Temple Charet In My Palce

First of all please excuses me with the spelling "charet" in the title , hopefully the spelling is correct , if not please correct me . What i mean by "Charet" is "Ratem" we call it in tamil .

This is just a simple post which sharing some images of the Ratem from the near by temple in my place . Fellow bloggers who from nearby my place , miss the chance to pray or at least see the rathem , here i got some low quality picture but still viewble,lol, to you all :

i already prompt shoutbox of the bloggers who from by place , if you were here , hope you get mild picture of the real atmosphere .

Bye Bye Olympics , Hi Hi Exam

Hai everybody , since last few weeks im away from active blogging due to assignment , poor broadband connection , and exam which will kick off today .

Last week was my study week . I studied bit , sleep allot , eat nicely , comment in other blog , and enjoy watching tremendous Olympics . Yesterday is the official closing ceremony of Beijing Olympics as you all . Wonderful fire work and performance . Next Olympics will be in London , 2012 .

So bye bye Olympics:

I should study yesterday , at least a bit , but i enjoy watch Olympics and a nice english movie in tv2 .Today morning was heavy rain , but i must go to collage to sit for the exam . On the way to collage in a heavy rain , i remember that , the venue of the exam not in the main campus of my collage but in a new venue , which been specially set up for exams . OMG , i dont know the place . With confident in heart , and dirt water on road , i mange to find the place by luck . wow , nice sentence just now(even in broken English,lol). I reach the waiting room of the exame hall , my god , damm big . I will have 5 exam in five days in this place . Today(monday) till friday.

So time to say Hi Hi Exam:

Can you see the white boat at the froooont there? Actually i took this picture from the middle of the hall . This not the whole picture of the exam hall yet. This exam hall look quite big for me , maybe because i never been to the public U's exam halls , what to do , im a "Katak Bawa Tempurung"

i will continue active writing article in townguy's way starting coming saturday . You may ask , why am i that much of book nerd untill no time to blog , haha , good question , but just fell of guilty because normal days i do not revise properly , lazy pig , at least utilize this exam week to do last minute revisions . Ellam biasa thane , ha ha ha . See you guys soon with good articles to read and comment .

There Goes Our Only Gold Medal

The match between Lin Dan(China) and Lee Chong Wei(Malaysia) over new minutes back( approx 9.40pm) . Lee Chong Wei tried his best to face his stiffest badminton rival world no.1 Lin Dan . But end up Lin Dan defeat Lee Chong Wei 21-12(1st set) and 21-8(2nd set).
Lin Dan show off his joy by through his badminton recket and shoes randomly to the crowd . Sad , there goes the only hope of Malysians to gain 1st Gold medal in Olympic . But for Lee Chong Wei , you still our HERO .

Bar Council - ‘Conversion to Islam’ Forum

About 300 protesters have gathered outside Bar Council headquarters demanding that the lawyers group halt its controversial forum on ‘Conversion to Islam’ this morning.


The Bar Council today, adhereing to the advice of the police - and an angry mob at its doorstep - wrapped up its half-day forum on 'Conversion to Islam' at 10am, an hour after it had started.

Fault Engineering

One week back , i went to a Public Hall in Cheras for my causin sis's engagement . Im one of the earliest guest who reach that hall baecause we are the close relative to the sis's family . My mother ask me to carry few things from car to the stage of the hall . When i enter the entrance of the hall , it looks like this :
Nice decoration and hall . I walk straight towards the stage while looking at the decoration which taking place on the stage while caring the things . When i getting nearer to the stage , walking on the red carpet , i stopped , oh my god , because of this :

Illusion:( Looks like this from far)

Real :

There is a gap between the floor and the stage , OMG . Straight away i take my super combo 10 mega pixel camera(normal symbian handphone , lol) and snap this fault engineering to share with you all . After some moment , a old grandma walk straight towards the stage without notice of this illusion . I have to be hero to save her , if she fault , for sure the engagement will be canceled , you know why , lol . Malaysian Public Hall Engineers getting more creative day by day , haha . Illusion vs Real , watch out !!