You Can Contribute To This Blog

My beloved readers... townguy welcome anyone who interested in contributing to this blog. Contribution in term of articles. For loyal reader, you know this blog talk about : Malaysian Politics and Malaysian Indian Politics related issues.

Most of my post can get few comments/support. But lately i am buy with another own domain website call . So don't have pleasure of time to write good critical politic news.

You may think, you write and i earn from the ads in this blog. aahh... the ads are useless, never been earn anything from that. Some more this blog not that famous, only few loyal readers, followers and of course critics. Anyway thanks for the critics, you motivate me to write more articles. Usually uncles and pak cik only talk politics and most of the time they don't know blogging, so this kind of blogs get very few readers unless townguy is politician.

Bottom line..... Feel free to contribute for this blog. Mail your articles, pictures, or anything can be posted to or Include you pet name or blogging name in the article so i can show it when i post it, so people can know it is a contribution article.

Thank you & Regards