce dramatically among Malaysians. Yet indirectly or without they even realize Malaysian still hold or using it. If you a Malaysian, you only can notice it if you sensitive ENOUGH. Nowadays many indians does not look and sound like typical Indians. That is very good. I look like typical Indian due to my skin color. But im a true Malaysian for sure, that cannot be reflected physically rite. So this make people make some racial remark, or they just don't realize, or can be said they triggered to to use some words which irritate me as a INDIAN in origin.

Some of the experience i been encounter :

1) Few years back, when i enter degree level one. Im the only Malaysian Indian in class. All others are other race Malaysians plus foreigners. When we talk, one of the guy in the class, try to be funny by answering me while shaking his head and in Indian slang of english. I feel really irritated.
I straight ask him why he act such way, and he answered:" Indians like to shack their head while talk what". I answer back : " i talk just now, am i shaken my head ? the indian lecturer teach you standing infront there, is she shaking her head?". And than, time past by we talk normally.

Acts which bring to racial remark:
Indian are known for shake their head more compare to other race when talk, those days.

2) I on the way to interview. And im almost there, just not sure which building. I stop and ask a guy, i think he work in office near by. I ask : "Abang building ini kat mane?"/"Where is this building ?". And that guys answer : "Itu sana, ada pahamka tamy?"/"thats the building, did you understand tamby?". I asked him in proper Malay, why in earth that another race Malaysian answer in the Malay which Indians tend to use 50 years back. Is it a indirect racial remark ?

Acts which bring to racial remark:
First generation of Indians which came to Malaysia as migrants have poor communication skill in Malay language.

3) I and my friend(girl) is in fast food shop. In front of me, a Malaysian Chinese guy with girl beside him, place a order, after few second he change the order. And the cashier in the counter with smiling face change the order. My turn, i place the order, within few second i ask the cashier to change order. While changing the meal, while not facing me she said "Mengade gadela". Now how should i conclude this ? Am i too sensitive or im just be a victim of indirect racial remark?

Acts which bring to racial remark:
Some young indian guys like to rise the voice and create irrelevant situation when with group of friends.

4) A music shop newly open in shopping complex which i always go. I enter the shop, want ask for availability of any music class. I am the only customer at the shop at that moment. The shop worker does not ask me how should she can help me, or even say any wishes like "hai" or "welcome". And straight to the counter, and the person there just look at me. Than i ask about the class, and the person just answer what i asking. She did not treat me as potential customer. I on the way out of the shop. And saw other race Malaysian enter the same shop. Now the shop worker wish that person and the person at the counter, stand up. And walk and entertain the person even he just enter the shop to take a look at the new shop. Again, am i too sensitive ? Or my personality too bad? Or am i just be victim of indirect racial remark ?

Acts which bring to racial remark:
Basically buying power of Malaysian Indians are not that good compare to other races. FACT.

There are many other personal experiences, but this few enough to make as example and provide better understanding of what i trying to explain in this post/article.

Racial remark , still ??

TV3 Opps.. Did It Again

Primary tv channels in Malaysia are well known for their editing technique. And they did it again. Since yesterday im quite upset with PKR's Padang Serai MP N Gobalakrishnan, after saw his act slapping police man in tv3. The scene repeated few times in the tv3 news. I thought why this guy humiliating Indian Community again. AGAIN ? The history, first he in MIC, than he jump to PKR, than against PKR, now back with PKR. Than why other races wont label Malaysian Indians as "lalang".

Video shown in tv3 just lasted for few second, highlights the part he slap a policeman. And tv3 show the same video again today at 8pm news. Something wrong somewhere, i try to look for the same video in youtube and i found this :

Should i angry with him or pity after watch this full video? uncensored full video, not like TV3.

First On Net : MIC Youth Election Result

Make it fast and simple : T.Mohan and S.P Muthi Veloo contest for MIC youth election 2009. And the pole is today, 16th August 2009. The vote counting just finish, and the result:

( MIC Youth Result Election 2009 )
source : from one of their( T.Mohan and S.P Muthu ) close contact.
first on net, not even at, YET .

How much vote, majority ? townguy will update about it later. For now this is the breaking MIC Youth Election Result.

HALAL for Muslim, BULAL for Hindus ??

Islam has laws regarding which foods can and cannot be eaten and also on the proper method of slaughtering an animal for consumption, known as dhabiĥa or commonly known as Halal Food. Malaysia as a Islamic country with majority of its citizens Muslims, have a very good rules and regulation to safeguard the importance of Halal food.

I am a Malaysian, but not a Muslim, im a Hindu. I know well, even when im in primary school that, my Muslim Malaysians cannot eat pork, because it is not Halal. But do you know, what are the most prohibited food we cannot eat ? Even other Malaysians( non-Hindus ) MOST of the time don't know that we Hindus cannot eat anyting related to "Beef" because of our religious believe.

In the point of a view and personal experience as a Malaysian :

Few times i been hurt emotionally when i go to shop and my non-Hindu Malaysian server ask me for the Menu :

2 years back
I and my Chinese friend went to a shop. He order fried rice. My turn, i order a fried rice to, the waitress ask me BEEF or CHICKEN ?? As a fellow Malaysian is she suppost to know that i cannot eat meat. How she should understand , im a Malaysian Indian, Majority of us are Hindus, common sense. I know some, very some of Malaysian Indians are Christians, if they want beef let them tell. But most of the time she will encounter Malaysian Indian who are a Hindu.

As a Malaysian Indian i feel :
To slap her for her stupidity and does not respect other race religious believes.
As a Malaysian i feel :
ashamed and embarrassed, my fellow Malaysian not even know a simple information about his/her another Malaysian, pity.

Last week
I and my family went to a TOM YAM shop ,dinner. My father place the orders and he emphasise few time, no beef, only chicken, ....... again , no BEEF, ONLY CHICKEN. Because he a experienced man who know how well we Malaysian with different religious believes understand each others, lol.
After few minutes, the foods on our table and all of us helping our self get the Tom yam to our plate respectively. The lights at the shop quite dim, and i ate the tom yam soup first when my family members still taking the soup. I bite a meat, and it taste like mutton and not chicken. And i take it out of my mouth, and it is black in colour. I straight away stop my family members before they start take a single spoon. IT IS A BEEF, not chicken. I quite temper, my father, a good Malaysian. Not make any problem, nicely call the waitress, and she apologise. She say her cook does not know we cannot take beef. The cook dint bother about the order script, does not know about his other fellow Malaysians from other race(Hindus) cannot take beef, yet they running a famous Malay food shop in Malaysia.

As a Malaysian Indian i feel : We Hindus not strict enough about letting others know about what we can eat and what not.
As a Malaysian i feel : pity Malaysians who even cannot understand fellow Malaysian's culture, how going to improve their business internationally... wasting governments effort and money.

JUST ASKING YOU(be open minded) : If your a Muslim. Even you say no PORK, the waitress make you eat pork. How do you will react ??

As a minority( Malaysian Indian) it is not realistic to ask a law to protect Hindu's interest in what we cannot eat. Ask the government to come out any ting like "BULAL" for Malaysian Hindus. I just expecting better understanding among Malaysians especially the majorities. Don't just tell to others what you cannot eat and avoid other Malaysian friends cook for you, and put the HALAL stickers in all the shops. Try to understand about other Malaysians to, because we all Malaysians , but we ALL NOT FOLLOW THE SAME RELIGION.

First fix basic understandings among the race, before talk about big SLOGONS my dear fellow Malaysians.

Amanah Saham 1 Malaysia

Amanah Saham 1 Malaysia, or 1 Malaysia Unit Trust announced by our prime minister Dato Seri Najib 20 days ago as his gift for Malaysians as his 100th day as prime minister of Malaysia. Amanah saham 1 Malaysia will be distributed by Permodalan National Berhad(PNB).

Today 31st Julai, Prime Minister again confirmed amnah saham 1 Malaysia available for public staring coming Wednesday, 5th August. 100 unit of Amanah Saham 1 Malaysia will be awarded to all 50,000 standard one students worth of 5 million. 10 billion unit, biggest ever unit trust until now in Malaysia. Out of 10 billion unit 50% allocated for bumiputra, 30% for chinese, 15% for indians, and 5% lain lain.

Permodalan National Berhad(PNB) announce, RM 10 billion which will be collected from the sales of amanah saham satu malaysia will be invested in local multinational companies. It been estimated 3.7% - 4% interest will distributed annually. Compare to Amanah Saham Malaysia , this interest rate is low, where in ASM we will give 6% - 7% interest.

In my point of view, our prime minister approaching the aid of the citizens in lifting countries economy. On of the way is this unit trusts, billions of ringgit malaysia gained from Amanah Saham Malaysia and Amanah Saham 1 Malaysia sure will able to inject our country's economy. All we need is proper economic planning and implementation.

Whoever unable to get their hand on Amanah saham Malaysia, now you get a second chance via Amanah Saham 1 Malaysia. Good luck my dear readers.

Also Read my latest article : Amanah Salam 1Malaysia Sara

We Are Worst Than Racist

"We Are Worst Than Racist" definition, "We" i mean here are Malaysian TAMILS. "Racist" prejudiced belief that one race is superior to others(directory).

This is sensitive,hot and huge topic, and i must careful with each and every word im typing here, and i don't know where to start from. I wanted to write this article as a self reflection after read some hot issues regarding Malaysian Indian Sub-ethnics.

In our parents era we can see some clear trades among various Indian ethcnics( Tamil, Telugu, Malayalee). even nowadays a can see some uncles mix more with his co-ehnic friends. I thought all this will come to a end when we young educated Malaysian Indian generation comes up. But i think by assumption are wrong. More we educated and IT savvy, the worst the ties among us especially Malaysian Indian Youths.

Who are responsible for this issue? you , me , they , NO. Malayaisan Indians especially Malaysian Tamils who are majority among other sub ethics Of Malaysian Indians. Oh yes, Malaysian Tamils have this misinterpretation the meaning of "Tamilan", we think tamilan reflects the whole Malaysian Indian community, you admit or not that how we think in our daily live all this time.

Exmple 1 :
Person A : Yare Angge accident anna, chinene malaykarena tamilala?
Person B : yaro ore tamilale , on the spot out.

Example 2 :
Person A : Anthe puthe kadei yarode, chinene ille tamelena?
Person B : Yaro ore tamilalela buka paninekare.

At both of the situation up there, are the dialogs we hear often. Person A and B talking about a tamilan or malayale or telegu. Not their fault, because we trained to be assume all Malaysian Indians are Tamils. Another reason Malaysian tamils are majority compare other Malaysian Indian sub ethnic , causes us assume All Malaysian Indians are Tamils. Thats good, but it also can be a discrimination.

HOW ? How do you feel if Malays in this country assume all Malaysians are just Malay, because Malays are majority in this country. No more tamils schools, all Malay schools. No more tamil way costumes, wedding, cultural events. HOW DO YOU WILL FEEL my dear TAMILS ? This what we doing to our dearest Malayales and telugu who are part of our root, INDIANS.

"WE" are worst than racist. First of all Tamil, Malayalem, and Telugu not even a race. We all just , i mean just ethnics. If WE condem Malay or chinese , than we are categorized as racist. If a tamil condem malayalee, it worst than racist , what we call it, i don't know , maybe "Ethinist". We pray same god, go to same temple, having almost same wedding ceremony, celebrate deepavali, wear same traditional costume, share same norm and values, only thing differentiated us is LANGUAGE. And we willing to sanctifies all this valuable things and having prejudice on each other just to up hold the LANGUAGE. Not a balance or good trade i think.

"WE" tamils pun satu, we soo arrogant and do not want to admit that we are lacking in many areas. If people talk bad about us we will start jump and shout. Why not we take that as a lesson and change our self. You change your self the community will change by itself. We are key south indian ethnic, we have problem whole south Indians will have problem, , haha. In Malaysia, we have already have 7 political party to represent just 7% of Indians. Now we being Ethinist,lol, and make situation worse.

I been read in comments people got say "i never mean fail to get good education", "mix with other race", "never been fail to support my family with good income". But my dear Malaysian Indians, we never been fail to be great tamilan malayalee or telugu , but we always FAIL TO BE a united Malaysian Indians.

Uncle Sam’s Young Regime

Malaysian Indian Congress(MIC) one of the oldest political party in Malaysia, is being a solid regime of Uncle Sam(you know who) since last 3 decades. Issue again issue, unlcle sam still indestructible. But no one can escape nature, uncle sam realize of his age and need for a loyal replacement.

Easy example, like a football team. When the current players getting old, the team will re-brand his image with new talents. But in MIC the replacement trying to me made by not TALENT but FAMILY ROOT.

(click on the image to enlarge it)

Most probably S Vell Paari will contest for vice-president of MIC, T.Mohan will defend his position as MIC Youth President and S.P. Muthu Veloo will go for MIC Youth president in August and September MIC National election.

Not fair if we talk bad when a political leader's sons or relative involve in politics. Because since young they, the sons see their father being a politician and automatically the son also will start to have interest on politic when they grow up.

At the same time it is not fair to bring in leader's son or relative in politics using the leader's plus points. And it is easy because the leader already establish, got followers and got influence. Moreover it more easy in MIC , because it is regime of “YES Dato Seri”.

Time changing, peoples mentality changing, hope this will bring new hope in Malaysian Indian Political arena.

Raaga Radio Awards 2009

Venue : Palace Of the Golden Horses, MINES Kuala Lumpur
Date : 10th October 2009(Saturday)
Time : 6.30pm(Malaysian timing, lol)
Dress : Formal
Theme : Gold & Glamour

Raaga Radio Awards, organized by THR Raaga and Magnum Corporation, is a listeners’ choice award show that showcases and honors Malaysia’s most popular Tamil artists and songs. This is a 100% listeners' choice awards where only the highest voted artist will win for each category.

It will be a
star-studded fund raising dinner event that will benefit Tamil schools. Help THR and Magnum's compassionate efforts while entertained by lively music, colourful performances and presentation of the awards. Each 10-seated table can be purchased at RM3,500 and all proceeds will be channeled to the selected Tamil schools.

5 categories to choose from:

· Popular Artiste of the Year
· Popular Album of the Year
· Popular Collaboration/Duo/Group of the Year
· Popular Song of the Year
· Popular Live Performer of the Year

and get the name of the nominees and way to vote this categories at Raaga Radio Awards 2009 official website.

Time to award Malaysian Indian artists who doing quite well since last few years, lets do it.

Malaysia vs Manchester United Friendly : Rematch

Manchester United will play a second match against a Malaysia XI in Kuala Lumpur on Monday and this time at 8.45pm at not 5.30pm like the first match.

The terrorist attack in Jakarta on Friday at Ritz-Carlton and Marriott hotels forced the Red Devils to postpone a planned trip to Indonesia and, although efforts were made to relocate that fixture, ultimately it has proved impossible because based on police report… their actual target is Manchester United squad!!

If you are interested to watch the second match between Malaysia and Manutd, you can start buy the ticket at stadium counter starting Sunday afternoon and this more RM98 and RM68 tickets!! Only RM58 for all seats except Grandstand tickets that remains at RM308.

Tickets can be purchased from ticket counters from Sunday onwards, starting at 12 noon, he said.

2000 student tickets priced at RM28 (normal price RM68) will be available only at Ticketpro HQ( Kelana Jaya).

What I Can Do With RM100

"What I Can Do With RM100" is a title in my mind for very long time. These article targeted for local and international visitors. And written on my limited knowledge and experience. Can use currency converter to convert (Malaysian Ringgit)RM100 to your home country's currency.

I can think few ways to USE these small amount of money, not keep(safe). There are few ways, like investment, purchase, entertainment, and donation.

- I can buy a small share of new Amanah Saham Malaysia, dividend not less than 6% annually.
- Buy a TM hostpot(RM15/month), and share with friends. Share with 5, charge RM4 from each per month. Total RM20, income RM5/month. Annual income RM60.

- Can try my luck in HYIP(High Yield Investment Program), which the risk is very high.
- Buy wonderful domain name, and wait until people buy it from me for good price.
- If i have a website, subscribe google adwords to increase by website traffic.
- Online gambling, which again the risk is high.
- Forex, buy a very small amount of currency to try forex skill.

- Can go cybercafe with friends, play counter strike. RM5/hour. So i can do it for 20 weeks.
- Clubbing, share money with friends. RM100/each. Four friends, RM400. Can go for a very good club and enjoy a Good whisky.
- Go Genting. Entertainment plus Gambling. Fortunate enough mean can come back with extra money.
- Can go for movie + bowling . (Movie+Bowling)/per time = RM 50 . So can do the activity twice with RM100.

- Can subscribe to internet TV, Internet EPL channel, online news channel,and xyz channel, lol.
- MORE .... no idea.

- Buy whatever you want below RM100. Like for me,..... oic, why everything above RM100, lol.

- No IDEA ....

- House to house temple donation collection, RM5/each time. Can donate 20 times.
- Charity concert, RM10/each ticket. Can buy 10 tickets.
- Car wash charity for war victims, RM20/each wash. Can wash 5 times.

- can donate for WWF(World Wildlife Fund) - "Save Our Turtles" Campaign = RM100.
- Sri Lanka war victim funds
- UNESCO - education for poor country citizen .

How do you will go about with your RM100 ?

Ever-Changing Malaysian Education System

Malaysian education system, a confusion. Bahasa Melayu or English. Evertime the leader change, the Malaysian Education's primary language changes. Expect during Tun Badawi's time. Like Malaysian government agencies policies, our education system also never been in consistent state.

After independence, country have Malay and Englsih medium schools. In 1970's when Dr.Mahathir as Education Minister that time, "Martabatkan Bahasa Melayu" by announce Bahasa Melayu as primary education language in Malaysia. Dr.Mahahir during finale days as prime minister of Malaysia, switch back Malaysian education system to English medium. Now our current prime minister change back the English medium to Bahasa Melayu starting 2012.

We know how good or level of Malaysian education system. Any system not only education system, need to be consistent to maintain and enhance its quality. Ever-changing technology is great, when it comes to education system is bad.

Student's performance drop under English medium, true. But give the system to prove its worth. Students score drop is temporary, but the benefit from English medium is not temporary. Maths and Saints in English, encourage parents send their kids more to "Sekolah Jenis Kebangasaan". Reason, they will learn same standard of maths and saints as "Sekolah Kebangassan" at same time learn their mother tongue language. But now, things will turn around.

These are the surface effect, there are more deeper effect in term of budget, management, competitiveness need to be face by the government. Conclusion, switching the primary language of nation education system will bring very bad effect to government and citizen in long run.

Singer Michael Jackson dead at 50

It’s like when Kennedy was assassinated, Micheal Jackson's died make them whole world chocked.

Michael Jackson had been planning to start a series of comeback concerts in London and had been rehearsing in the Los Angeles area for the past two months. Promoters of the shows said in March that he had passed a lengthy physical examination.

Michael Jackson, the sensationally gifted child star who rose to become the “King of Pop” and the biggest celebrity in the world only to fall from his throne in a freakish series of scandals, died Thursday. He was 50.

For the world, MJ died because of head attack. But for me, his dead caused by whiteman's continues children molest attack on MJ.

My personal favorite, MJ's "Earth Song". May your soul rest in peace.

Bleedy Sri Lankan Government

I mean it, i can't hold the statement in the title, after i saw local Malaysian TV flash the news , stating that Prabagaran(LTTE) leader been killed by the Sri Lankan Soldiers.

25 years, north Sri Lanka govern by LTTE, Sri Lankan government cannot even enter that area. Today, with thousands of Sri Lankan Tamils been killed and LTTE been destroyed. YES, LTTE is militant group. But how many of you know why LTTE been formed first of all. Protect helpless Sri Lanka tamils from the discrimination of bleedy Sri Lankan government. How many of you know that north of the Sri Lanka is the origin place of Sri Lanka tamils before independence and taken away from by the Sri Lankan government by the name of Constitution.

International governments, USA, and UN just keep on ask the
Mahinda Rajapaksa's government to stop the war. What i can say is , it is just the political play. The Vato countries, UN can do many resolution to stop send food , oil , and etc to the countries like North Korea, Iran even thou they not killing people. Why not they do the same to Sri Lanka? Thats why im saying what the world country do all this time , just a political tie eye . And Norway government as UN's represent as peacekeeper in Sri Lanka, you the biggest looser.

Another biggest joke and complote, India, haha ,lol. Help Sri Lankan government, than request to stop war ONCE, just to satisfy, Indian's minority "TAMILNADU". Again , asame of Tamilnadu peoples. You know, thousand of Tamils being killed in Sri Lanka, and Congres doing nothing about it, yet you all useless voters go and vote for congress. Than claim Tamilnadu as the motherhood of world tamils. Is like you kill your children, than claim your self as the greatest mom, bleedy ........

Last of all, Prabagaran you the man, 25 years of Sri Lankan Tamil's Savior. I hope the news flashed in local TV not true. You a hero, and not deserved a death like this.

To my loyal readers, i write this article just in flow , not structured , hard to understand for some. But this is a article from frustrated man on bleedy Sri Lankan
Mahinda Rajapaksa's government......

Google Adsence & Web Hosting

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Like that, i must start think a suitable, significant, and trademark like domain name. Currently my domain name which is not that significant, as you can see above in URL panel. My trademank now, can be said as "Townguy".

So, my fellow readers do you have anything in my mind, to be suggested as my new domain name and trademark ? Just think about my style of writing, tactful but clumsy and can be said as not that good english.

Time to think................. I hope i can lauch the new page with my own domain by end of june.

Slowly Weakening : Uncle Sam's Regime

Uncle Sam ? regime ? To those who asking this kind of questions, please read my previous post below, "Head of MIC for 3 Decades : Whose Fault ?". How this possible ? strong political regime since last three decades, start to weakening , impossible!!

It is possible... In the democratic politic system , election is the key. Whoever living within this system must go through this election. Most of us know , i think so , MIC( one of the Malaysian Indian base political party ) going to face its nation election. Where uncle sam already been chosen as president of MIC for another 4 years , because no one qualified for compete againts him , base on the parties rule and regulation. Dato Muthuplaniyapan, not enough nomination to compete for MIC president post. See, uncle sam's regime still strong.

YES it is and uncle Sam still strong, but.... only externally. Only for the eyes of the normal citizens like most of us. Most of you don't know that, MIC division election just finished last week. Division is the grass root leadership level of MIC. It also can be said as the basement of the Uncle Sam's strong regime. IF you have the opportunity, go through the Malaysian tamil papers from last few days. Many new faces, overcome the Uncle Sam blessed grass root leaders.

How it works.... the MIC division election. Every time MIC division election season, uncle sam blessed division chairman , will set up a line up for all the post in that particular division . From MIC devision president, vice-president, deputy president till the AJKs. Previously , this uncle sam blessed line up will win without contest or win easily. Loose not in the dictionary of the uncle sam blessed line up, unless got any serious corruption or discipline problem. BUT , what happen this time , in many division MIC election was , this line up, uncle sam blessed line up struggle to win or loose to the new line up, mostly stand from new faces, anti-uncle sam, young, and willing to face the the regime of uncle sam with all cost . Even thou this new line up knows that, contest against uncle sam blessed line up equals to end of political carrier, but they dare to face it. This time, things change, sentiments in the party changed, atmosphere in the party is different, and this lead to the victory of the new line up. But the down part is, there are few true and hardworking grass root MIC leaders in the uncle sam blessed line up, defeated also.

How this can symbolise , weakening of the three decade uncle sam MIC regime? Division election, is the grass root election, mirrors the future of the MIC. Technically and practically, people or MIC leaders who win in the division level , is the person who will contest in the election in the state and national level in the future or can be said as near future. So there is big chance , changes in the grass root level, can evaporate to the higher level and destroy the "Uncle sam's three decades of MIC regime".

To whoever can't understand the complexity of the facts in this article, it time to make it understand. It just not enough talk about a race improvement, we also must able to think critical facts. And if you think my english is bad, im sorry....

Head of MIC for 3 Decades : Whose Fault ?

All my articles, first paragraph allocated for the title definition and explanation. No difference this time either. Who is head of MIC since last three decade ? I no need answer, but you already know the name of that famous man, you admit or not : Dato Seri Samy Vello. Why suddenly I'm talking about this topic, actually not suddently , this topic in my mind since very long time already. We can ask this question in another interesting angle : "Dato Seri Samy in power for 3 decades, is that because of his ability or disability of Malaysian Indian Community?"

A politician being president of a political party for thirty years, not a easy job at all. As a normal citizens we barely don't know the strangle and barriers faced by a politician to win a post. Even the pressure when holding small post is very high. Imagine the pressure and barriers face by one single man since last 30 years, yet he manage to sustain the post as a president of that party. He faced many problems , listed from ethical issue to financial issue. Can be said there is no issue he never been faced in his political carrier and as the president of that political party. After thirty years, group of people in his party started to not giving him full support, yet he still manage to hold the post as the president of the party quite comfortably. Is that a great, outstanding achievement? He build good relationship with leaders with other races, build strong regime internally. Build army of soldiers with "YES DATO SERI" mentality. He become immortal within his party in 30 years time.

On the other hand, 30 years back , a community get a good, young ,and vibrant leader taking charge as the president of the party which representing their community. Days weeks months , and few years past by, and the same community feel they becoming weak. Finally they realise the president once they say as great leader become less vibrant in voicing out the community's needs. Worse the the president start to involve with many issues. Sacking the deputy president as he want, fail to manage the money invested by community he represent all this time, and so on. Many leaders from the community start to appear as the saviour of the community. But the community fail to realize that , the same saviors later will lead to destroy of unity within the community. Many issues appeared: not enough seat in public universities, not enough support to start own business, temple demolishing. Now the community awake, fill with knowledge. They use their full strength to destroy the regime built by the president since last thirty years.

BUT, sad...... the community fail to achieve want they wanted. Why ?? In this thirty years , this community went through age or era which make them weak internally caused by many factors. Lack of unity , caused by to many saviors from one small community. Mentality of the majority members of the community , just will discuss like a hero about the problem of the community in front of the TV and Stalls , but fail to do their part to save the community. Reason "namekeyenda ithe tevve illate vellei (tamil language)", but only talk like a big hero. Heavy migration of the educated members of the community to other countries. Rather than go there and help back the community in the origin country. Members of the community who migrate , tend to migrate and forget. Weak religious education and temple functions worsen the level of unity in this community. Now they helpless and too weak to change their own leader and the saviors having their own problem.

Hence , being president of MIC for 3 Decades : Ability of Dato Seri Samy Vello or disability of the Community Itself ?

PM announces New Malaysian Cabinet Members

April 9th 2009 3pm : Prime Minister, Dato Seri Mohd Najib announced new cabinet Members of Malaysia.PM started up with a speech approximately for 20 minutes.

PM says(summary): this new cabinet will indicate the transformation of political change in Malaysia. Era government in full power is over and this new cabinet is people oriented. We need support from all citizens from all walk of life especially youngsters to achieve the dream of the country.

Than PM announce the list of new Malaysian Cabinet Members. Below is my(townguy) own point of view towards New Malaysian Cabinet Members:

Kementerian Dalam negeri(Internal fair Ministry), which can be said as a hot seat. This is because previously minister who head this ministry always related with relegation about many sensitive issues like ISA, ethinic problems and so on . Today, Dato Seri Hishhamuddin been given chance to sit this hot seat. I think this is one of the best move by our new prime minister.

Dato Seri Muhiddin yasin, as most of us know , OFFICIALLY appointed as new Deputy Prime Minister. Dato Mukiriz Mahathir, son of Tun Mahathir(Malaysia's 4th PM) is the deputy minister in Malaysian International Trade Ministry. This indicateds the influence of TUN Mahathir is still strong , and TUN's wide knowledge in international trade will be utilized via his son , Dato Mukriz.

There is no change in number of Representative from component parties like MCA and MIC in the new cabinet.

Good Luck for the new cabinet members in full filling their tasks as ministers and deputy ministers , and reclaim the the belief of the Malaysian citizens, If possible.

source: TV1, TV3 ,

Utusan Rasmi Perdana Menteri KE-6

Title in Malay(one of Malysian's primary language), because i think it suitable write this article in Malay = Bahasa Melayu .

Utusan Rasmi Perdana Menteri KE-6, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak disiarkan di semua television am Malaysia. Ucapanya, melingkunggi isu-isu semasa seperti:
  • Krisis economy
  • Perpaduan Kaum
Tetapi, tiga pengemumanye memang mencuri tumpuan dan ishyaratnye kepada orang bukan melayu dan pengundi-pengundi bukan melayu:
  • 16 tahanan ISA akan dibebaskan serta merta (termasuk mr.uthaya? )
  • 2 surat khabar yang dilarang , laranganye ditarik serta merta
  • Kajian semula terhadap dasar ISA akan dimulakan
Tiga pengemuman yang memang menarik , so we wait and see, cakap orang melayu , tunggu dan lihat. Terime kasih kepada Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, dan Selamat maju jaya kepada Datuk Seri Najib.

Official UMNO Election Result

The offial UMNO Election Result is out , most of result end up as expected

President UMNO : Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak ( Automatic Win )

Deputy President UMNO : Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yasin

Muhyiddin Yassin, who bagged 1,575 votes, defeated Muhammad Muhd Taib (916) in the race for Umno deputy president.

My pesonal favourite , young , son of 3rd Malaysian prime minister, previous UMNO youth president for a decade : Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein, win as one of the vise president.

My personal upset is the result of UMNO youth result , won my khairi jamaluddin, son in law of current Prime Minister.

Other big upsets are , Embattled Tourism Minister Azalina Othman Said and four MBs has failed in bid to retain Umno supreme council seat.

So , Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yasin is next Prime minister after Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak ? , aprox in another 6 years , if BN still in power .

source : , tv1(LIVE)

Watchmen Movie Review

This review consists of my personal point of view of this movie , Watchmen . Teaser shown as advertisement in theaters almost for last eight months . And at last , yesterday this movie released in Malaysia , 05/03/09 .

Brief Watchmen Story Line :

Hard to explain , never mind i try my best . The movie starts with ONE of the Hero , Canadian killed by a mysterious man . Watchman , actually is the name of group stand for group of Heroes , and kind of Super Heroes , in 1960's . And by time past by , few heroes killed and stop be a American masked Super Heroes . Movie story occurring in 1980's , where America and Soviet Union in era of Cold War , lead to 3rd World War , treat of Nuclear War . And America win in Vietnam War , lol lol lol , with the help of this superheroes . At the end , one of the superhero , tricked all other superheroes , to save the world from nuclear war , by "sacrificing few Million peoples to save other few Billion peoples" .

My Own Point Of View of Watchmen :

Watchman , for sure movie for adults . There are two kind of Hollywood movies . First , the movie explain it self and make you enjoy the movie without need any thinking . Second , the audience need understand the movie to enjoy the movie . Watchman , is the second kind of movie , which the audience need to watch the movie carefully to enjoy the movie . Quite a long movie , 2 hours and 45 minutes , with lots of redundancy .

My personal Rank for Watchman :

if you kind of person , wants the movie talk for itself and entertains you : 5/10

if you kind of person , like to understand the movie to entertain yourself : 7/10

Who Want to See Proton Exora ??

You heard it , you got it . Let me present to you few pictures of Proton's Exora . The MPV will on the road next month , with price tag around RM80,000 only , lol . The picture of Proton Exora planned to kept secrete by PROTON officials but the picrures start to leaked in internet since last two months .

So Proton Exora meet your taste ?

Slumdog Millionaire Movie Review

This Slumdog Millionaire review is from Malaysia . Just yesterday i post about this movie and search for links to watch Slumdog Millionaire because it not been release in Malaysia yet . Today i went to Mid Valley to buy some stuff . I accidentally , poster of this movie catch my eyes stating , Slumdog Millionaire is NOW SHOWING in GSC Mid Valley ... hehe , than what , i rush to the GSC counter and bought nearest next show .

Slumdog Millionaire Movie Review :

........... , that dots represent i late for this movie by 5 minutes , lol . The movie starts with the hero of this movie, Slumdog Millionaire being torture in a police station , police ask him to tell the cheating or any other technique the hero used to win 10 million rupees .Why ??, the hero just a slum dog , office boy , and how the hell he got the knowledge to answer all the questions of "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire". And after that , almost 80% of the movie covers the flash back of the hero , his brother and hero's sweet heart since childhood until he enter the "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" show . The summary is , hero of Slumdog Millionaire able to answer most of the question by his own personal life experience . "Is this luck or written ?" That's the famous words of this movie . Slumdog Millionaire shows the real living experience in Slums of Mumbai (India). Beside that , this movie also show the audience the meaning of true love , how ? Is a guy will accept a girl after she loose her virginity to many guys , several time ?? But the hero Millionaire will do . I think reason of this movie getting big
of Slumdogboikot in India because the story line against some basic rules of Indian Movie industry . Slumdog Millionaire proofing that , audience like to watch real live experience rather that fictional and ferry tail in the cinemas .
Hope you all enjoy the review of Slumdog Millionaire Movie.

My personal rating for this movie : 8/10 .

Slumdog Millionaire

Slumdog Millionaire , is a movie , most of you already knew it , even before i tell , this is a movie , which creating a big phenomenal all around the world out of anyone expectation . Few days back , i come across news regarding this movie , "Slumdog Millionaire winning awards" . I just take it as , naaahhh , another BIG time movie . Today when i on "Windows Live Today" , update my MSN every time i log on , i been shown the trailer of Slumdog Millionaire as the main news . I try to look for the trailer of Slumdog Millionaire in youtube , wtf , about two million people view this Slumdog Millionaire's trailer , and approx five thousand people comment on it , wow . Just with a bit of googling i found out that , this movie swept almost all the trophies in many major awards such as Golden globe award , Critic's choice award , and BAFTA . Not just that , Slumdog Millionaire headding to next OSCAR award which many Bollywood movie and Artist strungle get in , just like that .

Slumdog Millionaire Trailer :

In Malaysia we only manage to watch the trailer , lol . I don't know why GSC or TGV fail to release this movie here in Malaysia . This make me , look for download Slumdog Millionaire . Some advise me to use Torrent , but im not Torrent user since lastime . But warez-BB , contain links to Slumdog Millionaire , which i try to download . Link to the downlaod page :

Slumdog Millionaire Downlaod : Warez.BB

Hope Slumdog Millionaire will be release , here in Malaysia .....

Thaipusam 2009 Chariot Walk

Thaipusam 2009 , As usual i( townguy ) celebrate it in Batu Caves . Manage to snap some pictures and record some videos to share with my beloved readers . I walked with Chariot from Maha Mariyaman Temple KL to Batu Caves . With the Chariot all the time , start to end . We move from Maha Mariyaman temple about 12.20am and reach Batu Caves aprox 1.30pm . All the image and video below , i caught on the way to Batu Caves ....

Pictures :

Videos :

Enjoy yourself ? you can notice , in the picture slide shown above , there are some unrelated images like McDonald , Cups on Car , and bread being steped by leg . Actualy this pictures i snap purposely which i will talk in my another post in coming few days . Today i show some good part of Thaispusam here in KL already , but my next post will be about , things many people don't want to happen during Thaipusan festival . Untill see all again via my next post , enjoy the Thaipusam holiday who staying in Kuala Lumpur , Penang , Johor , Negeri Sembilan and Selangor ......

BN & Pakatan Rakyat's Dilemma in Perak - Just A Beginning : Malaysiakini

I'm following and observing the dilemma accruing in Perak since last few days via Malaysiakini , by their update news and videos . We cant see much and shown real situation in normal Malysian tv channels . What i can conclude from all of the event , jump party , internal politics , more and more politicking is , untransparency , and all of this dilemma is not going to end here . It just a beginning for much more unsuspected things which going to be happen in Malaysian politic scenery for coming few years until next general election( approx 2012 or end of 2011 ) .
Malaysian politics enter new era after 2008 march election . Malaysian politicians in uncertain ground , no "yes sir" situation anymore , and more "real politic" elements start to surface . All this uncertainty started by opposition current leader , Dato Seri Anuar Ibrahim . When he launch a campaign to attract more BN PMs from peninsula and Sabah&Sarawak to join PakatanRakyat . And the BN counterpart , did their best to keep all their MPs with them , like trip to taiwan , frequent meeting and cabinet member opportunity given to many Parliament . Plus with wide media coverage for newbie pakatan rakyat state goverment'sbetter Indian community future . And millions of ringgir splashed in Terenganu by BN leaders for by-election last month which been win by oppositions.
All this mess/uncertainty , many people assume , comes to a end when BN take over Perak State government form Pakatan Rakyat yesterday( officially ) . Is that correct , is this the end ?? In my point of view , not at all . But this is the beginning of another chapter of uncertainty politic in Malaysia until next general election . Why you ask , now is february , next month our Deputy Prime Minister will become official Prime Minister of this country . The money which been spend in Terenganu , real politic used in Perak to takeover Perak State Government , all this event master minded by whom ? Our DPM , for gain Rakyat's believe on BN( on him ) . But what happen ? our DPM fail do so , rather than gain believe , in my point of view , he lost more believe on him . After he on power next month , this chance will used by wounded tiger( Anuar Ibrahim ) to create more conspiracy to fulfill Pakatan Rakyat's never ending ambition to take over central government .
There are more other factors which make me conclude in such way but hard to explain . For people out there who still wondering what is real politics and pure democracy , you can try Google it out , but i will write another article about it . All this term is used here , i learn when imPengajian Am subject and few law base subject in collage , some time back. ImUntilyou welcomed to comment on this post ........
backbenchers mistakes . And this is the time for many divided Indian base parties voice out to co-operate for in form 6 , interested in this subject , which come in handy to analysis political scenario nowadays . meet you all with my next post , all of

'Perak people robbed, shortchanged'

‘It can be assured that there will be serious repercussions come the next general elections if the BN is allowed to govern Perak in this way.'

Meng: If this is the beginning of Najib's politics, it bodes danger for the country and the rakyat. It is obvious that this is a man familiar only with cloak-and-dagger politics.

Vivian Lim: After losing in two free and fair by-elections, Najib finally claims victory in Perak by undemocratic means. I was born and grew up in Perak.

The people of Perak gave victory to Pakatan Rakyat on March 8. Now Najib has, with one shake of his witch's broomstick (and God knows what else) taken away from Perak a government led mainly by people who serve the rakyat.

Prema Subramaniam: As a resident of Perak, it is really a disgrace for Barisan Nasional to pinch the Pakatan Rakyat state representatives.
We pray that our Sultan will cede to Nizar's request and immediately dissolve the state assembly. All the BN representatives will lose their deposits if a snap elections were to be held.

Dian Abdullah: Twist and turn, here and there. Well, now it is up to the Sultan of Perak to do the right thing. That is to dissolve the state assembly and let the people decide again.

The arrogant manner Umno had continued with will not last long. In fact, if fresh elections are permitted, I am very sure the people of Perak will teach and even shame Najib and Umno beyond repair.

source :

No dissolution, new gov't to be sworn in


6.15pm: PM Abdullah was seen leaving Istana Kinta. According to the latest information, the new BN-led state government is expected to be sworn in by Sultan Azlan Shah tomorrow.

5.50pm: PM Abdullah arrives at Istana Kinta in Ipoh. He joins Najib and all 28 BN state representatives as well as the three Independents who are already inside the palace. They will be sworn in by Sultan Azlan Shah to take over the state government.

4.58pm: A new BN government is expected to be sworn in today. Bernama reported that Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak and the state BN representatives have arrived at Istana Kinta. Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, who is on an official visit to the state, is also expected to be present at the palace any time now.

4.53pm: The police have taken over the state secretariat building. All Pakatan officials in the complex are told to pack up and leave by 5pm.

source :

Overseas Tamils Protest against war on Tamils in Sri Lanka : Norway & Berlin

Norwegian Tamils, spurred by the brutal attacks by the Sri Lanaka armed forces killing and maiming many innocent Tamils in Vanni, gathered unannounced in front Norwegian Parliament Saturday between 1:00 p.m and 3:00 p.m, voicing that each hour delay in stopping the war will increase the number of people killed in Vanni, sources in Oslo said.

Norwegian Tamils called on the Norwegian government to urge the Sri Lanka government to stop the war on the Tamils in Vanni in its capacity and right as the key actor in bringing peace in Sri Lanka.

The protesters are in front of the Norwegian Parliament:

Meanwhile, Hundreds of Berlin Tamils engaged in a similar spontaneous demonstration in front of the Indian High Commission in Berlin Friday around 11:00 a.m demanding the Indian Government to immediately stop its assistance to Sri Lanka in killing the Tamils in Vanni, sources in Berlin said.

The Berlin Tamils continued their protest demonstration shouting slogans bearing the photo of Muthukumar who laid his life in self-immolation in support of the Eelam Tamils in Chennai, for nearly 3 hours in front of the Indian High Commission in Berlin.

Demonstration in front of the Indian High Commission in Berlin :

A big protest demonstration is to be held by the Tamils in Germany in Berlin city on the 4th of February, the organizers said.

Overseas Tamils Protest against war on Tamils in Sri Lanka : Britain

Tamils all over the world , keep on showing their protest against war on Tamils in Sri Lanka . Latest protest is from Tamils in Britain , German , and Norway .

Britain :

More than 9000 British Tamils gathered Saturday in front of No. 10 Downing Street in London participating in a mass vigil from 3:00 p.m till 7:00 p.m, urging British Prime Minister Gordon Brown to exert pressure on the governments of Sri Lanka and India to call for an immediate ceasefire in Sri Lanka. This event marks the third of the ‘Awareness Campaign’ organized by the Tamil Youth Organization (TYO) in United Kingdom.

A petition signed by the protestors was handed over to the Prime Minister’s office. The petition, while expressing the gratitude for the Prime Minister’s positive response to the question raised Wednesday by Hon. Keith Vaz, MP, in British Parliament related to peace talks in the Sri Lankan conflict, placed the following requests for the urgent consideration of the Prime Minister:

  • To exert pressure on the Sri Lanka government to opt for peace negotiation instead of war,
  • To exert pressure on the Indian Government to support the proposal for peace talks in Sri Lanka, and
  • To act jointly with the UN to bring about a peace process in Sri Lanka.

Source : , ,

Malaysia's 1st 3D Movie : GENG

Today is sunday , i relax my self infornt of TV , and i got opportunity to watch the making of Malaysia's 1st 3D Movie , " GENG , Pengembaraan Bermula " . Realy a wonderfull work by group of talented Malaysians . As a Malaysian it is my responsibilty to support another Malaysian's effort and production . First i want show my support by promoting this movie via by blog , here in townguy's voice . Second step i will tell later , haha .The movie will be in theaters in 12 Februari 2009 . This movie, GENG, able to become reality with the support of Malaysia's IT giats like MIMOS , MDEC and etc .

From GENG's official website :

Geng the Movie: Pengembaraan Bermula

Disuarakan Oleh:
Adik Balqis (sebagai Ros), Adik Izwan (Badrol), Adik Kannan (Rajoo), Kee Yong Pin (Lim) dan Adik Fathiah (Upin & Ipin)

Kanak-kanak, Famili, Animasi 3D

Sambutlah ‘Geng the Movie: Pengembaraan Bermula’ dengan hati terbuka dan beri laluan! Ya, beri laluan kepada generasi baru pembikin filem tanahair yang berkebolehan, berjiwa seni, bermaruah dan berwawasan.

Izinkan saya menyatakan bahawa saya tidak sama sekali terlibat dengan pembikinan ‘Geng’. Hanya sebagai penonton saya mengulas dan menyuarakan apa yang benar, seadanya saya alami di dalam panggung pada malam pra-tonton Selasa lepas. Rasanya saya mengalami sejarah dalam pembikinan. Kot? Iya, iyalah kot...

Watak :

Watch this movie in theater is will be our biggest contribution to support our local talents , so come we go watch this movie as we rush to watch any other vijay's movie( Indians ) , Jet Lee's movie( Chinese ) or Rosham Noor's movie ( malay ) ...... I planned to watch this movie in theater just after this movie released in the theater soon , to show my supprt to group of talented Malysians work .