Education System(ES) - OLD & NEW ??

Hai my beloved readers and anybody who bump to this blog accidentally. Already 2 month not update this blog. Busy updating and setting up my another site.... As usual, what the title and this article about ? A random tough while traveling in car bring me to write this article. This article is not to bash over Malaysian Education System AGAIN, worldwide point of view. We only going to see the purpose, output and difference between OLD modern education system(OMES) system and NEW modern education system(NMES). What do i mean by modern education system. Simple, people who go to school, university and training institute to gain official certificate or professional title. In this article i assume OMES is a education system before 1950s and NMES after 1950s.

Purpose of OMES:
Children thous days not compulsory to attend official schools. But very few go through OMES and reach the highest point by reaching Universities. One of the earliest, famous and well known Universities situated in Europe and US, and very few in other continents. Students study in universities because of thier own pure interest, eager, and passion towrads knowledge.

Pupose of NMES:
In many counties there is a law to compolsery childredn to attend school untill certain age or level. Higher education become a necesary to survice , to ensure good life in easy way. Offical certificates become employement requirements. Hence MOST people go through NMES , because they have to.

Output of OMES:
Purpose of OMES which we go thorough above, encourages many research, studies, and experiment conducted my self passionte students. As a result human kind discover many scietific and technological knowledge during the era of OMES. Most of the famous scientis who are famous untill today are the production of OMES..... simple example Albert Einstien.

Output of NMES:
Many findings already made by OMES, hence NMES students reach universities to study and enhance knowledge of OMES. Even the rocket science is generated from the findings of OMES. NMES studies give OMES aerospace and physics knowledge a practical form in the name of NASA and Space Shuttle. In simple words.... very few findings but lots of enhancement during NMES.

Problems during OMES:
Some of the main probles during that point time:
1) very low awareness towards importance of education
2) very limited facilites, family support.
3) not such low to must the formal education
4) limited or not infomation vailable to reffer to
5) Word War 1 & 2, civil war, territory expansion by superpowers.

Problems of NMES:
1) MANY go thorugh higher education becase it already become a neccessary for easy life. No education, no good work, no money.
2) Too many distraction, Internet, Television, Handphone, Extended Social Life, etc.
3) No extra time to to extra researh....... After graduation people rush for work, like a meachine, no time for extra research and produce new findings.....

Benefit of OMES:
People who reach the higest level of OMES will dedicate thier self for their specialisation. Spend more time do reseach, we sometimes call them mad profs if englsih movies. NO distraction of social need like, need go to work with fix time, need to fullfill other social need like buy good house, fast car, pay handphone bills , electric bills, have delicious food and leave a life which ruspected by the social like friends, and family.

Benefit of NMES:
Extensive information available with click of a button. Big funds available for ONLY the best research which have commercial values.

Conclusion, OMES and NMES , both have pros and cons. But in my point of view NMES not performing to the REAL purpose of education as good as OMES. Do you think the situation described in "Problems of NMES" can produce beneficial research and knowledge for mankind??

Note : My English sucks, sorry. But not my facts and thinking, i guess....