Cow Head in Shah Alam

Weird title, let it be. I don't want write one long paragraph about protest in shah alam regarding build temple issue. For most of you who reading this article, we might already know whats going on in shah alam, so lets do a good discussion rather than read same thing again and again. For those who don't know what we talking here, please go through this link first : 'Cow head' demo.

And the Video :

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There comes another chance for our politicians to point the finger at each other. Barisan National leaders and Pakatan Rakyat leaders just waiting to mistakes happen and use the issue to bash their opponents.

While reading through some websites about this issue, i come across a PKR politician's blog stating this, who the politician, i don't want mention:

"All this points to dirty politics played by ruling UMNO heads, desperate to see the toppling of the opposition-led Selangor state government. This is shocking and absolutely despicable. I also strongly condemn the lack of action on the part of the police, who have subtly been accomplices to the act that is totally disrespectful of Hindus."
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As i say before, this issue make use by a politician to condem BN. Never ending politicking by BN and PKR. Don't mistake me, I AM condemning PKR or BN leaders, frustrated with their politicking without even concerning about sensitive issues.

Lets be simple, lets be logic, lets think ways to solve this problem. Don't make it as another provoking racial issue. One simple idea from unknown blogger(me) on this section 23 shah alam issue :
As we all know, the new place allocated for the temple building surrounded by majority more than 90% are muslim friends. Base on the protest, it is clear they not happy with the upcoming new temple. Leads to cow head protest.

Why not, any Hindu society or Shah Alam base Indian representatives gather and request another location to build temple. By doing this, they building a good relationship and image with their neighboring Muslim friends and resolve this racial issue in very good manner. By doing this, don't think Shah Alam Hindus afraid of this protest. Actually Indians took very good effort to build harmony with other race Malaysian brothers and sisters. In malay we can say," berdasarkan semangat persaudaraaan satu bangsa Malaysia".

A big issue can be solved very easily, not like our over reacting politicians who just waiting to use racial issues to blame each other.

Indirect Racial Remarks : Still

Racial Remarks : i don't know how to explain it properly. A act of words to symbolist a race in some way, most of the time symbolist a race in bad way.

I am from Malaysia. A multicultural country, occupied by few different races. Malays are majority, and other faces like Chinese( 35% of population ) and Indians are minority. In this kind of environment, racial remarks are common. Some remarks known for joke and some others really hurts.

As a young Malaysian Indian, i been heart many racial remarks as i stated above. I also used some for fun, just to make jokes which does not hurt other race friends. Other race of friends sometimes use curtain terms, sentence or slangs. They thing, by doing that they actually manage to mingle-up with other race Malaysians. Sometimes yes, it accepted as a joke and create some friendship. BUT most of the time it hurts, really hurt your heard in silent.

Lately, using racial remark issue reduce dramatically among Malaysians. Yet indirectly or without they even realize Malaysian still hold or using it. If you a Malaysian, you only can notice it if you sensitive ENOUGH. Nowadays many indians does not look and sound like typical Indians. That is very good. I look like typical Indian due to my skin color. But im a true Malaysian for sure, that cannot be reflected physically rite. So this make people make some racial remark, or they just don't realize, or can be said they triggered to to use some words which irritate me as a INDIAN in origin.

Some of the experience i been encounter :

1) Few years back, when i enter degree level one. Im the only Malaysian Indian in class. All others are other race Malaysians plus foreigners. When we talk, one of the guy in the class, try to be funny by answering me while shaking his head and in Indian slang of english. I feel really irritated.
I straight ask him why he act such way, and he answered:" Indians like to shack their head while talk what". I answer back : " i talk just now, am i shaken my head ? the indian lecturer teach you standing infront there, is she shaking her head?". And than, time past by we talk normally.

Acts which bring to racial remark:
Indian are known for shake their head more compare to other race when talk, those days.

2) I on the way to interview. And im almost there, just not sure which building. I stop and ask a guy, i think he work in office near by. I ask : "Abang building ini kat mane?"/"Where is this building ?". And that guys answer : "Itu sana, ada pahamka tamy?"/"thats the building, did you understand tamby?". I asked him in proper Malay, why in earth that another race Malaysian answer in the Malay which Indians tend to use 50 years back. Is it a indirect racial remark ?

Acts which bring to racial remark:
First generation of Indians which came to Malaysia as migrants have poor communication skill in Malay language.

3) I and my friend(girl) is in fast food shop. In front of me, a Malaysian Chinese guy with girl beside him, place a order, after few second he change the order. And the cashier in the counter with smiling face change the order. My turn, i place the order, within few second i ask the cashier to change order. While changing the meal, while not facing me she said "Mengade gadela". Now how should i conclude this ? Am i too sensitive or im just be a victim of indirect racial remark?

Acts which bring to racial remark:
Some young indian guys like to rise the voice and create irrelevant situation when with group of friends.

4) A music shop newly open in shopping complex which i always go. I enter the shop, want ask for availability of any music class. I am the only customer at the shop at that moment. The shop worker does not ask me how should she can help me, or even say any wishes like "hai" or "welcome". And straight to the counter, and the person there just look at me. Than i ask about the class, and the person just answer what i asking. She did not treat me as potential customer. I on the way out of the shop. And saw other race Malaysian enter the same shop. Now the shop worker wish that person and the person at the counter, stand up. And walk and entertain the person even he just enter the shop to take a look at the new shop. Again, am i too sensitive ? Or my personality too bad? Or am i just be victim of indirect racial remark ?

Acts which bring to racial remark:
Basically buying power of Malaysian Indians are not that good compare to other races. FACT.

There are many other personal experiences, but this few enough to make as example and provide better understanding of what i trying to explain in this post/article.

Racial remark , still ??

TV3 Opps.. Did It Again

Primary tv channels in Malaysia are well known for their editing technique. And they did it again. Since yesterday im quite upset with PKR's Padang Serai MP N Gobalakrishnan, after saw his act slapping police man in tv3. The scene repeated few times in the tv3 news. I thought why this guy humiliating Indian Community again. AGAIN ? The history, first he in MIC, than he jump to PKR, than against PKR, now back with PKR. Than why other races wont label Malaysian Indians as "lalang".

Video shown in tv3 just lasted for few second, highlights the part he slap a policeman. And tv3 show the same video again today at 8pm news. Something wrong somewhere, i try to look for the same video in youtube and i found this :

Should i angry with him or pity after watch this full video? uncensored full video, not like TV3.

First On Net : MIC Youth Election Result

Make it fast and simple : T.Mohan and S.P Muthi Veloo contest for MIC youth election 2009. And the pole is today, 16th August 2009. The vote counting just finish, and the result:

( MIC Youth Result Election 2009 )
source : from one of their( T.Mohan and S.P Muthu ) close contact.
first on net, not even at, YET .

How much vote, majority ? townguy will update about it later. For now this is the breaking MIC Youth Election Result.

HALAL for Muslim, BULAL for Hindus ??

Islam has laws regarding which foods can and cannot be eaten and also on the proper method of slaughtering an animal for consumption, known as dhabiĥa or commonly known as Halal Food. Malaysia as a Islamic country with majority of its citizens Muslims, have a very good rules and regulation to safeguard the importance of Halal food.

I am a Malaysian, but not a Muslim, im a Hindu. I know well, even when im in primary school that, my Muslim Malaysians cannot eat pork, because it is not Halal. But do you know, what are the most prohibited food we cannot eat ? Even other Malaysians( non-Hindus ) MOST of the time don't know that we Hindus cannot eat anyting related to "Beef" because of our religious believe.

In the point of a view and personal experience as a Malaysian :

Few times i been hurt emotionally when i go to shop and my non-Hindu Malaysian server ask me for the Menu :

2 years back
I and my Chinese friend went to a shop. He order fried rice. My turn, i order a fried rice to, the waitress ask me BEEF or CHICKEN ?? As a fellow Malaysian is she suppost to know that i cannot eat meat. How she should understand , im a Malaysian Indian, Majority of us are Hindus, common sense. I know some, very some of Malaysian Indians are Christians, if they want beef let them tell. But most of the time she will encounter Malaysian Indian who are a Hindu.

As a Malaysian Indian i feel :
To slap her for her stupidity and does not respect other race religious believes.
As a Malaysian i feel :
ashamed and embarrassed, my fellow Malaysian not even know a simple information about his/her another Malaysian, pity.

Last week
I and my family went to a TOM YAM shop ,dinner. My father place the orders and he emphasise few time, no beef, only chicken, ....... again , no BEEF, ONLY CHICKEN. Because he a experienced man who know how well we Malaysian with different religious believes understand each others, lol.
After few minutes, the foods on our table and all of us helping our self get the Tom yam to our plate respectively. The lights at the shop quite dim, and i ate the tom yam soup first when my family members still taking the soup. I bite a meat, and it taste like mutton and not chicken. And i take it out of my mouth, and it is black in colour. I straight away stop my family members before they start take a single spoon. IT IS A BEEF, not chicken. I quite temper, my father, a good Malaysian. Not make any problem, nicely call the waitress, and she apologise. She say her cook does not know we cannot take beef. The cook dint bother about the order script, does not know about his other fellow Malaysians from other race(Hindus) cannot take beef, yet they running a famous Malay food shop in Malaysia.

As a Malaysian Indian i feel : We Hindus not strict enough about letting others know about what we can eat and what not.
As a Malaysian i feel : pity Malaysians who even cannot understand fellow Malaysian's culture, how going to improve their business internationally... wasting governments effort and money.

JUST ASKING YOU(be open minded) : If your a Muslim. Even you say no PORK, the waitress make you eat pork. How do you will react ??

As a minority( Malaysian Indian) it is not realistic to ask a law to protect Hindu's interest in what we cannot eat. Ask the government to come out any ting like "BULAL" for Malaysian Hindus. I just expecting better understanding among Malaysians especially the majorities. Don't just tell to others what you cannot eat and avoid other Malaysian friends cook for you, and put the HALAL stickers in all the shops. Try to understand about other Malaysians to, because we all Malaysians , but we ALL NOT FOLLOW THE SAME RELIGION.

First fix basic understandings among the race, before talk about big SLOGONS my dear fellow Malaysians.