UTAR , Conference , And Marry Christmas

Hai everybody , been quite time townguy dint update this blog . Human life , up and down . Im in down part of my life since last few weeks , hence have to put Townguy in freeze since last two weeks .

This post consists of array of event i went lately , so compile few posts under one title as you can see above .

Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman , Setapak , Malaysia .
Last Wednesday , 17th Dec , i and my friend went to the UTAR's Indian cultural show , known as "Muttamizh Iravu " . It is the first Indian cultural night in UTAR . Not bad for the first time , the organisers make it look like they doing this event for few years already , good preparation . I think they should name this event as "Happening Iravu" , lol , reason , simply because the organisers manage to invite Malaysian Indian Local Artist , Example , Dilip Varmen , Hari Dasan , Chacrasonic , and etc .

Conference = MALAYSIAN YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS CONFERENCE & EXHIBITION 2008.Dato Tony's inspirational and funny speech
Held in PWTC , KL , last sunday , 21st Dec . This event get good coverage and promotion . I myself attend this conference .
First i enter the conference room/hall , My God , wow , chance of life time , really . I get opportunity to see and listen to speech of many Malaysian successfull entrepreneur's such as Dato Tony Fernades( Air Asia ) , Dato Edmund Santara( Master Skill ) , Dato AK Nathan , Dato P.Kasi , Dato Mohamed Izat Emir , and etc . Free breakfast , lunch and tea time in PWTC , simply superb , lol .

Marry Christmas , no need definition, lol . Today , we already can feel the fewer of Christmas in many Malaysian Shopping Complex , include Mid Valley . Evidence , haha :
Tomorrow , Townguy going to City Of Lion , correct , Singapore , hurray . For 4 days and 3 night . hai Singapore , Townguy coming to your Town , haha . Pls no terrorist attract in any Singapore Hotels pls , lol .
Townguy's First Ever Passport

Yab , that's it for now . Ho Ho Ho , Advance Marry Christmas to all who celebrate this special festival . Enjoy .

EPL & TMS - Male & Female

Every guy's best entertainment EPL , Every women's best entertainment TMS , aahh TMS ??

Definition :
EPL : english premier league TMS : Tamil Mega Serial

We already have
enough of many TMS articles , describing the effect of TMS on girls and aunties . But many of us, not aware that , there is a another entertainment make guys , uncles addicted to it . YES , one and only EPL .

Girl or woman who
addicted to TMS :
  • forget to do house work
  • forget to cook for family
  • reluctant to help on children's school work
Guys or uncle who addicted to EPL :
  • forget to bring family for outing
  • forget to attend family functions
  • not forget to pay astro bill , lol
Only football star aunty know is david beckham , Only football star young girls know is cristiano ronaldo .
Only drama star you and i know ( guys ) is
Radhika , hahaha .

Only football team
aunty know is Brasil , Only football team young girls know is Manchester united .
One and only drama we guys know ,
DON't Know , lol

EPL's keys language , pass , counter attack , tackle , upset , joy , win , loose , draw , and GOOOOAAALLLL ....
TMS's key language , punch dialog , sentiment , suspends , never ending story , useless reasons , and CRRRYYYY .....

See the similarities ?, so don't always blame the
womans to watching mega serials , because we guys also addicted to the same effects but through different entertainment . I always state the source on my inspiration to write a article , but today i stating it at the end of the article . Inspiration , every sunday night we( i and my friends ) play futsal . Last week , half on the players dint come play futsal , because got MU game on the same time we usually play futsal . Than only i realise , the effect of EPL on guys are same as effect of TMS on womans( aunty and girls ) .

Image , if there is a TMS World Cup , thats is , end of the world . All Indian House kitchens will be closed for one month for sure . Champions are India( Tamil Nadu ) , runner up Malaysia or Singapore , lol .

Valge( long life ) cristiano ronaldo , Valge radhika .....