Mic Election Result : Which Good For The Community

MIC Election going to take place coming saturday. Among all election result, most awaited result will be MIC Election Result for MIC's Deputy president contested by 3 candidates. Each have their own characteristics, and campaign style.

Dato Palanivel
  • backup by Dato sammy.
  • hoping the delegates vote for him base on Dato sammy's campaign.
  • Luckiest candidate compare other two, campaign money...... you should know from which pocket.
  • very few time i see him been talk in parliament or TV.
Dato Subra
  • a experienced candidate, experience on struggling with dato samy.
  • can be said as veteran leader to.
  • a politician who been feel all the dirty politics of his captain before.
Dato Sothi
  • A quite man with bravery to voice for indian community
  • A person who can talk about real changes, MIC leader from generation after dato sammy's generation.

As a outsider of MIC, but as a Malaysian Indian , I want a leader who :
  1. Always there when our rites challenged and misinterpreted.
  2. A clean politician, who focus on what he should do to the community, rather than spend time to hold his own seat by destroying other leaders.
  3. Create a good image for Malaysian Indian community
  4. A person who not misuse his power.

Hence my expectation of MIC Deputy President Election Result :

Reason i aspect
Dato’ S. Sothinathan to win the election:
  1. IF dato subra really wants changes happen, he can done it when he as deputy president of MIC and when in the cabinet . What he want, is revenge. Thats all. Political ego between dato sammy and dato subra. And he dragging Indian community's fate into it NOW.
  2. Dato Palanivel, he can done allot when he was Selangor MIC leader and MIC deputy president. And he lost his image, he become reflection voice of Dato sammy, shadow of Dato sammy's movement. Is there anyone still going to belief on him?
  3. Dato’ S. Sothinathan, a clean leader.Even in his campaign in this election he did not talk bad about any of his rivals. We been vitnest his bravery in voicing out indian community's fate in parliament. Is there in history any MIC leaders band from parliament to voice out Indian community's voice aspect Dato’ S. Sothinathan?
To people who believe we not need political base party in this country, sorry this post not for you.