Indian Youths : Be A Wise Political Observers During PRU13

Dear Malaysian Youths, especially Malaysian Indian Youths,, this post specially dedicated for you guys. Happy to see the youths who are not interested in politics before but currently showing out most interest in debating about political issues due to nearing PRU 13(13th Malaysia General Election). It is a very healthy phenomena. But this inviting good phenomena are being polluted by young and energetic youth's immature outburst. People who previously does not even know his local DUN or PARLIAMENT member, people who not even know the difference between parliamentary and state seats, now making comments in family, friends, and other gathering, and more most obviously in social media like a well seasoned A-Z politician.

So, we youths does not have rights to voice out our opinion? We as a Malaysian have all the rights to comment and react towards the political issues. Moreover we are Voters. But are we youths going to be irresponsible,  violent, immature group of people as claim by certain Media? Definitely No.

Let the photos do the talking for me:
(Just using the Person/political party as an example.But the message is applicable for all PAKATAN RAKYAT, BN, PAS, DAP, and other Parties)
A small example of unhealthy personal attack towards PARLIAMENTARY seat candidate in social Media.      Can read the more marvellous comment of Thanesh in the link below :                                                                                                                                
PARLIAMENTARY seat candidate can representing BN or MIC. The party which not pleasant by many youths. But how much do we know the person himself/herself personally? Just leave the party they representing to a site for a while, just think how much do we know about the contribution,  scarifies they make personally for the society they belong to? How much do WE contribute to the society so far? Are we eligible to make personal attack towards who already contributing for the society? 
He is a Malaysian Indian, you are an Malaysian Indian ,, Don't Like the party he representing, senang cerita, Undi Parti yang U Suka.. 

Now Lets see the healthy political image try to portray by the current politicians In PRU13:
Fierce rivals in the political battle ground, but still can have cup of coffee. They are acting or not, we don't know. But they still can face each other and sit to gather for a cup tea/coffee.

Source The Star(21/04/2013) : Terasa Wong(DAP) and Nicole Wong(BN) competing for Seputeh parliamentary seat. Shaking hand and quoted the rivalry going to be a "Sisterhood fight in Seputeh".

Ex-Minister Datuk Chua Jui Meng(Pakatan Rakyat) shaking hand with his friend Datuk Seri Dr S Subramaniam during the nomination day. Years back, Datuk Chua during in his BN days campaign for Dr Subra in Segamant house to house, now facing each other in election rivalry. Both quoted  "We are looking forward a healthy and good fight".

Emphasised the chronic diseases of personal attack political game between Indian youths because : Melayu sama Melayu gaduh, boleh bersalam, Cina sama Cina gaduh, boleh berdamai, Kalu India sama India gaduh sampai mati muka pun tak boleh tengok.... Good Friends, Dato Sammy Vello and Dato Panditan divided by different political journey, have meet face to face many times, but only able and talk heart to heart in last moments of Dato Panditan's life in hospital before he past away.

Personal Attack Political approach among Indians, is deadly.... Be a wise political observer and commenter.

Lets don't repeat the past mistake.


nisanthidevi sarangapani said...

well said.....
seriously nwdays so many youths r interested in politics...
first thing is its gd to be part of politics...and voice out opinions, i mean in a positive way..
secondly negative approches n negative comments are nt too good to hear actually...
its gd piece of mind tat u hv given to ppl...:) gd luck

Name : Townguy said...


happy to know, you are one of the youth understand about healty politics..

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

So how now? What about Mr WayaMoorthy or its Wayang Moorthy? Is Samy Vellu going to make a com back from his political grave? So many questions, so many 'Indian' political parties, yet so few "Indian' millionaires? Oh,yes. That's why Mr wayang Moorthy supported BN. At least he will become a multi-millionaire. So wise. So very 'Indian'.