Meet the Spartans Review

Meet the Spartans is a movie appeared on 25 December 2007(in US), produced by 20th Century Fox. It is a pure comedy.

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PM of Malaysia Interviewed by CNN

Dato Seri Abdullah bin Haji Ahmad Badawi , PM of Malaysia been interviewed by CNN recently .

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Aishwarya in 'Robot' with Rajinikanth

It is confirmed that Shankar has been successful with regard to roping in former Miss World in his mega budgeted film Robot......

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Malaysian PM tips election losses

Malaysia's Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has conceded that the ruling coalition is unlikely to score a repeat of its 2004 landslide victory in the next general elections.......

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Support mannin maintergal(malaysian indian artists)

Lately for thaipusam(Hindus festival), mannin maintergal launch their creation in the form of music albums and movies.....

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Next Bond film : 'Quantum of Solace'

"Quantum of Solace" was unveiled Thursday as the title of the next James Bond film.....

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Wonders of Thaipusam : Batu Caves

Chariot in night time , really eye catching .

Chariot , day time

devotee , not just a normal one , but with lots of believe and courage

more devotee, finding way take over another devotee's decorated private chariot .

A devotee sitting on nail made ladder , blessing a small boy .

Riverside image : Batu caves

Guy I'm still got lots to share about Thiapusam , after that its time for turn on the style , till than enjoy wonderful Thaipusam pictures .

Is boikot thiapusam batu caves a failure?

Here i include the photos i took by myself about 11pm , 22 feb.
See this pictures and judge your self boikot thaipusam batu caves really a failure as most tv and radio news .................

photo number & location
  1. before the main enterence, below the over bridge
  2. batu caves main open area.
  3. batu caves main open area facing the cave.
  4. lord vinayeger temple
  5. main devotees route to ladder
  6. ladder enterence
  7. empty shop lots
  8. we can see middle line in ladders special for devotes , looks almost empty
  9. main open area
  10. a mtocylist very free to move around with his bike , main open area
  11. as usual , FRU(Surprise no water gun or tear gas , lol)
But guys im not denied , our indian devotes divert their self to other places like penang , kuala selangor , johor ,ipoh , even sarawak(kuching).
We must remember devotes just boikot thiapusam in batu caves , not thaipusam itself.

IF enough support i will upload more image took on thaipusam day itself ......

Batu Caves Thaipusam'08

Time &Event(Batu Caves,Selangor)

22 jan ,12.06am = Chariot processing from Kl Sri Maha Mariamman Temple

22 jan , noon = Chariot arrive Batu Caves

22 jan , 4pm = Flag-raising ceremony

23 jan , 8pm = Cultural concert

22&23 jan , 6pm =Glorious dharshans&Kavadi(main highlight of


Sri Lanka War

Before 1940's Sri Lanka under British Colony (Pakaistan, India , Nepal , Sri Lanka ) . After the Independence Sri Lanka break away from India form a own country .......

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U.S election

2008 , is a presidential election year for U.S . The Democrats and Republicans are the main two parties............

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Growing online advertising

Online advertising market will grow very rapidly from 2006 until 2011 .
Graph from voice-statistics shows percentage of growth and increasing annual income from this advertisements .

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Movie stared by four Kollywood stars

Want to know how many movies been act by four leading young heroes , Vijay , Ajith , Vikram , and Suria ?

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Malaysia health minister resigns

Malaysia health minister , Chua Soi Lek resigned Wednesday after acknowledging that he and a female friend were the couple in a secretly filmed sex video.

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Next Kollwood Superstar?

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Corruption in Pakistan

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Benazir Bhutto been killed

Thursday, 27 December 2007 , Benazir Bhutto, Pakistan's Former Prime Minister, Killed In Suicide Bomb Attack.

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