Game Addiction -Part 2

Game Addiction - Part2 is the continuation of my previous post which you can see below of this post . The next game i'm addicted with is , sports of guys , dream work of many football fans , "Football Manager 2007" . I started to play the game by managing Manchester City . You may ask , why i did not choose Liverpool , Arsenal , or Manchester United . All this teams already known to be very good teams , have good players and winning tactics , and already win most major trophies . Nothing left for improvement . By the time , i start play this game by managing Manchester City , is the same time Taksin Sinavatra( Thailand's ex Prime Minister ) bought that club , Co-incidence . Time in the game , June 2007 , the time i appointed as the manager of the Manchester City . I played that game crazily until reach year 2018, the age of the Cristiano Ronaldo at that point time is 33 , and retiring at the end of 2018/2019 season . I stop play at that season , beaus after year 2014 , the game start to get boring . Most of the current famous player does not exist anymore , already retired . No good database showing young and talented players . Football Manger 2007 is the game i played even during my exam week , crazy .

Early of 2008 , another game which i bought without knowing anything about that game , and just to fill my collage holiday , but end up playing that simply superb strategy game for following few months . Name of the game is Imperial Glory , it is a historical battle game , not that old , just 17th century , lol . Superpower of Europe and North Africa of that time , like Great Britain , France , Prussia , Austria , Spain , Morocco , Egypt , and etc , involve in battle , economic trade , ally , to dominate whole Europe . The two best feature of the game is , all the name of the commander , ruler , ship , city , sea , trade road , and basically everything is base on real history of Europe . Second best part is , this game did not structured in childish way , example wonderful colour , animation , or just build and attack objective . This is a real strategy game , like a chest , the whole map of Europe will be visible , and our troops placed under a commander . The commander will look like a flag .We can move the flag wherever we like in the map , base on our purpose . The real troops only can be handled when we attack or defence a territory(country) . Can explain more about his game , even another two article , lol , its ok i don't want to torture you , lol . In easy word , Imperial Glory is a 100% Art Of War , strategy , ally and economy trade game .

Time to comeback to present , haha . Am i free from this game addiction after Imperial Glory , how can , lol , im just played and get fed up with Football manager 2008 . This time , i want more challenge , i choose a football team from second division of English Premier League , Cardiff FC . I say more challenge because , second division clubs wont allocate enough money to buy good players . Even if we manage to sell some player and try buy some good players , they wont event bother about the offer , reason , Cardiff FC just a second division club , what an insult . Hence we have to turn and twist the strategy with the existing players of the team , who not that good , to reach the top spot to the point table to get promoted to English Premier League . Wooff , hard work , time consume , i manage the Crdiff FC to promoted to English Premier league . Now the club's Board of the directors allocate me more money , but i myself get bored to continue the game , lol .

Now , since last few days , another very interesting game catch my eyes , The Spore . It explain nature of human species , from single cell to become conqueror of whole universe .................... Okla enough enough , lol , i know you cannot take it more with this Game Addiction . But really , just try to Google and read about "The Spore" . Game Addiction is a never ending story , specially for Townguy , haha .

Cover page of the games i talk about:

Game Addiction

Game addiction ... is something like smoking habit of someone , really hard to get rid of it even how hard you try . It will get back to you whenever you feel weak and stress or free . People start play computer games when they young , where they have lots of free time . By the time they getting elder,more commitment shrink their free time . The habit they started for fun when they are young , now very hard to be get rid of . That's why i say it is like a smoking habit.

Proudly say , I'm one of them , lol .But i am bit strange , I'm either not serious or simple gamer . I call myself as a seasonal gamer , weird ? ya true . I only play a game , when i really like it .I am a strategy game lover , reason ? Than i how to re-cap my life history long long time ago to explain this , ha ha . When im in standard six , my house got an old computer , for that time it is one of the latest spec computer with 128RAM and 40GB of hardrive . Thous time people no yet familiar with HD sound card or grapic cards . So my friend gave me a pc game call A.R.S.E.N.A.L . I tried it. To that time being , it is the wonderful game i ever been played in my 128RAM pc . It is a real-time strategy game , with nice graphics . Than one day , when im in form one , my pc collapse , and my game gone with it . Than my parents repair the pc , but all the data gone,and no upgrade able to be made because the hardware of the pc is too old to support any new upgrades.Than i cannot find the installer of the game , and no Internet in my house . Thats the time , even streamxy not started their service as a broadband provider, lol .

I entered form one , life try to change . Im in afternoon school with my friends . I and my friends ,will wake up early as 7.30am , go play badminton in the Taman(park) . Play until 9am or 9.30am . Than straight go to cybercafe . AA cybercafe is the first cybercafe in my place , we call in Auntie cybercafe ,know why , we are daily customers of that cybercafe since it start operate . We will hanging on the gate of the cybercafe and ask the auntie to come out and open the cybercafe every morning . Time past by she start to get more customers,but we are still the most memorable kids for her . First started with half life game , it is a multi player game ,in easy words , we create a map , all log in from different computer , and play shoot each other . Who is the highest killer , is the winner of hte day. When i am in form two , first version of well known and famous counter strike been introduced to the market . We started play that game . Even have internal power fight in cybercafe , Budak budak india( i and my friends) against budak budak melayu , we will play that game , and see who is more POWER , haha . We are craze of cybercafe until , after each PMR exam , we will end up in cybercafe until 4 or 5 pm . We even have to drag our friends out of that cybercafe to bring them to play football about 5pm , lol . Wonderful memories . By the age 16 , fewer of cybercafe started to reduce , most on my friend start to have their own pc at home . I still maintain with my old pc .

Do you know famous car game call Need For Speed ? Ya , early of form 4 is the time the game been introduced in market . All my friends start to play that game , lucky my pc still can support the new game . By the month of July , most of my friends able to finish full level of the game . Savadi( very nice ) game . Oh ya , i forgot to tell about the POKEMON games , form 3 , is the time POKEMON cartoon series and games got famous . We play all version of that game , there is blue , gold and silver version of that game . Most famous is the blue version.With cheat code in hand , that game simply can be finish played in 18 hours .

Form 6 , the year of my STPM , yet started saga of another game , this time the name of the game is Age Of The Empires 3(aoe3) . Luckly when i started form 6 , my parents bought new computer with latest spec .Wonderful graphics compare with its prevoius version , aeo1 and aeo2 . This time no big group of friends play the same game . I really can feel the sad when i type this part of the article , why ? I and my big group of my friends who be together until form 5 , now going in different life path . Some with me in form 6 , few others went to different collages , and some went over seas.Sad , but life have to go on.I played the aoe3 , most of them at midnights . I will close my computer quickly and go to bed if my father wake in the middle of the night ,because next day i need to go to school and my father don't like i play game whole night . In simple words , aoe3 is a game worth play with impressive graphics and wonderful story line , can be good starting point for strategy game lovers .

Due to time constraint , i continue the post tomorrow , stay tuned with Towguy , same place tomorrow .

Cover page of games i talked about :

(just manage ot find screen shoot of the game , because the game too old find its cover)

Age Of Empires 3

Need For Speed Underground

More Tiny Temple - Part2

Thank you for come to read the continuation of yesterday's post. Where i finish yesterday , oh ya , their land , their money , their temple , so why i so concern about . As an Hindu , i should concern about this issue . why?

First of all , temple in pride of Hindus , symbol of unity , reflecting glorious history of Hinduism . All this important value of temple nowadays forgotten by Hindus themselves . Thos days our ancestors build temples like drawing an art , take measures of "vastusasteram" and what we doing now . Building it under any big tree , beside the road , and better , in our own house . ya i know , we need to adopt our self with current situation and law . Build temple , build it in appropriate place with standard Hindu temple design . Let it reflect all the important features as i explain above .

Let me start my serious argument , why we not should build temple where ever we like. As i say , temple is pride of Hindus . Why we want build tiny tiny temple , beside the road , inside the house compound . By doing this , we smashing our own pride , show our big pride as very small , cover the big pride of us inside the house rather than show of to others .

Second strong point , unity . Temple ,where the place all the Hindus gather on the name of God .
Hindus gather here even thou they have different political believes , education level , social class and etc.People from different background work together in a festive season in temple like "Thiruvilla" . Imagine what will happen to this situation , when everyone star to have their own private temple at their own home . On friday , they will visit the big/public temple , or light up their own tiny/little/private temple . If everyone pray at their own made private temple, than who will go to real/big/public temple ? For current situation , temple is the only place unity still survive among Hindus . Than why even why to destroy it by building small/tiny/private temple at our home .


More Tiny Temple

How many private temple in your housing area ? What is a private temple? What i mean by private temple is , small or tiny tiny temple build by Indian families inside their house compound .

I ask such question in my first sentence to open your eyes and aware with the presents of such temples in your housing area . Moreover i am mainly talk and only talk about this temples in this article.

Private temples build buy individual or an Indian family in the compound of thier house . Why they doing this ? To pray small or guardian god( tamil - kaval teivem such as kaali , aiya , muniyandi aiya) of the family .The family who own such private temple , light up the temple every day , and even do special prayers on special days .

How i know all this ? All base on my observation . I'm not living in a housing area with majority Indians . About 30% residence of my neighborhood are Indians , yet lately(since last 5 to 6 years)i noticed that , many Indian house started to have their own mini private temple . The incidents make write this article : A Indian family build a private temple in the compound of their house , since last half year .Finally the construction finish last month . A wonderful work , the private temple's height , tall as one single story house , painted with gold in colour ( i tried to snap a picture of it , but not brave enough) . The Indian family go one step further , you ask how.They did temple opening ceremony( tamil - Kumbavishegam ) . I mean a serious opening ceremony , as a real big temple . The road closed to two days , tents covers road of two houses , big lunch of mutton carry , and best part , a police approve for the ceremony.On the day of ceremony , there are reasonable crowd came and enjoy the ceremony and the lunch . The owner of the temple announced that the temple is free for all to be visited and pray even thou it located in their house compound .

So what ? They are HINDU , their house , their money , their temple . So why i soo concern about this private temples and this incident ? As an Hindu i should concern about this issue , want to know why , stay tuned with townguy , same place tomorrow ..... WILL BE CONTINUED .

Praise replied by Insult - Jeihin(India, Part 2)

This article is the continuation of the previous article , title : Praise replied by Insult , see the article below . I delayed by few days to finish writing this second and final part because involve in some other work . Who ever not yet read the first article , it is advisable try to read the first one to get a clear picture of what i talking about in this article . The continuation :

I tell to the India Indian that , lately our place going through pipe replacement by SHABAS. There are big holes here and there beside the road. And the India Indian started to make fun of source of the water we Malaysians consume in our daily life .

ME : SHABAS replacing all the underground pipes lately .

India Indian : What is SHABAS ?

ME : it is a local company taking care of water supply and infrastructures.

India Indian : in my village , no this kind of underground pipes all ,

we get water resource from nature such as river , dams , own made rain water

container .

ME : Anne talking like we Malaysians consume water from non-natural source

India Indian : ya , you Malaysians use the re-cycled water from the "loji kumbahan"(what we call it in english ah?)[which located beside the store there ]. All you got here is big big dirty drains, not like in india , we got big big rivers , clean and healthy to be used as water resource .

ME : Kadevulee(OMG) , anne only see KL , tats why you cant see our real water source like big clean rivers and damps. Its all located outside the Klang Velly .The nearest water source to Klang Velley is the HULU YAM dam . If you went outside of KL , "Kampung(village) sites , you can see beautiful and clear rivers . You staying here in KL , so for sure you only notice the "loji kumbahan" beside The Store .

India Indian : whatever you tell , I still will say you Malaysians consuming 100% re-cycled water from the "loji kumbahan" . India is the best , we are the natural water consumers .

ME : I know how natural it is , villagers from the north part of the river will use the river to bath and wash their ass , and the river will flow the southern part . The villagers from the southern part of the river will use the same water which been use to wash ass previously to boil water and cook , lol .In Chennai , there is one dirty river which no foreigners can stand from its bad smell . You all veeery natural water consumersla anne , ha ha ha .

Until the end , the India Indian does not accept we Malaysians mainly consume water from natural rsources , soo sad .

This is an another issue , regarding entertainment . I’m reading a Tamil news paper , looking at the cinema section. The India Indian shows up , start to comment about Malaysian Indian’s craziness towards Tamil movies , actors , and actress .

India Indian : Every week you wont miss to read or go through this cinema section( even thou im not ) . You Malaysians really crazy about Tamil movies, I also don’t know why .

ME : Of causela anne , tamil movie what , but not as u say . We treat tamil movie as an entertainment. Not like you all .

India Indian : ah , are you telling we India Indians crazy of this Tamil movies , naaahh . In tamil nadu , we can see this actress , actor , in our daily life , in shoping complex

and etc . you know what , we wont even give a damm about them( im malay - buat tak tau ) .

ME : Oh really ah . so you saying that we Malaysian Indian more crazy about tamil movie than India Indians?

India Indian : ya , no doubt about it .

ME : okey okey . in Malaysia we wont bath the cut out of the rajnikanth or vijay with milk when their movie is realizing . We do not have any actors or actress who become soo popular until become a PM or CM . We wont through firecrackers inside a theater when the hero first appear in the screen or dance for the song in the theater . Who more crazy about tamil movies , you India Indians or we Malaysian Indians.

India Indians : Whatever you say , you have to depend on tamil movies from india or tamil nadu , because you dont have quality tamil entertainment as tamil movies in Malaysia yet .

ME : ......

Our elder generation , our parents , our grandparents having a high perspective towards India and India Indians . But for India Indians , we Malaysia Indians are nothing. Even thou they don’t have much in their mother land , yet see how well they defend their mother nation . We Malaysians have allot in our mother land , yet fail to defend our pride as Malaysians( most of the time ) , reason , lack of patriotism and pride towards the mother nation . Even thou we been treated unfairly , still Malaysia is our motherland and don’t try to be uphold the pride of long forgotten motherland(India) . Now time for uphold and praise our own pride as Malaysians.

Jeihin( long life India) or Malaysia Boleh ....?? time to choose .

Praise replied by Insult - Jeihin(India)

Hai my dear readers , after quite a long break , im back to write an interesting article . How should i start this article ........ , i start with the incident and behavior of our community especially the elder ones which inspires me to write this article .

Most of us have been see , how our parents react to any news from India . Some of our parents or grandparents quite up to date about all the news from India , especially , Tamilnadu . They even watch sun tv at astro about Tamilnadu's news even miss to watch Bernama or Tv3 news . More over tamil news papers in Malaysia allocate few pages to print news from India , includes election result , train crash , flood and etc . This is the best part , if they see any Indians from India , they sometimes tend to treat them very special , im not talking about the Alam Flora workers , lol . We look them very talented even thou they not . For and example , i give tell my personal experience . My father , is a friendly person , and i have seen him and my grandmother treat Indians from India very well even thou they not close relative and just company workers . You may ask me , so what ? , is that wrong treat Indians from India well. Okey okey let me finish the whole story(my personal experience) before we argue about this .

All of you start to questioning , why i sound soo like anti-India Indians . The story started in a pasar(Market) . My family involve in a small partime business , selling button . We only open our shop on saturdays , sundays , and public holidays . Not far from the market , there are a company area . Small group of India Indians working there , and they usually come to the market. Most of them not even know basic malay . From that small group of India Indians , one or two of them will talk and spend time with local Indian shop owners . Among all the local Indian shop owners , my father is the most friendly person . Week by week they get close to by father , and my father also talk to them when he is free . Sometimes my father wont be around , so i will take charge of the shop . As usual they will come to shop read news paper and chat with me .

Most of the time , they will comment about by breakfast , they call it tiffen . When they see , usually i will take mee goreng or nasi lemak for my breakfast . One of the India Indian guy will look at me , and the dialog will sound something like this:

Tamil conversation translated to English, lol :

India Indian : what you eating?
Me : mee goreng / nasi lemak.
India Indian : you Malaysians , i also don't know how you all eating this kind of things ,meela ,
nasi lemakla , kfcla , pizzala .
Me : so what you all take for your diffen ?
India Indian : we will take idle or tosai , its healthy
Me : we leaving in Malaysia , need to suite our self with food style here .
India Indian : You and your Malaysain foods ,

This is the most common issue , food , i and Indian Indians always argue about . I wont be that harsh when answer them , because they elder people than me and its not polite .

The second issue/argument is about the way we do Tiruvila(big prayers in temple for few days) and the way we conduct the funerals . This issue begin to be argued if any funeral or thiruvila taking place in the nieberhood .

Funeral :
India Indian : I heart someone past away today
Me : Ya , the funeral will finish today evening
India Indian : Just today morning , he/she past way , why the funeral finishing very fast.
Me : Anne , than how long you want they do the funeral ?
India Indian : At least more than one day . In my village(back in India) , we will keep the died
person's body until all the relative come and look at it . The body only can be move after all of them agree .We will decorate the chariot which will carry the body
nicely . We will dance( kutte dance) front of the body all the way to the burn
place(sudegade-tamil) . You lazy malaysians , put the body in a van and sit in it
until reach the burn place(sudegade-tamil) .
Me : Oh my god . Anne , you should understand the reasons why we not doing as you in
your village . First reason , all the close relative will arrive soon , because Malaysia
not big as India , and the public transport and highways far more here far more
better than India . Second , we wont dance front of the body all the way until the
burn place ,the place is very far , and most important , we Malaysian are
multiracial . We Indians know why we dancing of the body , are the Malays and
Chinese know why we dance like a barbarian front of a corp , it is important to
preserve our image among the multiracial la anne . We need a van , because
tempat pengkebumian(sorry i dont know in english , someone help me) very far
from our home and not like your village , every village got one place .
India Indian : aahh , all that just reasons .

Thiruvilla :
India Indian : Got thiruvilla this week at that temple . Are you going or participating?
Me : Ya i will go when got important prayers or see first .
India Indian : You Malaysia Indians not really following the correct thiruvilla rules , and you
young people not aggressive enough.
Me : rules as ?
India Indian : Anyone who belongs to this town/village not should go out to other town/village, and etc .
Me : Aiyo , anne must remember we here stay in one place and travel to another place
to work like from Selangor to Kl , or Johor to Singapore . You lastime work in your
own village , there is no need for you leave your village .
India Indian : Thituvilla time we wont work , all of us will participate in the thiruvilla.
Me : Hows that possible ? salary ? income ?
India Indians : In India , we villagers will work 6 monts , and celebrate Thiruvilla 6 month .(Real Fact)
Because the rice production on our land only need six months .
Me : Kadevule(OMG) , please dont compare your farming work with our work here .
Here we must work almost everyday to get fill our stomach . (This is source for
another article in near future(title - Downfall of Indians Competitiveness ) . Here
you try do not go work six month in your company than tell me how , ha ha ha .

This argument will lead to more hot issues between me and the India Indians , due to time constraint i will finish the article tomorrow . It will contain more hot arguments and the argument which inspires me to write this article .

Paradise Nursery - Still in Malaysia

You ever been visit any nursery( place sell or preserve plants) in your life ? Last sunday after a very long time, i and mom visited a nursery which i always visit went i was a kid . More accurately its not just a small place , but area of nursery populated by Chinese who planting and selling plants . This nursery was known to be very huge area when i was kid , but when i visit it last sunday , just a quarter from its original area survived from the massive development in its ssurronding places . Pity , one of most wonderfull place i ever seen in Malaysia failed to be preserved , lucky , still small part of the nursery survived from the development process . I don't want waste the time by express the beauty of the place with my own word , come help me to describe the beauty with your words and point of view . In this sense , images will give better picture than by words . Here you go :

Plants that i and my mom bought:

Rest of the pictures as slide :

Living in a busy city like Klang Valley(KL) and habitat in a concrete jungle , when i entering the nursery, only word or sound (im not sure , lol) comes out of my mouth "WoW" . How you feel or think after view the townguy's image of the wonderful nursery? Best part of this nursery , every wonderfully plant you see here , are for sale with adequate price tag , and with famous rule "nice to see , nice to hold , if anything happen considered sold" lol .