Malaysia 13th General election Date !!

13th General Election/Pilihanraya Umum, going to be on of the important general election in Malaysia's history. The election going to have a significant effect especially on malaysia's future social economy structure. Voters of the 13th general election actually voting for Malaysia's future.

We are standing on the crossroad, which the path will be decide by Malaysians on the coming election.

A significant event, and everyone waiting to know the "Tarikh Pilihanraya umum ke 13". Things are taking place, paving the way and giving the indication of the election date.

The events that indicating how close is the next general election :
  • Dato Seri Anwar Released from all cases .
  • Barisan Nasional already conduct high level seat allocation meeting among the the component party.
  • Primary medias piling the attack on opposition issues especially in Penang, Kedah and Selangor.
  • Weak relationship among PAS, PKR and DAP indications in Pakatan Rakyat
  • RM500 skim bantuan rakyat which get good response
  • Barisan National(UMNO, MCA, DAP, ect), all  low level branch meeting will be completed soon.
  • Barisan National smaller component parties start to flash their presence in primary media channels.
  • Prime Minister and Deputy Prime ministers continues visit to critical election areas meeting the Rakyat.
  • Barisan National continuously having big gathering events nationwide..
  • Re-aligment of controversial laws , "Mansuh Akta ISA"
  • SPR already finalize and invited foreign independent agents who will be observe 13th General election...
  • New laws for cyber world, now the government have the power to arrest any individual be politically sensitive in cyber world
  • Most probably after 2012 London Olympics, because if Malaysia win first gold medal, it can create a very feel good atmosphere among  Malaysians

Any idea of 13th general election from you site? Happy guessing...


Anonymous said...

It is pilihanraya not pelihanraya;)

Name : Townguy said...

Noted, Thank you :)