Assignment oh Assignment

My house's TM streamxy down for repair when i need it most . The TM technician himself don't know whats wrong with my internet connection which cause the very slow connection . I ponteng one day of my collage , with reason this time, lol , last Tuesday , so the TM technician can come to my house to repair the problem in the office hours as he want . After try to fix more than one hour , he look at me , i look at him , and he say : " Sayapun tak tau ape problem dengan you punye connection , semua nampak ookkey je , i balik office check and call you" . Than he go away , but never come back or call me either , hhmm . Im here waiting for his phone call , tavemai tavem iruken , lol .

Now i come to the main news of this article , you all by now saying : " this guy always like to cerita panjang" , haha , normal what , townguy the crab story teller .

Ya , the internet down when i need it most . I need my internet and google to finish my assignment , know why ? You all have been heard this before: "COPY,PASTE,EDIT,REFERENCE" technique which widely used to do assignment before ? . I also use it once in a while . IF you do business subjects , than this the fastest technique which can be used to finish the assignment . Pity , i only got one business subject . Other 4 subjects are IT related , don't even try to use the above technique in it , lol . The 4 subjects are , C++ , Database and web database , creativity and innovation(WTF) , and system analysis and design . Each of this subject have sad story behind it . Due to time constraint , let me choose the best nominee for the "SAD STORY BEHIND A IT SUBJECT" .

Winner of "SAD STORY BEHIND A IT SUBJECT" , is Database and web database . Early of the semester , the lecturer inform to the class that , she wont tech SQL , wtf , SQL is the main thing need to be teach by the lecturer in this subject . She provide a website address which contains all the video needed to complete the assignment , we have to learn it by our self . I like to mix with new people , so when the grouping take place to do this assignment , even thou my friends invite me to join their group, i like M1, refuse and join . At last my lecturer dump me into a group which the member who i never been be friend before , hoooray , i achieve my objective . Here comes the biggest threat(APPE KANNEKE TERIYATE MAMME) . There are 4 members in the team include myself. 2 are arab guys , 1 indian muslim girl , and me pachei Indian ,lol . Early of the semenser all of them looks very professional , and do some work . After few weeks i find out they all not PRO as they sounds and looks. Just yesterday , the Indian muslim girl inform be that, she wanted to drop this subject and that two arab guys only will showup for few classes , i also like them , but not bad as them , lol . Now the morale of the story is , i have to this subject's assignment BY MY OWN SELF , and i still asking WTF is SQL server , best part , the submitting date is in another 12 days . Not only that , im still screeching my head for do my other subjects , and the due date is next week .

Conclusion of the article , i need to submit 4 IT subject assignment in two and half weeks . And non of them even reach 15% of progress , appeye pathi sonnange , assignmentla semester earlyle start pannenone. Daiyoooo , lol .

Useless Streamyx

Useless Streamyx , ya , that what i can tell about my broadband connection rite now . eeerrrr , the connection is slow , i mean reeeeealy slow . A normal google homepage took 2 minutes to be loaded . And the best part , i have to wait more than five minutes to my blogpsot login page to be loaded and another five minute the enter my blog dashboard after login , eeerrr . This what make me away from blogging since last one week , and i think this condition will continue for another week base on the feedback i receive from the TM's helpdesk . They say , a technician will be send to my house , and the technician is only available on office time , hhmmm . But the sad thing is , no one will at home when the TM technician available . Looks like have to ponteng one day of my collage to fix the prob , than i will able to blogging again . I WILL BE BACK SOON , thanks for the support my dear bloggers and readers .

After i click the submit button , it will take another 5 to 10 minute complete the posting , hhmm. HELL .

Ahmad Shabery-Anwar Debate

Just finish watch the debate live at channel 501 in ASTRO . 1st time in Malaysian history , a open debate conducted among a representative from ruling party and opposition.

Anwar fully utilize his previous experience and events which took place when he in the government . At same time , keep on repeating about "Peoples difficulties with the rapid oil price hike " . Answar provide some kind of formula to gather money from existing resource in the government to reduce the oil price at least by RM0.50 . Sounds reasonable eventhou im not a economy/finance speacialist .
At the other site Ahmad Shabery , sorry i forgot which ministry he from and his title , lol . He also debate his points quite well . Continuesly comparing Malaysia with other countries in term of oil price and inflation . He come out with several statistics , including Petronas's real income and source of income .

In my opinion the debate quite neutral , not hot or super hot as expected , lol . At same time i get bit knowledge about Anwar's previous political life(1970's) . The good thing is , Anwar stated that , Pakatan Rakyat willing to show its support , if the government willing to adopt the formula he stated in the debate . The best part , Anwar somewhere between the debate says : "sayapun tak tau say kat mane dalam sehari dua",lol . Maybe he give some indication of what going to happen to him in upcoming one or two days .

So , did you watch the debate ? what your opinion about it ? cool , lame , hot , Bolehla ......

Why ? why ? why ?

This article posted to find out my readers opinion about my previous articles . If you are my loyal readers/visitors you may read my articles which i posted since i opened this blog . Some are cut and paste from other sources and some others are written by my own . The most hard worked articles are my CRAB STORIES : I Also Wanna Be A Leader , Majority Indian Students In School. Each of them took very long time to be prepared .

But i don't know why my hard worked articles getting very poor feedback and support . Is that because the articles are too lengthy ? not interesting? very sensitive ? bad command of language ? Less promotion by the owner of the blog about the article ? the layout of the article is lame ? or because the articles produced by just a blogspot blogger and not a .com blogger?

Why ? Why ? Why?

I keep this article short so my readers can finish read this article fast and provide some advise and guidance . Just a SURVEY by Townguy(author of this blog)

I Also Wanna Be A Leader : Another Crab Story

Hai everybody , after very of my first crab story , today im posting my second crab story . Most of you who did not read the first crab story wondering what the the crabs got to do with my article . Eventhough the crabs got nothing to do with my article , but i like to represent Indians as crabs . You asking why? Than for sure you don't know our famous "Indian crab story" among Indians.

I got idea to write this crab story based on my previous experience as president of Tamil and culture society (secondary school) and incident in Tamil and culture society few days back in my collage .

We Indians , most of us , naturally have this strong desire for :
1) Fame(influence)
2) Post(english), Patevi(Tamil) , Jawatan(malay)

This crab story base on this key words indirectly . Okay , let me start with my crab story.

In School days , especially in secondary school , most of us been active in this Tamil & culture society . Early of the year there will be a big meeting in a classroom for choose(elect) the board members of the society : president , vice-president , secretary , AJK and etc . The Tamil & culture society will function actively for few months and than start to fate off like volcano,lol . How active is the society is different story , i come back to my story again. The elected board members will plan and organize activities every week . The time past by , after few months ... ceng ceng ceeeng ... , we can notice the presence of unfamiliar faces(group of students) attend the weekly meeting/activity and start to bring up some issues . They usually claim that , the current board members not active enough and power division is unbalance , and bla bla bla . End of the day , they will ask for a re-election to choose new board members . Everything done very strategically by the new group of the student . More and more new students start to flow into the meeting by the time the re-election get to started . This new students are the friends of the people who created the problem . Now with more votes from people who created the problem , now the society fall into their hand . END OF STORY , chop chop , not yet , this just the beginning . The process will happen again and again through the year , and when we revise the book of activity at the end of the year , only the unfilled empty space will we visible , because thorough the year , the Indian students busy arguing of who to be the board members until cannot run any REAL tamil & culture society.........SMALL CRABS

We in the second stage of the story . We take a look at whats the teenage crabs doing in Universities and Collages . Again at the beginning of the year , active Indian University and collage students will vote and choose board of members for the Tamil & Culture society . This time the lecturers present as the adviser of the society. The society run smoothly until a group of students comes up and create problem to take over the society just for the sake of fame and influence among Indian students in the campus. The new group manage take over the society or not based on the situation and rule of the society. And the situation will look something like in the picture shown above....... MEDIUM CRABS

Next stage of the story based on TAKE 3 and TAKE 4 . We look at the big daddies . What they doing in the Indian Politic Parties . Thous days , leaders and members of Indian Politic Parties fight for the rights of Indians in the country . But nowadays , leaders and members from the same party fight among their self to capture the top post of the party . They assume , if they leader of this Indian Politic Party , there are automatically become the Indian's Leader overall . True , in pre-independence era , but not anymore . We assume , I.C.C is the only Indian Politic which exist to protect Indian's rites in this country , but the leaders in the I.C.C busy playing politics among their self to become president of the party . Time past by , but the president of the I.C.C sit strong in his position. The high and middle level leaders not given opportunity to take over the presidency of the I.C.C by the current president . The high level leaders of I.C.C doesn't want to wait anymore . With quite number of loyal supporters the vice-president and secretary of I.C.C form different party and become president of the newly formed Indian Parties which know as U.I.C.C and J.I.C . Before this , the I.C.C which is the only Indian party represent the Indian community now divided into three parts , same goes for its influence and power . If more and more , leaders hunger for fame and power , currently three Indian Politic Parties may divided into more smaller pieces ....soon ........ BIG OLD CRABS

I took 6 hours to write this article and create all this images , each piece in this article is the result of my 6 hours hard work . Don't mistaken me , i just appreciating my self ,lol.

Dato Anwar's Speeh At Kelana Jaya Stadium





Even thou this is a YOUTUBE video , some part of the speech regarding sensitive and high profile topic like "Missing Of Balasubramaniam" been censured .

Kelana Jaya Stadium : Petrol Price Hike Protest(5pm update)

The two videos below will describe the atmosphere of the Kelana Jaya Stadium since morning . Video includes few speeches of the organizers . Whoever not have the chance to go there directly , this videos will keep you updated .....

Early morning scenes:

Carnival atmosphere at the Kelana Jaya rally:


Kelana Jaya Stadium : Petrol Price Hike Protest(1pm update)

There is a carnival sort of atmosphere at the Kelana Jaya stadium this morning at the day-long anti-fuel hike rally.

People started trickling into the 50,000 capacity stadium since early morning, to be greeted by vendors selling Pakatan Rakyat party mementos, T-shirts, cassettes and posters.

The rally is organised by the Coalition Against Inflation (Protes).

Protes coordinator Dr Hatta Ramli told Malaysiakini yesterday that the programme, which would see musical and artistic performances in between political speeches, would start at 10am until midnight.

When the rally kicked off at 10am, about 5,000 people have arrived at the stadium with more on their way. Most of them are in red T-shirts, turning the grandstand into a sea of red.

By noon, the crowd had risen to about 10,000.

About 2,500 volunteers from both PAS and PKR Youth wing have been placed to handle the crowd.

Police and military 'intimidation'

At the station, a small band of uniformed police personnel have been stationed to monitor the crowd.

So far, there is no police presence outside the stadium, although policemen have been put on standby in case of any untoward incident.

There are also two mobile police stations at the stadium.

"Any contrary information that is being disseminated whether by SMS or email are patently false and misleading and are meant to confuse the public." said a statement from Protes.

"The planned programme will not be cancelled under any circumstances to ensure that the people are able to express their dissatisfaction at the government's decision to drastically increase the price of petrol and other fuels without strong and reasonable justification."



Lately we can notice many criminal news in Kepong area , via electronic media news and news papers . But we take it easy because , i our mind it just normal as it happens in other places . I'm on of you , until today. Today i receive a call from cousin , saying , she been snatch theft for the third time since last august. She been push to the ground and her wallet snatched by two guys in a middle of a supermarket(shopping complex). She knock her head on the stray which cause bleeding . Include today , her two wallet with some amount of money and one handphone been snatch theft in less than a year. She already did her best prevention steps to safe guard her self from become snatch theft victim again but pity her , nothing seems to be helpful when facing the thief . She report all three cases in police station , well you know report stay as report in the files of police station.

We recap some of social-criminal activities which been happen and happening in Kepong area:

Burglars on the loose in Taman Kepong(source : Star Online)
Kepong abuzz over african presence(source : Star Online)
Robbery suspect shot dead (source : nstOnline)
Soh named as cop-killer (source : nstOnline)

* Dozen of mails regarding criminal cases in Kepong include gang-rape(source : townguy's mail Inbox)

So be aware and careful of your surrounding when you out site of your house , especially girls . For guys , try to be helpful if see someone being snatch theft , if the the thieves not harm with weapons unless you wand try your luck ,lol .


Music:: GV. Prakash
CAST : Rajnikanth, Pasupathi, Meena, Nayantra

Song List:

Cinema Cinema
Singers: Shankar Mahadevan
Lyricist : Vaali
Click Here to download

Singers : Hariharan, Sujatha, Baby Ranjini, Baby Pooja
Lyricis : Pa. Vijay
Click Here to download

Om Zaarare
Singers : Daler Mehndi, Chitra, Sadhana Sargam
Lyricist : Vaali
Click Here to download

Singers : Shreya Ghoshal, Kids
Lyricist : Dr. Kridhaya
Click Here to download

Singers : Kailash Kher, Prasanna
Lyricist : Yugabharathi
Click Here to download

DOWNLOAD and ENJOY, If the link take very long to load due to heavy traffic , inform me , i will upload other link.

Deadly Accident At The Main and Only entrance Of Puchong:UPDATE

From the source, the cause of the accident started with the trailer heading from Bandar Kinrara and the driver failed to maneuver the vehicle and hit all the other vehicles that was actually stopped in front of the traffic light.

More Photos:

BERITA HARIAN(today's news paper):
Seorang maut, 4 parah kemalangan babitkan 14 kenderaan

IM a regular User of the particular road , i really thank to good , i did not past by that road when the accident occur, if i past by the road when accident , maybe im not typing and clicking my laptop now , Thanks GOD.

Deadly Accident At The Main and Only entrance Of Puchong

Today , MOnday 30th June, about 3.45pm, a deadly accident occurs at the main and only entrance of puchong(Malaysai).

After my class finishes i head from bulit jalil crossing puchong over bridge to enter LDP highway. From fare i notice traffic jam on the overhead bridge . When i reach at the top on the bridge , many vehicle owners , park their vehicle as site and taking look at below of the bridge(the main entrance of puchong).

I stated "Main and Only Entrance" because , it is the only way to enter puchong from kuala lumpur and Pj . I also stop my vehicle a site , and take a look below , OH MY GOD, thats the first thing comes of my mouth .

I saw , a car separated into two pieces and the toe struck trying to pull the car to the site of the road. I reach the place bit late to look at what really happen , but when i look at the situation , i can assume something reallly bad took place there. The accident caused a dead lock situation at the entance of the puchong .

The Pictures i manage to snap: