Unwanted things , Wanted day

Deepavali is over , but im still in very much deepavali mood , lol . Everyone already back to their normal day life , but my mind still stick to deepavali mood and i cannot return to daily normal life . What im doing after deepavali until today ? Wednesday , went collage , than later night go dinner with friends , thursday , ponteng collage , sleep untill 11am , play game , night go watch movie with friends( seval - useless typical tamil movie ) , go for bowling , today(friday) , ponteng collage , sleep until 10.30am . play computer game , now planning to go genting , today night .

monday , was Deepavali , but the festive atmosphere can be noticed since last friday , becasue many Indians start took off and actively moving around , preparing to celebrate festival of light . At the same time , this festival still comes with some unwanted activities/following which make the eyes of the observes have some negative perspective towards Deepavali . Hope this explains the meaning of the title .

Each unwanted points/activities below , came from my own experience mean which i saw with by own two eyes .
  • Two days before Deepavali , Saturday . Afternoon , I ride across shop lots . There are two "Kedai Pajak " and two jewelry shops there , both of the Kedai Pajak is full , full with our Indians , only Indians,hhhmmm. And other two jewelarry shop is empthy .Why we Indians still have to sell or "Gadai" our golds to celebrate Deepavali ......
  • A day before Deepavali , Sunday . I ride across a junction , main junction of my place . I notice three INDIANS , holding bear bottle(big) and enjoying their self . A malay uncle( pak haji ) , who riding his bike infront of me , shake his head with a cheap look . hhmmm...
  • Deepvali day , not bad , the Deepavali shows at TV2 and TV3 better than years before this . Better , Our artist( Indian Artist , mannin maitergal ) , took part in this shows wearing traditional costume and not in their normal jeans koyak . Yet , they sing a song from , their own new album which the lyrics sounds like this " Kamachi , love pannedi " , OMG , its Deepavali man , look at Malay artist on raya time , they in traditional costume , will sing same Hari Raya song , again and again . Why not our artist also do the same , rather than be selfish in promoting own album , hhhmmmmm
  • Two days before Deepavali(Saturday) until a day after Deepavali(tuesday) , our youngsters , their mineral water is bear(tiger , heiniken , etc) ,and wiskey( chivas , black label , etc ) . We understand , it is festive season , once or twice if necessary , we have this alcohol drinks to celebrate and share the joy with others, why our youngsters end up drinking this things every night or whenever meet thier friends in this festive season , hhmmmm
Unwanted things , Wanted day ...........

Happy Deepavali

After a compact week , here we are , in a weekend , this time , it is not just any normal weekend , a long weekend which will come with festival of lights , Deepavali . So enjoy this happy day with family and friends . For who are far from family and friends try download and watch any new tamil movies and may your sweet memories of past Deepavali with your family and friends company you .

Brickfields - Please Support

My last post was on last friday , hhmm , interval of 4 days . I had a happening weekend , book hotel in Singapore via Internet for December holiday, lepak half of KL with my collage friends , went Genting Casino , and had delicious Chinese food for lunch and dinner for two days in row . You see , every action got its reaction . All this activity make me really exotic and feel sick since saturday midnight . Until i need go hospital today morning . I got allot of issues to be blog , but i really can't crack my head and stretch my fingers to write out a article because of my health condition . Looks like i already enjoy to much and have to complete all the delayed work in upcoming few days before Deepavali . So Townguy will be in tight schedule until Deepavali .

But before that , let me share useful information with you all , its regrading Brickfields KualaLumpur .

Deepavali Event

Place : Bricfields , Kuala Lumpur
Date : 23th October , Thursday
Time : About 7pm

Coming thursday , 23th October , Timbalan Datuk Bandar Dato Saravanan , invite our Deputy Prime Minister to Brickfields . This is to show the important of Bricfields as Indian's economic center especially on Festive Season( Deepavali ) . The good news is , if our DPM impressed , Brickfields will be acknowledged as Malaysia Indian's Business Center or Little India officially . The sad part is , there is no enough publicity for this event . I get know to this event through TV2 Tamil News . Hence , my dear readers please spread this news and visit Bricfields especially

Easy to say , but when we start spread the news , the reactions we will get is:
1) aahhh , Dato Saravana do , who want go , he is a ch..t.r , g.ngs..r . what for i want support his event?
2) oh Dato Saravanan , that MIC guy ah , i do not want to support any event which organise by MIC ?
3) MIC just want look for publicity throw this event , i do not want waste my time with all this .
4).............................. and so on

What i trying to say is , do not see this event in political view . This kind our excuses tend to be voiced out in today's political climate where we Indians divided into few groups( Hindraf , Barisan National , Pakatan Rakyat ) . Don't make Malaysia's politic like Tamil Nadu's politic . When a party do good , another party interrupt , and this will continue in cycle . End of the day we public will get nothing form this political drama .

So , my dear Malaysian Indians , we already had enough , we already lost many little Indias in this country , like Masjid India , Lebuh Ampang , took over by other parties . We can't effort to loose another one . Now there is a chance , be united , show your support , and claim your rights .

Hope see you all in Brickfields on coming Thursday ................ on that particular day and time .

Deepavali Banner Gone !! : More Atrocious

This is continuation of my yesterday's article(Deepavali Banner Gone !!) . It is better to glance throw yesterday's article which you can see below of this article before continue reading this one . Originally i did not have idea to publish continuation of yesterday's article , but situation and disappointment make me add more with yesterdays article . Special thanks for blogger viji who continuously following my articles .

Usually , i tell a long story before show a picture , but today , let me show the picture first , who ever read my yesterday's article maybe already know what is going on and already guess what i am going to tell today , the picture first :
Snapped today , 17th October 3pm .

Where is our Hari Raya banner ? look the picture carefully , our Hari Raya picture over layered , covered by another banner . Why they choose our banner to be over layered , why not other Hari Raya banners which placed next to our banner ? Because , we are harmless and JUST normal citizen ? I do not want go on explain whose banner is that , each and every detail in the banner clearly stating whose banner is that , the picture talks for it self. What i can say , zero manners , atrocious , unprofessional , unethical ? You may ask me , so what , just a banner , why you make it as a big issue ? As a normal citizen , small business owner , there is no value for father's words . Even after my father argue it properly , "they" did not show any respect , other vise , acting more atrociously . OLD government , or , NEW government , value for a Malaysia Indian is still the same , my personal experience as an example .............. My next post is "Playing Politics , But In Wrong Tempo" .

Deepavali Banner Gone !!

What Deepavali , What banner ? When ? who ? How ? Relax relax , I'm getting to it , slow and steady so you all can understand well , lol . First come first , introduction , Just got almost two weeks to go for festival of light( Deepavali ) . My family running a small business , selling mutton . We involve in this business almost for 20 years , Indians are our major customers and Deepavali is the time , our business reach the peak .
Lately , number for Malay customers start to increase . In my opinion , it is good we attract Malays to buy mutton , because their market is big(population) . So what i suggest last Hari Raya to my father was , "We do a banner , wishing Selamat Hari Raya , and place it in a strategy place in our neighborhood " , my father not really key in to this idea , but i brain wash my father( First time i manage to do that , haha) , and make him order a Hari Raya banner with our companies name and my dad's and my contact number printed at the bottom of the banner . Its not a small banner , quite big also .
Just after we receive the Hari Raya banner( three weeks back )

We place it exactly opposite of a mosque in my place . Guess what , my idea worked , when thou not a big success , but my father get few "Thanks" phone calls from public(Malays) , they also say , they will order mutton for upcoming "Kenduri" . Banggenye saye( I'm proud ) , this success make my father accept my next similar idea . That is print a banner for Deepavali . Same concept , wishing happy Deepavali and company name and contact number at the bottom of the banner . Two weeks back , we receive the Deepavali banner , the design was simply superb . My father tell me "Better we apply a permit from local state government office before heng this Deepavali banner " , i replied " never mine , see at our Hari Raya banner , already there for three weeks , no one disturb , so don't worry , we just place this banner , near a place where Indians come most "(M1) . Than what , i and my father , went heng the banner ( about 9m , 6th Oct ) near a strategy place , not far from where we place the Hari Raya banner . The banner looks really cool , sure will catch whoevr's attention cross that place .
Next day morning , just next mooorning , i cross place with the hope of can see our nice banner again before i go for collage . I crossed that place , aic.......... , where is the banner , my eyes can't believe it , the DEEPAVALI banner not there , but HARI RAYA banner still there( its there since last three weeks) . Straight away i stop and call my father , tell about this( 7th October 11am) . He just say "ok" , nothing else . I feel helpless , a poster which cost RM 300 , missing in action . I went collage with sad . What happen next:

7th October 5pm :
Dad call me , he say :" after you call this morning , i straight away call Shah Alam(HQ) , and ask them straight away , " Why you guys took our banner" , they have no idea and ask me call the local state government office , even thou i really don't know who took the banner , with strict i ask them" Why you guys took our poster" , they admit , actually they who took our poster away . Than i ask them nicely( taroo ) , base on procedure , if avlocal government officer want take away the banner , first they must inform the owner of the banner , not just simply take and keep it . Than i ask what are the reason make them take away the banner , first reason they gave , the banner placed near junction , second we did not took permit to place this banner . I really get angry and ask them back, " ok i admit , it is wrong to place banner near a junction , but permit .. , we dint took any permit for Hari Raya banner and it still there even after three weeks , why you guys only disturb the Deepavali banner ? " , than the officer replied " Encik jangan salah anggap " , than i ask more " there are politician's banner placed exactly near the function , all that you officers not bother about , officer replied " politician punye tak boleh usik encik" . Than at last , the officer ask us come to their office tomorrow morning to pay the fine for DEEPAVALI banner and apply for permit ".

My dad went to their office early next morning( 8th October 7.30am ) , first they do like don't know and ask him to wait , after he rise his voice and ask question , a officer came and entertain him . They say , they misplaced or already send the banner to Shah Alam HQ , they also not sure , what a irresponsible answer . What to do , new state government , same old attitude , even worse . Than they ask my father come to their office few times , and this saga continued for one week , and at last , last monday( 13th October ) , my dad call their office and they confirm that , they lost the Deepavali banner , and say their famous sentence " MAAF UNTUK KESULITAN ".
Guess what , the HARI RAYA banner , still there with no one's disturb .........................

Hari Raya banner still there even after three weeks , snapped last monday( 13th October )

Why "Datuk" for Shah Rukh : MB Melaka

Yesterday i shocked and surprise after go through the headline of Tamil Osai( Tamil daily news paper) , there is a news says that , Shah Rukh Khan( Bollywood's Superstar) will be awarded with "Datuk"( Darjah Mulia Seri Melaka (DMSM)) , by Melaka State Government . After read this news i was queries about , for what proper reason , such a precious title "Datuk" can be awarded to a actor who possibly can't do much for Malaysia's well being . Not only me ,but many Malaysians especially Malaysia Indians . There are few blogger discussed bout this thing to . With no proper explanation given by Melaka's state government , i thought , Shah Rukh awarded with such title because he have lots of fans in Malaysia( especially Malays) , lol .

Today another Tamil daily news paper( Tamil Nesan ) , come out with a news which contains the explanation of Menteri Besar of Melaka regarding this issue . MB Melaka says , " Datuk been awarded to Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan , because he help us( state government ) to promote Melaka in international tourism market through one of a song from his movie "One Two ka four" ."

Good , i am happy as a Malaysian because we Malaysian very kind people , even awarding anyone who contribute for Malaysia's well being , even thou the contribution is small. OK , now let we take a look at some Insiders( Malaysian ) who make the country proved :

( if the pictures & contents to small , place your mouse on this picture , right click , click on " open link in New Tab" , so you can read the content with ease )

Oh my god , im forget to type "Datuk" in front of all the name of people who make our country proud as you can see above . What you say , im not wrong ? why ? oh ya ah , they dint receive any Datuk what . Sorry ah , im quite outdated , i thought all Malaysians who make our country proud will awarded with Datukship , like out Datuk Azhar Mansor , Datuk Lee Chong Wei , Datuk Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor , lol , ha ha ha . "...." is what this(people in the pictures above) get for their great achievement . Yet , im a very much happy and tolerance Malaysia Indian . GALUR GEMILANG , MALAYSIA BOLEH , KERANAMU MALAYSIA ..........!!

Malaysian Tamils = Malays ( Almost ) - Part 2

NOTE : I think not twice but more than ten time before post this article . Because , base on some senior bloggers , my previous post very much provoking and today's blogging atmosphere not save enough for this kind of post . I'm not discussing about any sensitive issue , but using very subtle and critical facts as examples to show the existing similarities between Malays and Malaysian Tamils . CONTINUE READ THIS ARTICLE IF YOU OPEN MINDED ENOUGH , AS A TRUE MALAYSIAN:

This article is the continuation of yesterday's post "Malaysian Tamils = Malays ( Almost )" . But first come first , today's talk of the country " Badawi(PM) will retire march 2009 , about five months from now . He will be replaced by Najib , current DPM . Back the topic , Thanks for all my readers , and commentators who write a short( actually very long , lol ) and constructive comments base on yesterdays article . In the comments , the discussion topic been diverted from main title to somewhere comparing which school is better for build True Malaysians . Even thou diverted , yet i am really happy to discuse a good topic with my commentators . See the bright sight , i get know that , there are many readers out there ready to discuss about which school is best to build true Malaysians, SK or SJK . Wonderful , i got an idea to write an article , title , " SK Vs SJK - TRUE MALAYSIANS" , coming soon to your nearest townguy's blog , lol , really .

Here comes the case study of today ( continuation of yesterday's article ), another most significant similarities between Malays and Malaysian Tamils is , "Always Not Enough" , in Malay "Selalu Tak Cukup" .

As all Malaysian well aware , Malays(Bumiputra) of this country entitled with special prevelages , which know as "Hak Istimewa Bumiputra" . This special prevelage been stated in Malaysian constitution , Article 153 .Base on this article . In my opinion the special treatment( Hak Istimewa Bumiputra ) can be divided into tangible( official ) and intangible( unofficial ) form . Let us don't discuss about the intangible form , because it usually can be field in you normal life if you are not a bumiputra and quite sensitive to discussed about . Tangible hak bumiputra covers every aspect of human life , from buying home to admition for university and do a own business . After New Economy policy launched in , this Hak Istimewa Bumiputra been enforce more aggressively to improve the social level of Malays in this country . Everything done by government for Malays like Spoon feeding . Malaysia's Ex-PM Tun Dr.Mahathir have once stated in his speech , " Orang melayu disediakan semua yang dipelukan untuk maju , macam makanan yang sedia untuk dimakan , government dah pun cuma hingga suap makanan yang disediakan , tapi , orang melayu yang tidak mahu makan " . Many Malays angry with his statement , but he din't give a dame about that because he angry with Malays who reluctant to improve their self . This shows how spoon feeding the government to Malays all this time , but yet you and i can see , Malays say , they not enough with what they get as Malays(Bumiputra) and involve in demonstration against the goverment it self . Please make this clear here ,im not questioning Artcle 153 , just taking this issue to compare Malays with Malaysian Tamils . So don't be sensitive and assume that im questioning Hak Istimewa Bumiputra . The malays reluctant to improve fast ennough with sea wide apportunities . What the other races in Malaysia doing at the same time line , the opprtunity not wide open as Malays , yet they squezee through small opprtunities , work hard and improve their life style , aspecialy Chinese community .

Now we look at Malaysian Tamils , before i start talk , are you already start see the similarities ? yes/no , lol . Malaysian Tamils , largest ethnic group in Malaysia Indians .They do not have special prevelage as Malays . Becuse they are the largest ethnic group in Malaysia Indians( thirt largest Race in Malaysia ) , all the the benefit from goverment will reach this ethnic before disperse to other Malaysian Indian ethnic such as Malaysian Malayalee , Malaysian Telegu or Punjabi . You may turn back and ask , how it is possible? It is possible , if you aware , most of Malaysia Indian representatives( mostly politicians) are Tamils . In this 21st centuty im not provoking any Indian ethnic issue , but just take this whole fact as an case study to show the similarities between Malays and Malaysia Tamils . Back to story , the benefits which reach Malaysia Indian Community , mostly enjoy my Malaysian Tamils becuse of thier advantage as majority . The benefits are financial aid for tamil schools, vocational training , political power allocation , and etc . I make this point clear again , the goverment does not allocate the benefits specially for Malaysian Tamils , but they allocate the benefit for whole Indian community , but i saying the Tamils get more benefits because Malaysian Tamils are majority compare to other Malaysian Indian ethnics . Lately , i read a news in The Star newspaper, stating that , Vise Human Resource Minister( representative of MIC ) reveal , goverment allocated about 900 vocational training seats for Indians , but just about 250 Indian students register for the course . The goverment , doing their best for Malaysian Indians , but we our self not aware of this opportunities . End up pointing our fingers fowards goverment and accuse them for not doing enough for our community . Here i say WE , means , Malaysian Tamils . What other Malaysian Indian ethnics such as Malaysian Malayalee , Malaysian Telegu , or Punjabi( sikh ) did in the same timeline where we busy accusing the goverment . They aware of their position as minority , use well the small opportunities , work hard and develop their life style . Good example , we can look at Malaysian Punjabi ( sikh ) community today.

Hope by now , you understand a bit atleast about the complex issue which i tried my level best to explain to all of you . As a conclusion , Malays and Malaysian Tamils demonstrate another similiraties which is , fail to identifie and utilise the oppotunities which the goverment provide , and at the same time , lack behind other races and ethnic . Sorry to be sound very racist or ethnist , lol , since last two days . All the fact above , i only took and talk about it just as an case study to explain the similarities between Malays and Malaysian Tamils . I my self is a Malaysian Tamil , and True Malaysian , just take this article as an exercise for your mind to understand the complexity of races and ethnic . Thanks for the support .

Malaysian Tamils = Malays ( Almost )

Title definition , Malaysian Tamil is one of sub ethnic from Malaysian Indians in whole. They also majority compare to other Malaysia Indian ethnic such as Malaysian Malayalee , Malaysian Telegu , and punjabi(even they not admit , lol ) . Tamils + Malayalee + Telegu + Punjabi = Malaysian Indians( A minority race in Malaysia ,just 7.6% from total Malaysian population ) . Malays are major race of Malaysia ( almost 63% from Malaysian total population ) . Today the topic only covers the Malaysian Tamils and Malays . In general both of this parties have many difference , from political power to population . But if look deep into their mentality , we can identify some similarities.

The most significant similarity which make me aware of this phenomena is , both , Malaysian Tamils and Malays have their own pride and ego as majority . As is say before , Malays are majority of Malaysian population , and Malaysian Tamils are majority within Malaysia Indian ethnic . This article basically will see how Malays show their ego as majority to other races in Malaysia such as Chinese and Indian ; Malaysia Tamils show their ego as majority to other Malaysian Indian ethnic , and identify the similarities.

Most visible example i can use as case study for this topic is SCHOOLs . First we look at Malays . The Sekolah Kebangasaan(SK) are claimed by Malays as a place to unite students from different races to build true MALAYSIANS . They encourage students from other races to join SK . Ya true, if student from different race study under one roof , it can build good understang among them . The hidden agenda of SK is to demonstrate "Ke-anggoggan Bahasa Melayu" . At the same time , Malays feel , they are majority , so other races must master their language(malay) and they do not have to care about learing other races language . If the Malays are really honest in building true MALAYSIANS through SK , they suppose include Mandarin( Major dialect of Malaysian Chinese ) , and Tamil ( Major dialect of Malaysia Indians) in the syllabus of the SK . Malays won't do that , because THE ARE MAJORITY , ego . Now we look at Tamil Schools( SJKT ) . The leaders of Malaysian Indians always stand up for rite of this schools ,they claim , this is the place to unite Malaysian Indians . Come on , it is not Indian School to unite the Indians, but it is just a "Tamil" School . It can be a place to unite Malaysian Tamils not Malaysian Indians . Why there are many Malaysia Indians prefer to send their child to SK rather than SJKT ? Are all Malaysia Indians are Malaysian Tamils ? no rite . For an example , just an example lol , as a Malayalee or Telegu , why i need send my son/daughter to TAMIL school to learn Tamil ?, its no my mother tongue what . Now you where is the failure of SJKT to unite the Malaysia Indians . Many Malaysian Indian leaders( most of them Tamils) aware of this problem , yet , they just close one eye to gain support of the majority( Malaysian Tamils ). If the Malaysian Tamils really honest in using SJKT as the place to unite the Malaysian Indians , they can include , Malayalem , and telegu in the syllabus of SJKT . They(Malaysian Tamils) won't do that ,simply because they are majority , they want other Indian ethnic learn their language(Tamil) , they do not care about other Malaysia Indian's mother tongue , ego .

Now maybe you star getting clear picture of similarities between Malays and Malaysian Tamils . Both of this group claim their self as uniting their country or race but fail to do it because of their hidden agenda and upholding their own mother tongue and ego as a Majority .If you have taffuntil now , ok let me help you . You must understand a east fact that , not all Malaysia Indians are Malaysian Tamil . There are other Malaysia Indians such as Malaysian Malayalee , Malaysian Telegu , or punjabe( im not sure , lol ) . Try to make this fact
clear and start read the article again .

Townguy will meet you all tomorrow with another case study to show more clearly the existance of this phenomena , stay tune with Townguy .
time understanding this article

Salute Again HINDRAF , Thumbs up

Last week a chinese girl( blogger ) made a racial remark post on her blog( life is Drama , i don't want provide the link because the post not there anymore )after just her cheap handphone get stolen by two Indian teenagers when she having lunch somewhere in KL . Her post get a wide coverage among many Indian online users and bloggers . None of them take it easy after read through her post(article) , im one of them . Reason , read , you will understand :

The alleged posting read: “I hate Indians. It’s bad enough they are famous for being drunk and rude (most of them anyway). Now they carry the reputation of being stealer, robbers, rapist, idiots, morons, drunkard bastards and list goes on...”.

The blogger continued that “I am not trying to be racist but it always Indian. It’s Indian fault. I don’t care if I am sued for racism.”

Explicitly describing Indians as “damn a_ _ _ _ _ _ _” and “idiotic”, she dared Indians to complain to her blog and even sue her on the inflammatory racist remarks.

She criticised Indians of trying to live on other people’s hard-earned livelihood.

“You Indians have got no hands and legs to work and earn money, is it?

“Stealing from other people is a happy thing and your source of income, eh? Wait for the day of your fall and people will kick you on the roadside for stealing,” she allegedly posted.

A check revealed that Sammy, who is currently employed in an advertising firm in Kuala Lumpur, had withdrawn the alleged posting after she was continuously bombarded with racist, sexist and other derogatory comments from her readers.

Two days after her controversial blog, the blogger posted a grudging apology.

“Sorry if I offended any Indians. You should know that if you're one of the good, educated ones then you shouldn't be disturbed by what I say,” Sammy wrote.

“Yes, yes, I am racist, but not all times. It doesn't help the fact that most of the phone snatchers I heard are Indians. Or Malay or Indons.”

Her Shout box than filled by message from Indian readers and
blooggers . She made a easy apologies and remove the post(article) . Easy as that , but the wound she made in Indians heart still there uncured . Now come the HINDRAF , they lodged a police report regarding this post . Visit http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/90655 to read full report .

PADAM MUKA Sammy, in your post you dare anyone to challenge you because you underestimate whole Indian Community . Now face the consequences . Bluddy Sammy , sorry i can't hold my anger .

Salute , Thumbs Up

Raya Pertama , whole day in Sunway Lagoon , and back home on time to watch 8pm news at Tv3 . First head line , is about float in pulau pinang , second head line " Hindraf Serbu Rumah Termuka PM di PWTC" , the news which make me SALUTE of HINDRAF again .
The Tv3 news shows a group of HINDRAF supporters heading towards the main entrance of the PM's open house . The reporter says that , HINDRAF supporters even use children for attraction . What the reporter think of their self , they can assume anything if they got a mike and camera in hand is it . If the HINDRAF supporters left their children outside of the PWTC , is the reporter will look after or beby sit the children , no rite . Nowadays i think the reporters getting extra payment to make unwanted or misleading assumptions , lol .

Back to the story , a memorandum with three request submitted to PM or his representative , im not sure :
1) Release 5 HINDAF leaders from ISA
2) Allow 1 HINDAF leader who staying in overseas to come back home without any legal action
3) Demolish ISA .

The news continued with interviewing a Malay , Chinese , and a Indian(crap macha) . First the malay woman say , "kita ramai ramai di sini untuk bergembira , kenapa nak kecoh kecoh kat sini" , hhmm okla , what she know about our struggle . Second the Chinese woman say " Sangat merialo , ape mereka boleh dapat dengan ini kecoh kecoh" , another Malaysian who does not understand our struggle . Here come our hero , third , Indian guy say " Suasana rumah terbuka sangat meriah , tapi ade sedikit kekecohan ditimbulkan oleh HINDAF , i can understand their feelings but this is not the place to show it " , a "lalang" kind of answer . What i can say to Indians is , if you really want support our own action( Hindraf ) , try to stay away from interviews , don't go there and give some heroic interview and get into a trouble or give some "lalang" answers as the guy above , unless you are a leader like our 5 Heroes( you know who i mean) .

My personnel opinion , for me our current PM(Badawi) more good hearted person than Tun Dr.Mahathir . Reason , if Dr.M still in power and HINDRAF rise in this way , i think , he already make HINDRAF wiped out from the surface of the earth for sure . Badawi is good hearted person and not dictator enough as Dr.M , that's why all buling him nicely . Badawi is a good person , high level of politics is not his cup of tea .

Short and nice :

HINDRAF "Hit The Enemy Where He Pain Most " , thumbs up .